UFA-Dabei 723/1970 02.06.1970


01 FDP skydivers and election story II aircraft in the air. Parachute jumper jump off, Jürgen Möllemann hanging on a parachute, lands on meadow, large between young people, takes off the helmet. Shaking hands with Willy Weyer, CDU posters in the background, with images of Köppler. SPD poster to stop column, about two young men. Interior Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, large, original sound, explains why the parties for the lowering of the voting age will be voting in the Bundestag: "the information level of youth is considerably higher than previously was the case. This justifies our decision. Our critics, I would say that the radicals do everything to raise demands for the youth, only ask not the lowering of the voting age. To want keep the youth of our State. Our goal, however, is to introduce young people to the State, not Go ahead show you opportunities for participation, but To give. Our goal is to involve young people in the election." Mr Wiechmann asks young people, o-ton: "As you stand to the reserved, the older generation, that the youth of the age were Not yet mature?" - "Yes, I think so nonsense and for this reason I am sure that sets down the age of consent from 21 to 18, as it now has happened at voting age." - "I'm practically only a very small light within the electorate and therefore Me neither need, select; but then says to me, the people who choose: then you can't not even grumble afterwards! -But I bleat also not."-" it has yes no purpose when I say after the election: so the policy doesn't fit me, if I have not chosen. " This know-it-all who say: no party says to me; and afterwards they rant anyway - I don't think it right."-"I will choose Yes, and I think it's also Very much is right, that the voting age is lowered. Anyway I think correctly, that young people, so the male youths with 18 must complete already their civic duties, pulling up to the Bundeswehr."-" and above all: the youth today informed but politically, goes on the road, and what benefits them, if they demonstrate and may join the Government, not take part in the election. "

02. Berlin: Medical Congress (19th Congress of postgraduate studies) driving shots on Memorial Church, past Congress Hall and Congress Centre at the radio tower. Inside: Young man on the Enzephalographen (?), swivel screen, title. Several grades of medical consultants and Scouts on their stands. Drug advertisements. Mayor Klaus Schütz at opening speech, large in front of microphones, o-ton: "If this physician meeting about or to the 13,000 visitors and visitors from Germany and abroad are expected then alone this impressive number may show the magnitude, in which can be discussed today and here medical knowledge and medical knowledge passed on and probably also needs to be passed." Panning issued medical literature and interested viewers. Medical information meetings at different tables. New technical equipment for dentists: is patient, doctor at work. Extendable tables of cutlery. Data processing in Clinical Diagnostics: patient cards are plugged into computer slots, big. Questions appear on the screen, hand of a patient on buttons that trigger the answering of the questions. Sign with arrow: visitors - polyclinics - recording. Part of exterior shots of the hospital in Berlin. Inside: Station for artificial kidneys. Pan over the equipment, patients who are connected to artificial kidneys. Doctor at large containers. Intensive care Department: Patients in their beds. Medical technical assistant on Control Panel. The novel method explains Professor Dr. Schettler / Heidelberg, big, o-ton: "we came for the first time with this procedure to Berlin, because we can attract a particularly wide podium and we believe that the intensive measures at the patient's bedside almost Central pose a problem of the entire medicine but also the intensive treatment." Assistant at the dashboard with bed numbers and buttons for skin + bradycardia, rectal, alarm, stop + tachycardia, observed various apparatuses. Patient in bed with a tube in the mouth on line. Total and Traforanfahrt hospital.

03. London: King's road fashion street sign: King's Road, swivelling on road traffic and pedestrians. Young couple: girl in Maxi and Titusfrisur. He Nightgown with a trailer over sweaters and colored vest. Various MIDIs, Maxis, studded fringed leather clothing. BI drowning young people on the street in fantastic appealing clothes. Girl in floral Maxi with fringed leather jacket. Large hats.

04. Hamburg: Miss Grandma - competition old lady tried hat on, close. Makeup scenes of old men and women. Survey. Many close-ups; the women on the catwalk together and alone. Pan across the jury. Close to the winner and a Crown and flowers.

05. Nürburgring race - 1000 km race car on the boxes. Riders prepare for the race. Start the car. Various racing scenes. Hand, large, writes on base on the 3 stop watches are. Huschke von Hanstein in conversation, tall, short. Work of the installers on the car: tire pressure check, changing tires and refueling. Among other things, the Mexican Rodriguez on Porsche. But Kurt Ahrens on Porsche WINS. Ahrens and passenger VIC Elford are attached to big Laurel wreaths.

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Ahrens ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Hanstein von, Huschke ; Köppler, Heinrich ; Möllemann, Jürgen ; Schettler ; Schütz, Klaus ; Weyer, Willi ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Elford, Vic ; Rodringuez, Pedro


Berlin ; Spain ; London ; Hamburg ; Kassel ; Custom village ; Belgium


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Domestic events ; skydiving, skydiving ; motor sports ; beauty care ; beauty pageants ; Townscapes: Germany ; Townscapes: Europe ; Technology ; Medicine ; Elections ; Fashion ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 723/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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FDP parachuting election story II camera: Rühe, Wiers, Rühe, Wiers origin: archive in Berlin, 19th Congress f. ärztl. Training doctors Kongrss in Berlin camera: Pahl Kings Road - fashions, London origin: Turner enterpr.

Mrs. Grandma contest, Hamburg camera: fire 1000-km race Nürburgring camera: Luppa, rough at the beginning and end of total length

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