UFA-Dabei 702/1970 06.01.1970


01 Innsbruck: four hills jumping in sports - jumps in the snow. Various jumps, including the Norwegian world champion Lars Grini, jump, and tracking. Crashes after the second jump. Olympic champion Jiri Raska crashes after landing, totally. Fall, great. World Champion Björn Wirkold, flight and landing. Grini is second in the overall standings. Horst mercury / DDR, jump and persecution, is embraced as the winner, great. Intermediate cuts audience, great.

02. Berlin: Artistic gymnastics, tyre freestyle Calina Schugurowa / USSR, various settings of 16 year olds in their free skate. Maria Gigowa / Bulgaria, triple world champion, with its tyres freestyle, various settings.

03. Hamburg: Adoption of Dr. Klasen here news - the new, Dr. Karl Klasen President of the Bundesbank. Adoption of Dr. Klasen by Mayor Weichmann and Rau. Close the profile, speak Karl Klasen. In conversation with different people, including actor Josef Dahmen, short. Dr. Waleed and wife, tall and close. Dr. Soft man kisses woman Klasen, big hand. Weichmann and Klasen, both laughing, great. Klasen, close. Hans-Ludwig Wiechmann interview with Karl Klasen, o-ton: "Mr President, is there for individuals certain options on currency stability to participate?"-"Yes, there definitely. "Saves and resets the purchases for a moment, where they are less expensive and that you just buy all the expensive things, where you have the feeling that as unusual prices are required, not." Intermediate cutting the ladies soft man and Klasen, close.

04. Astrakhan on the Volga delta: double stack barrel swivel on propellers, close. Side launched of a half ship, total. Both halves in the water, go together to weld together.

05. Italy: fur fashion show Soldado Ozelot jacket, Zebra coat with matching large bag. Light dark striped short Cape. Short dress with Criss and cross diagonal strips of fur. A short pants suit with fur chaps and fur bag in white. White mink jacket over mink occupied glittering jumpsuit.

06. Paris: Premiere in the Lido "Grand Prix" title: Lido in the gypsy look. Brigitte Bardot in the gypsy look enters accompanied by the "Lido". Among other large Alain Delon. Show scenes with dancing girls with feather boas, astronaut costumes, close, in medieval costumes, multiple settings. Knights on horseback tournament scene. Knight falls out of the saddle. Brigitte Bardot, close. Show scenes in Inca costumes. Waterfall on the stage.

07. Hamburger draw their wishes for 1970 it with humor, title: picture hope for 1970: hand-Ludwig Wiechmann with easel and young man on the Mönckebergbrunnen. Devil man features champagne glass and man. Young man draws money bag with the number 10000 young man when drawing, swing on viewers. Hand writes: "Stop war in Viet Nam". Man draws border DDR/BRD and "1970 opening of borders for all". Young man designs his desire House with garage and 3 colour TV etc. Young long-haired man is bearded young man and old man with a stiff hat. Young girl has big heart, pierced down arrow, other records tape recorder. Young woman writes down their lottery numbers and draws a House. Young, long-haired and bearded man stands a large sun with rays, which "will just seem so on the world". Different intermediate cuts: viewers.

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Bardot, Brigitte ; Delon, Alain ; Klasen ; Weichmann, Herbert ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Wirkold, Björn ; Gigowa, Maria ; Grini, Lars ; Queck, Horst ; Raska, Jiri ; Schugurowa, Calina


Hamburg ; Italy ; Paris ; Lugano ; Innsbruck ; East Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Interviews ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Social events ; Revues ; Fashion ; finance ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 702/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This sport jumps in the snow four hills jumping in Innsbruck origin: Fox tire freestyle in East Berlin Bulgarian world champion origin: DEFA in current new Bundesbank President Dr. Karl Klasen camera: Wiers notes at the time double launch USSR origin: Polkronika Italian fur fashion show origin: Corona this show premiere at the Lido, Paris origin: Pathé journal here with humour wishes for 1970 hamburger draw their wishes camera: Wiers, fire at the beginning and end of total length

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