UFA-Dabei 705/1970 27.01.1970


01 Cologne: furniture fair this economy - how we live tomorrow. Visitors. Various living walls. Mr leads Cabinet who has television on the back and turntable in lower drawer. Closet cube, all pages accessible and varied. Hand push operation button, close, bed stands out. Hülsta furniture future 2000 adjustable furniture, sliding beds. Plastic furniture: Armchairs, table, chairs and sideboard. Telefonierendes girl is located in quiet housing. Girl lie on soft leather surfaces, in the middle of spherical TV. Device for assembling facilities with the help of slides. Several settings of advanced and cave-like accommodations.

02. boatswain training image: pan across the ship and stern. "St. Michaelis", "Hamburg". Indoors Commando. Hand on the rudder, large. Boatswain course. Occupied lifeboat into the water, total. Training workshop, the Hamburg Süd company: Indoors. Young man with master metal machining. Welding. Young boat man with a fire extinguisher on the back, put out fires. Various papers, close: general maintenance plan, travel overview, technical work, workplace and deck operation. Ship plans. The course participants at the written test, total. Presentation of the Bootsmannsbriefe. Heck, close ride.

03. Hamburg: boat show various settings of various sports boats. Young girl with water skis in the same color pattern as her anorak. Glashopper, boat with a plastic base part setting. Motor boats. Boat accessory on the wall. Various interior shots of motor boats; Dormitories, kitchen equipment. Kitchen with gas stove. Woman a man pours a glass of brandy.

04. Munich: Olympic roof test builders with large transparent roof tiles. Model of the Olympic range in the upper meadow field. Construction workers cover authentic look model part with these tiles. Attach the connectors. The consultant for the roof construction, Professor Dr. Ing. Wilhelm Schaupp, explains and examines the material and links. Roof seen from below with the feet of the workers out. Several settings of the construction, outside.

05. the Netherlands: Europe fashion 1970 fashion show: ladies pants suit with huge ball buttons, also on the CAP. Girl performs long pants on a staircase. Pants can be changed with zipper to shorts. Trouser suit with huge round, mounted on the upper part of the hood. Young man with coat open down to about the step to tights and white boots.

06. Poland: Ski village of Koniaków various Polish villagers on skis: thick, old women, children, old men and women, chimney sweep. A woman falls. Clergyman on skis with fluttering cassock.

07. Innsbruck: Speed-skating - European Championships title image: running legs, close. Several runners, intermediate cuts, viewers. Run by Erhard Keller / Munich. Spout in ZL, new track record. Start of the 10,000 m run. Run by ARD Schenk / Holland and Dag Fornaess / Norway. Cheering spectators. ARD Schenk won on the arms of others, great. Sleeping toddler in the mantle of his father, among the spectators.

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Schapp, Wilhelm ; Fornäs, Dag ; Keller, Erhard ; Schenk, Ard


Cologne ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Holland ; Elbe near Lauenburg ; Innsbruck ; Poland


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice skating ; Fire Brigade ; Olympics 1972 ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Furniture ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Fire brigade ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 705/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This economy like staying we tomorrow furniture fair in Cologne camera: Jürgens with Ahoy captains at sea and in PES internally. Boat exhibition, Hamburg camera: Rühe boat man course camera: Rühe in news notes at the time of test of Olympic roof in Munich camera: Rau Europe fashion 1970 from Holland origin: Polygoon ski village in Poland origin: Polkronika this sport the ice Car Championships in the speed skating, Innsbruck origin: Fox pool at the beginning and end of total length

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