UFA-Dabei 717/1970 21.04.1970


01 French Alps / Chateau d ' assy: avalanche grieving parents before the coffins of the 56 killed children. 2 men To try a Very much attracted to reassure white-clad mother. Badge on the coffin. Clergyman in speech, short. Pan across debris clean-up work. Trafofahrt on damaged page tract of children sanatorium. Cleaning up debris reamer with search dogs. Stretchers carried past with hidden dead.

02. United States: Landing the Apollo XIII various settings from the control center in Houston. writing hand, close. Road sign: "Our prayers are with you Apollo 13 crewmen" and "Our hearts are with you friends on 13". Control room with cast and writing reporters. TV screen: 3 parachutes carrying the capsule on the water, capsule on the water, total, big. Astronaut leaves the capsule in the inflatable boat. Helicopter takes an astronaut in the plane. Helicopter, total. The three astronauts Lovell, Haise and Swigert left the helicopter on the aircraft carrier. Welcome aboard. Lovell, close.

03. Munich: Olympic construction sites and models Munich seen from above with the Church of our Lady in the middle. Moreover, the Olympic rings appear. Upper Wiesenfeld, seen from above and Sports Hall, total, in the building. Traforanfahrt. Carrier of the Auditorium. Pan, Traforückfahrt. Olympic Stadium. Panning about models and model of the Olympic village and the apartment buildings of the Olympic athletes. Traforückfahrt on sports facilities in the building.

04. Soccer World Cup rally Wembley - Mexico 2 Europeans with ponchos and Mexican hats. English soccer coach Ramsey will receive Golden Globe. Plan the rally. London: Directions of the various cars of participants. Crowds to the sides of the road. Travel to and from Munich, radio tower in the distance. Driving scenes. Control point of the rally in Munich. Gloved hand inscribes itself in the control book. Several participants, large. Motor is controlled. Rolls Royce radiator with figure, close. Man is about the Rolls Royce engine at work. Driver shaved big car, hands on the wheel. Further propelled car when it rains.

05. Swiss Cavalry: standing Squadron, total and close-ups of horse heads. Various settings of soldiers on horseback. Actuality of the station. Several settings. Ride through snowy forest trails, great. Riders sit down and take their guns out of your pockets to sides of the horses big and close. Soldiers run through the forest, any remaining horses. Various settings of the maneuver. Soldiers in camouflage jackets crossing makeshift bridges. Soldiers behind tree, rifle at the ready. Machine gun is operated, great. Soldier on the temporary bridge.

06. Berlin: Fashion Interchic in the exhibition hall with special report - fashions Interchic. Waving a PanAm machine. Mannequins in addition to the single Winker. 2 mannequins on tarmac car. The exhibition hall with fashion stand indoors. Mayor Klaus Schütz accompanied tour, short. Contactor touch Matenrevers of mannequins. Full hanged man dress racks. Contactor with a seamstress standing, contactor and swivel on mannequins with Western hats and MIDI dresses with Jack-booted. Mannequins with knee-covered clothes on stockings in dance-like movements. Colored mannequin, close. Pan across radio tower from top to bottom. At the foot of the Tower mannequin. Plaid trouser suits and capes, all with Jack-booted. Doll standing in traffic. Mannequins at screening. Poster "Berlin flea market", doll previously in leather costume. Mannequins in leather clothes, some with fringe. Many pans and partial recordings, all in motion. Large hats. Mannequins in ankle-length skirts and see-through FishNet top in a kind of dance. Mannequins with transparent umbrella, close. Kurfürstendamm: mannequins seen from the rear in different clothes. Mini, MIDI, Maxi.

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Haise ; Lovell ; Swigert ; Schütz, Klaus ; Ramsey, Bill


Munich ; France ; London ; Switzerland ; Berlin ; United States ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Disasters ; Fire ; Football ; Olympics 1972 ; Rockets ; Aerospace ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Maneuver ; Military ; Fashion ; construction ; Military ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 717/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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St. Gervais avalanche origin: Pathé journal landing the APOLLO XIII, camera: fire origin: Pathé journal Olynpia building site in Munich camera: Rau World Cup rally camera: Rau origin: Turner enterpr., London Swiss Cavalry origin: Cine journal fashions: Interchick Berlin camera: Jackson at the beginning and end of total length

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