UFA-Dabei 722/1970 26.05.1970


Kassel: May 21, 1970, meeting Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph press conference: Willy Brandt after his return from Kassel. Willy Brandt, tall in microphones, actuality speaks: "I think no one is can compete us goodwill just to Kassel. The road to contractual arrangements between two German States will be long and difficult, time is not automatically for the reason and peace." Kassel: Helicopter in the air before the Schloss Wilhelmshöhe. Cameramen and photographers running onto the lawn. Brandt gets out of the helicopter, welcome. Brandt laughing, close. Brandt shakes hands Kassel citizens, several settings. Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe railway station: Crowd behind barriers with banners. People with megaphones in the crowd. Young people raising fists, chanting, o-ton: "highly, highly Willi Stoph!" Brandt with accompaniment on the platform before the incoming train. Cameramen and photographers. Stoph rising winemakers from the compartment, behind him. Handshakes Brandt and Stoph. Both leave the platform. He should raise the hand salute, both get in car, with a towel-waving crowd. Caravan of "White mice" escorted drives through streets lined with audience and protesters. A man from the front car is pushed down, total. Police officers To try to clear the roadway. Various settings of protesters and police officers in the crowd. Policeman accuses man of roadway. Leading group column of "White mice" close. Stoph and accompanied by step out of the car in front of the Castle Hotel. Hotel, half total. Brandt and Stoph in front of the hotel, half total. Hotel with two German flags and crowd. Inside: Brandt and Stoph and winemakers enter meeting room. All take place. Brandt is a paper on the table he should. Demonstrations: Actuality (unintelligible). Marching with flags, posters and banners seen from above. Various inscriptions readable, for example "recognition + waiver = betrayal". A number of cars of the NPD, saying "Equal rights for all of Germany". "Desk murderer out - Oder-Neisse, never limit". Chants. Fluttering East German flag, close. Flagpole in front of the hotel: three young men tear the flag down and shred them, they are pushed by police. Reporters group. Flagpole with new flag is raised. Both poles in front of the hotel. Inside: Brandt and Stoph each other sitting opposite. Brandt in the profile, great. Smoking a cigarillo. Stoph, tall and smiling. Press Conference: Conrad Ahlers. Ahlers, large, original sound: "it has been clearly shown: the Federal Government is flexible and the DDR is rigid and stubborn, this is the situation." TV on the lawn in front of the hotel of journalists surrounded. Long shot of the press conference. Question and answer of the Ahlers actuality: "You ask, as you are this term - also for organization stop the freedom of association right after your terms?" - "I spoke not of opposition freedom, but freedom of demonstration." - "it's all the same. Where to stop, where is the limit? Where is the limit?"-"is the border where infringe existing laws."-"last night Mr by Thadden has operated an absolute murder smear campaign against our Chairman of the Council of Ministers Stoph. Is that still the freedom that is allowed?"-"I think that for an impossible procedure; "I mean the manifestation of Lord of Thadden and what is in the NAZI newspaper, but I must confess to, without being lawyers, that can be as compatible with our laws." Hall of the press, several settings. Journalists at typewriters, one large. And on the slopes out. Spokesman choir of young people: "Nazis out, Nazis out!" By Thadden, big, behind microphones, o-ton: "who recognises the GDR, then at the end of Berlin left the leaves and leaving Berlin the Western powers!" Intermediate cutting protesters with posters, swivel on Dr. Haese, individual protesters interviewed, o-ton: "Are you against the meeting tomorrow in Kassel?" - "but no answer give"I would at any time for the meeting, if it had a positive agenda..."-!" - "I give an answer of course, if I am asked... I would at any time..." "."-"The tampered with but just afterwards! Please be quiet!"-"I would be at any time for this meeting, if it had an agenda in terms of the preamble of the basic law, it revolves solely around the recognition of Communist diktats in Germany."- Excuse me, what or what you demonstrate here?" - "for Germany, against the wall, for unity, for a United Germany." - "are you against the meeting tomorrow in Kassel?" - "I have my relatives in East Berlin, to which I can not. I... Red out red out!" Protesters break through police chain on the way to the Memorial for the victims of fascism. Memorial, 2 police officers on the pedestals. Memorial inside. GDR journalists by Dr Jane asked, o-ton: "What is your impression after the first half of the day?" - "My impression of this monument is that it is unkempt and clearly was not used for years." - "and the meeting itself, what do have to tell you?" - "that's all in our opinions, our questions and our appearance to exactly identify." - "and what do you think of the impression of the population and the demonstrations here?" - "I no word to said", that I am willing to To give you an interview!" Wilde demonstration scenes and chanting, police scuffle. Police overpower bearded man with helmet, close. Parts of banners are put by a police officer in gully. Memorial visit: motorcycle escort accompanied Stophs car to the Memorial in the evening. Stoph and Brandt at the Memorial. Two men wearing wreath, behind Stoph and Brandt wreath loop: "Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the German Democratic Republic". Stoph and Brandt bow down; Return of the car by police on foot accompanied. Railway station: Brandt and Stoph laughing, great. Clock shows 10:07. Handshake Brandt - Stoph on the compartment window. Departure of the train. Press Conference: Willy Brandt after his return from Kassel. Willy Brandt, tall in microphones, original sound speaks: "short and sweet, we stay with our concept, our principles, our contract elements and In addition, whether new meeting or not, whether new meetings soon or not, we are whether others are Instead of his sometime Let me see or not - to say: is n would like to ' know bit more, because here there is in my note of Erfurt: the contents of the bottle we are interested more than label"", what is stuck on it."

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Ahlers, Konrad ; Brandt, Willy ; Haese, Jürgen ; Stoph, Willi ; Thadden von, Adolf ; Winzer, Otto


Kassel ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Flags ; News, communications ; Press, press conferences ; Smoking ; State visits (inside) ; wreath stoppages ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 722/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Kassel, 21 May 1970 meeting between Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph confrontation of German contradictions

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