UFA-Dabei 729/1970 14.07.1970


01 Germany: ADAC traffic car radio, short, close. Driver in the car on the highway, driving scenes. Heavy highway traffic with caravans and roof luggage on VW (short). Family eating at the edge of the highway. Moving temporary bus and the caravan. Traffic Studio of Norddeutscher Rundfunk. Inside: 2 men at desks and phones. ADAC aircraft in the air, total. Flight over highway. Pilot and co-pilot, close. Aerial photographs. Man on the phone, close from behind. Dense traffic, great. Man rasierender himself in the car, great. Actuality of the radio announcement: aerial view interchange area bad Segeberg. Pilots with large map. Road sign 207, including E 4. Several settings heavy car traffic at Süseler tree. NDR-Studio interview of a speaker on the phone: "We now have a connection with the central traffic control in Neumünster". Lighting system: Hamburg, Neumünster (lights up) and Hanover. Highway pictures. NDR-Studio. Writing hand, close. Aerial view of the highway Hamburg-Lübeck. Traffic jam on the highway. Pilots with map. Flight of the ADAC aircraft of Ratekau. Aereal area bad Schwartau. Dam seen from the front. Road sign "U 14" with arrow. Individual cars leaving a highway. Couple in the car in drive. Ordered with beach chairs Beach on the Baltic Sea. Beach life (short) o-ton of station taking the pictures: "Yes, we are Right now on the Federal Highway at the tail end, so at Ratekau. The backlog has grown still, he now goes beyond bad Schwartau. Is the drivers so to recommend, ready to leave the Autobahn at Lübeck Moisling and then through Bundesstraße 45 in the East seaside resorts."

02. Rome: Willy Brandt when Pope Paul VI. Vatican Palace, totally. Willy Brandt is directed to Paul VI, total, half total and large with accompaniment (in the background of Swiss guards). Swiss guards, runners, totally. Brandt and Paul VI, standing, total. Emblem relief of the Vatican, close. Paul VI. presented Brandt box. Brandt in the profile, close. Brandt presented Paul VI. solution. Paul, great. Brandt leaves the Vatican Palace, half total. Departure of the large sedan, totally. Swivel on the portal, with lagging behind.

03. Spain: Procession of the Virgin of RUS in the Spanish province of high Mancha various settings of the procession through the streets. Mother of God-child image is supported. Old women and a man in close-up. Statue, half total. White hood is pulled over the mother-God's image. Spanish landscape with concealed Madonna procession. Chapel, total. Statue is carried into the Chapel, great. Burning candles, close, a new will to others set on fire. Child's face, close. Mother of God with child, frontal, half total.

04. Italy: fur fashion mannequins in long fur coats on the catwalk. Various precious furs, such as Jaguar, Panther, Lekoda, Sable and Persian lamb fur, Zebra, all in mini - and Maxi-length. Large hats to do so. Set partly in ZL, large, close, half totally, totally. Mink coat with tails from the knee down. Wide tail and seal in MIDI male model and mannequin in the partner look at the Persian lamb fur-MIDI.

05. France: other cutting sires something in the Camargue breakdown from 407/7 - El Mundo here. Bull in the field, Reiter, ZL, round up the young bulls. Partly in ZL. Young bull throws catcher to the ground. Branding is burned the Bull (short). Various settings in arena exemplary fighting young bulls.

06. Poland: summer tobogganing boy with helmet, close. Young man screws small wheel at sled runners, great. Sled on wheels, large, is drawn. Barbara Piecha echoes their helmet to close. Various settings by Barbara Piecha on the wheel carriage lying on a training ride. Several be wheeled the sleigh ride on downhill road.

07. Bad Segeberg: Karl-may - Festspiele "Oil Prince" pan of timber-frame construction to make-up artist on the road, is an actor who puts on his wig. Other performers. Close-up: Colt is inserted into the pistol pocket. Various settings of the performance "The oil Prince". Public intermediate cuts, children with native American headbands. Hans Ludwig Wiechmann interviewed children about their impressions. Children, respectively, close, o-ton: "so, the book is better than this. You can not do that."-"And Why not?"-"it is just not all means available."-"so, I think it's better in the book, because they can better imagine's and here is played it all, which is precisely about anything like in television, where you his focus or his imagination itself does not play out can."-"Do you like it now better than a detective in the television?"-"Yes, A lot better. The Karl May is not as exciting, but it's also. A detective story is better, because they shoot there do."-"Here they shoot but also."-"but since this is different." Walton talks with a small boy, close (not pictured). Response of a young man's actuality: "Natural here than at home on television, ´ ne bottle of beer, not so faithfully." Various settings of the game. Swivel on cliffs with a flame on it.

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Brandt, Willy ; Paul VI. ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Piecha, Barbara


Rome ; Germany ; Bad Segeberg ; North Germany ; Spain ; Italy ; France ; Frankfurt ; Poland


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Camping, Campinger ; Interviews ; Emblems ; Television ; festivals ; Women, mothers ; Radio ; Religious events ; Tobogganing ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; bullfighting ; Bobsleigh ; Theatres ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Men ; Transport: General ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; aerial photographs ; Buildings in Europe ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 729/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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ADAC - holiday traffic camera: fire, Ganesh Willy Brandt b. Pope Paul VI. origin: Corona procession in Spain, to the Virgin of RUS origin: No.-do Italian fur fashions origin: SEDI bullshit in the Camargue origin: Gaumont summer-rodeln in Poland origin: Polkronika Karl may Festspiele, bad Segeberg camera: fire, Ganesh, Hammad at the beginning and end of total length

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