UFA-Dabei 726/1970 23.06.1970


01 Mexico, soccer World Championships and arrival of the German team in Frankfurt swivel vollbesetztes Aztec Stadium. Cheering spectators, large and spectators with flags on the field. Gameplay footage from the game Germany - England at shot at goal by Müller. Müller is embraced by other players. Cheering spectators with Aral posters. Mexicans interviewed about their opinion on the team: young man, young girl, big, o-ton: "the German team was for me the best of all those who came to the World Cup. And the players who liked best were Libuda, Gerd Müller and goalkeeper Maier."-"the German team was wonderful. She was Very much spielstark, she would have won the title." Young man, colored with dark glasses respond to English, o-ton: "I have Lakes no better team than the German team, we were all watching saw everything like that." It what so fantastic, so fabulous. They were all over the place jumping up and down... ." "Mariachis", Mexican Chapel play left the German team. German players get on plane. Recordings on the plane: several German players, great. Interview with German players and coaches Schön, nah, o-ton: "What was your strongest experience on the World Cup." - "The final whistle in a victorious match against England." Gerd Müller, o-ton: "the 1-1 against Italy by Karl-Heinz Schnellinger." Schnellinger, great. Uwe Seeler, close, o-ton: "That we still have ripped to the game against England game." Frankfurt: Plane leaves flight attendants, with flowers on the gangway of the airport, German team. Welcome scenes. Triumph drive in an open car through crowded streets of Frankfurt. Panning over crowds with flags and banners. Shield: "Bremen greets the England-killer". Throwing on the balcony of the Romans waving the German national team and flowers. Among other things, Helmut Schön. Swing by police chain quantity before the Romans.

02. Kiel: Kiel week 70 views of Kiel Yacht Harbor full of boats. Various settings of sailors and boats. Field of the flying Dutchmen. Several flying Dutchmen boats with acres of spiders in the field. Measly spinnaker in doldrums. Several settings of offshore yachts and Dick ships. Dick ships full, total.

03. Traben-Trarbach / Mosel: International powerboat race for Germany Cup starting motor boat. Pan across boats ashore. Girls in swimsuits. Various settings of the race on the river Moselle. Spectators on the shore. Turning to the buoy, total. Japan, drivers in their boats. Racers are holding on his boat, in the water, great. Winner Volker Steinwascher with wreath, laughing, great.

04. England: Election - victory of the conservatives over labour party fountains in Trafalgar square with young conservatives in the water, illuminated At night. Hootin' young people, great. Newspaper clipping of the "Evening News": VIC-Tory. Edward Heath, laughing, great in crowd. Press photographers, great. Heath beckoning, great. Wilson in a group of his followers, half total. Woman with child in her arms, close. Wilson laughing, close. Choice list: among the names: Cartwright, Coney, Harrison, Heath, which is ticked. Heath with megaphone in shirt sleeves, great. Labour former Foreign Minister Brown beat singer, half total.

05. Bonn: Romanian Prime Minister ion Gheorge Maurer at Willy Brandt Palais Schaumburg, outside shot. Händeschüttelnde Maurer and Brandt, half total. Pan over the session table, by which to intermittent Maurer to become Brandt. Maurer and Brandt each half total at the meeting table. Maurer, large and Maurer and Walter Scheel sitting in conversation.

06. Bonn: FDP Party Congress Hall occupied in the Beethoven Hall, on the front: "FDP, 21 ordinary National Convention in 1970". Walter Scheel in the lectern, big, talking in front of microphones, no sound. Party day participants, men in shirt sleeves. Erich Mende, big, behind Ralf Dahrendorf, participants. Willy Weyer, without jacket, great. Dahrendorf, great Mende, close. Scheel talking in profile, big without sound. Pan across applauding participants.

07. Hamburg, small Flottbek: "big gig", open air festival young man at the microphone, girls with long dress with Dachshund on a leash. Girl in bikini, smoking. Various settings of adolescents in fantastic clothes, long hair etc. Long shots of the handset volume. Various settings of langmähniger bands and several musical, big and close. Original sound. Viewers with partially bare torsos, etc. Pan about couples who are in the grass. Covered and seated listeners, big and close. Knitting girl in a bathing suit with a large hat. Girl young man paints a face on the bare back. Is lying a kissing couple in the meadow. Various settings are rhythmically moving. Hands on the wing, great. Taskttretende naked feet, tall. Couple goes across the lawn, as a silhouette against the sky.

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Brandt, Willy ; Brown, George ; Dahrendorf, Ralf ; Heath, Edward ; Maurer, Ion Gheorghe ; Mende, Erich ; Scheel, Walter ; Weyer, Willi ; Wilson, Harold ; Müller, Gerd ; Seeler, Uwe ; Schnellinger ; Schön, Helmut ; Steinwascher, Volker


Hamburg ; Mexico City ; Hamburg-Klein-Flottbek ; England ; Bonn ; Mexico ; Traben-Trarbach ; Mosel ; Kiel ; London


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Education, youth ; Football ; motor boat race ; Musical events ; Sailing ; State visits (inside) ; Container ; Elections ; Foreign policy events ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 726/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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FIFA World Cup final, arrival BRD camera: Jürgens, Seib origin: Archive "Kieler Woche" ' 70 camera: Rieck, Rühe, wild Hagen powerboat race Traben-Trarbach to Dtld. Cup camera: Luppa elections in England origin: Turner Enterpr.

Ministerpräs. Maurer in Bonn (Romania) camera: Luppa FDP Party Congress in Bonn camera: Luppa "Big Gig", Open Air festival in Hambg. Not for sale camera: Pahl at the beginning and end of total length

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