UFA-Dabei 718/1970 28.04.1970


01 Hannover Fair shots of the fairgrounds with visitors; distance: Stand of "Rheinstahl". Willy Brandt, Konrad Ahlers and other data-processing machine. Brandt, close. Brandt on tour with accompaniment. Stand by Honeywell. Various devices on the topic of system technology. Computer. Girl on a photocopier. Hand, close, paper inserts. Young man on typewriter hand of keys, close to. Honeywell equipment. Driving record on fair grounds. Construction machinery, gripper, close. Hydraulic excavator. Hand on the gear shift, close. Various settings of the machinery in operation. Photography: Rollei stand, man fixed headlights, film is inserted; Photo model. Photographer raises Rollei. Girl, it's close. Rollei, close. Small Japanese cameras on table. Cameras are explained. Exposure meter, large. 5 men drive carrier. Model of Jungheinrich "Ant". Container on wheels moves on tractors. Street cleaning equipment "Propermat". Broom for sweeping, close, car head-on. 5 men on the roof of "Jungheinrich". Excavators will be retracted in car. 3 men on a Jack boot.

02. Hannover-Langenhagen: air show aerial photographs from the Exhibition Centre, in the middle of Krupp Hall. Landing and again ascending helicopter "Aero Car", total. Helicopters in the air. Viewers. Emergency landing of an American Sabre liner: tracking on the ground and suddenly stand, remote, totally. Various settings of small engines and Swivel, Traforückfahrten. German small plane in garage and Viewer. Distance: VFW-Fokker stand. Russian 3-beam Yak-40 machines. Traforückfahrt, machine, total.

03. Hamburg: Landing the first Russian TU-134 of the airline Aeroflot from Leningrad landing TU - 134, total and big. A bug that close. Passengers get off, great. Pivoting on the rear. Russian crew and flight attendant, big and close. Theo Petersen (German newsreel) behind the stewardess.

04. England: Autocrashtest breakdown from El Mundo 398 - same section. Test car runs on wall, is smashed, pan across zertrümmertes car on test dummy in it. Doll goes on a kind of slide, the effect is equivalent to about of a car crash. Dummy is made up of mechanics to the test and strapped in car. Car is attached to the Simulator, which speeds up to 90 km / h. Apparatus. Car is by switching room from ZL recordings used in driving the test dummy passangers at sudden braking. Doll taped on falls together and falls back. Doll without straps shoots the same through the windscreen, recorded Once again closer.

05. Mannheim: may market, American Rodeo invasion and riding the Cowboys. Cow Bell is attached to the horse. Clown blows horse in the ear. Rodeo scenes in ZL, and several falls, ZL.

06. Dortmund: Indoor handball, European Cup final: Dynamo Berlin - Gummersbach 11:14 game scene in ZL. Hansi Schmidt / Gummersbach throws ball into the Dynamo goal. Another litter in the East Berliner Tor. Game scenes in ZL. Hansi Schmidt, alone in the image; Klaus Kater in Gummersbach. 7 m throw in Gummersbach goal, the cat cannot keep up, but goes in the external network. Cat brings back the ball in ZL. Several quick scenes and crashes. Result 14:11 for Gummersbach. Cheering spectators running onto the pitch. Hansi Schmidt keeps Cup high in the midst of jubilant spectators. Intermediate editing: cheering audience.

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Ahlers, Konrad; Brandt, Willy; Petersen, Theo; Kater, Klaus; Schmidt, Hansi


Hanover; Hannover-Langenhagen; Hamburg; England; Mannheim; Dortmund


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Handball; aircraft; Rodeo; Technology; accident series; automotive engineering, automotive; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Exhibitions; Technology; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 718/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Hannover Fair camera: Wiers, fire show at Hannover camera: Rühe landing l. russ. Machine from Leningrad in Hamburg, TU 134 camera: Jackson car crash-test origin: COI Amerikan. Rodeo in Mannheim origin: view pool handball Gummersbach Dynamo, Dortmund camera: Rühe, Brandes, Luppa at the beginning and end of total length

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Camera Manufacturer Rollei was Founded 100 Years Ago (February 1, 2020)

In the realm of photography the name Rollei reverberates, even today. The company’s Rolleiflex camera enjoys cult status. It all goes back to the ingenious mechanic and founder Reinhold Heidecke. To turn his vision for a new kind of camera for the up and coming roll film into reality, he and businessman Paul Franke found the Werkstatt für Feinmechanik und Optik, Franke & Heidecke in 1920. One of their first products, the Rolleidoscope, is the first roll film camera to produce stereoscopic pictures. Later it would lend the company and brand its name “Rollei”.

Eight years after the company’s founding Heidecke’s and Franke’s dream finally becomes reality: The Rolleiflex is the first twin-lens reflex camera that uses roll film in a 6x6 cm format. The camera is unusually compact thanks to its two lenses that lie atop of each other. It is very robust and also provides very high image quality, making it popular with professional photographers and photojournalists.

In the coming years the company develops additional models, such as the less expensive Rolleicord and tirelessly works on improving the Rolleiflex. The camera finally has its golden years in the 1950s, thanks to a lack of competitors but also thanks to the development of new equipment such as telephoto and wide-angle lenses and its underwater-housing.

After Heidecke's death in 1960—Franke passed away 10 years earlier—Rollei undergoes a complete restructuring due to a massive expansion of its product line. However, the only successful new product is the Rollei 35, a miniature camera the size of a pack of cigarettes. Business is up and down with a changing roster of CEOs and owners, the opening and closing of a number of production sites, bankruptcies and outsourcing as well as the sale of trademark and licensing rights. Today the label Rollei primarily sells photo and camera accessories as well as actioncams and dashcams.

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