UFA-Dabei 709/1970 24.02.1970


1st Switzerland: Swiss air plane crash go aerial view of the forest, crash site of the airplane, uniformed by the image. Destroyed trees and pieces of wreckage. Men look at wreckage, close.

02. Bonn: Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban armed policemen. Patrolling police. Stander on the car of the Israeli Foreign Minister, close. Abba Eban and Walter Scheel, half total. Conversation. Willy Brandt, close. Eban and Brandt in conversation, great. Shaking hands Eban - Heinemann, laughing, great.
Munich: Protesters on the road with anti-Israeli posters. Transparent: "Abba Eban in Bonn, DM for napalm", close. Excited man, great.
Dachau concentration camp: barbed wire fence and a watchtower. Security force for Abba Eban at the site of the concentration camp. Helicopters in the air. Guard soldiers on scaffolding. Abba Eban in the company on the site of the concentration camp. Several settings in the concentration camp museum with photos. Memorial with visitors. Scripture: "which of the past do not remember are doomed to experience it Once again."

03. Hamburg: winter training the canoeists various settings of canoeists training in indoor swimming pool. Especially practice the Eskimo roll. Some slow-motion shots, big and close. Little boy in Eskimo roll, which helped in the recovery hochkommen by the trainer. Lüneburg Heath: exercises (Eskimo roll) outdoors and wild water rafting on snow-covered banks over, various settings for the part in ZL. Splashing water over the bow. Many slow motion shots.

04. Hamburg: Osipov-balalaika Orchestra swing on hooks with many fur hats. Pan across the rehearsal room with individual musicians with their instruments. Various settings at the rehearsal on the stage at the Music Hall, original sound. Shot and ranking travel conductor, big game. Singer Iwan Petrow, large and close, sings o-ton, half total and total, big, in the profile.

05. England: swimwear swimming with flowers and with short hair hair style. One - and two-piece swimsuits with matching transparent jacket.

06. Zolder / Belgium: cycling cyclo-cross of professional drivers start the driver, total, and several settings of the race. They take their bikes on the shoulders and climb hills, amongst others, Rolf Wolfshohl and Eric de Vlaeminck. Various settings of the cyclo-cross. Eric de Vlaeminck won with flowers on the podium.

07. Inzell, Bavaria: ice Speedway World Cup Pan over the participants from six European countries with signs of their countries of origin. Burning blowtorch for heating in addition to motorcycle, large. Launch of 4 machines, total and race on the ice rink. Legs stretched in the curves of the driver. Restart of the Quad. Three fall in curve and more crashes. Knut Westlund / Sweden is world champion. Kadyrov / USSR as winner of the day. Westlund is hung around the wreath. Official flag.

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Brandt, Willy ; Eban, Abba ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Scheel, Walter ; Vlaminck de, Eric ; Wolfshohl, Rolf


Switzerland ; Munich ; England ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Dachau ; Inzell ; Bavaria ; Belgium ; Zolder


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Kayaking, canoeing, whitewater ; Disasters ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Police ; cycling ; State visits (inside) ; Fashion ; aerial photographs ; Assassinations ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 709/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Swiss-air - plane crash, Switzerland origin: view i. d. World Israel. Aussenmin. Abba Eban in Bonn camera: Luppa origin: Fox Hamburg: winter training d. canoeists camera: Seib, Rieck Ossipov Orchestra, balalaika, Hbg. camera: Wiers English swimwear origin: Pathe news wheel cyclo-cross races in Belgium origin: Belgavox ice Speedway, Inzell origin: Fox pool at the beginning and end of total length

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