UFA-Dabei 730/1970 21.07.1970


01 Erkenschwik: German championship in the tower and springboard diving: jumps seen ladies and gentlemen from the springboard in ZL, from above, close. Swimmer in tempered bath close. 4 float in 2 pans in warming. Men's: Jump from Karl-Heinz Schwemmer / Leverkusen, which is 1. Jury rating panels. Saleem is suspended to total medal. Ladies: Jump from the 3 m Board, ZL. Jump of athlete Ursula Sapp in ZL, total. Men's springboard: 2 jumps from 3 m Board in ZL. Jumping the winner: Norbert Huda, ZL.

02. hannoversch Münden: German Water Ski Championships start a driver, close. Wag their tails to 6 buoys on the slalom course total, half total and large. Several passages. Runner goes down. German Champion in the slalom and jumping: Karl-Heinz Benzinger, several settings of his barrel and sinking in the water. Water ski jumping: various settings of Benz Ingers run and jumps. Other Springer in leaps across the table, totally. Several watering in ZL after rounds over the table.

03. Thor Heyerdahl RA I and RA II. arrival on Barbados RA II with full sail, totally in water and big waves. Arrival at Barbados / Antilles. Ms of Heyerdahl and daughter aboard a ship, half total, at drive forward. Landing in the port of Bridgetown, several settings. Heyerdahl, Heyerdahl, large and members of the crew. Welcome to country.

04. Hamburg: fire in the Hamburg harbour At night pan across the burning shed. Fire, close. Firefighters with hoses for deletion half total. Several settings. Jets of water shooting into the flames. During the day: Swing by ship on the smoldering remains of the shed. Still smoking wreckage. Ships on the Elbe before the smoldering quays, total. Excavator in space work and fireman with hose, total. Debris.

05. Hamburg: US aircraft carrier "Wasp" 3 crew members on the pier. Swivel on young girls and Traforanfahrt on her legs. Long shot "Wasp" and two destroyers, Traforanfahrt. Look at the deck with parked helicopters, and pan. Various settings of American sailors walking through Hamburg and St. Pauli (during the day). Girl, Very much short with Very much short skirt and other folks on crosswalks in the rain. Hans Ludwig Wiechmann (Very much in the picture) interviewed sailors actuality: "why do you like Hamburg and specifically the Reeperbahn?" - "the Nice shops and the people we like" - "It's fun just to do what you like." - "we get off of the ship – there are lots of pretty girls, nice pubs and ever - the Germans are nice people." Sailors in response each close. Sailors at the railing, swing. Girl, big, at the wharf. Waving girl and the crew on board. Girls legs, swing upwards. "Wasp" in total at the end of. Traforückfahrt.

06. Opole / Poland: Festival of singing in the rain water cascades down plane. Downpour on stage. Chairs and music stands in the rain, pan across puddles. Actuality of song set including. Manager, big and close. Garden umbrellas, one sits eating under shade. People create water in buckets aside. Clean up the stage after a rain. Singers when you set forth to the appearance. 4 girls occur. Young men with long hair, beards and cylinders individually sing original sound big and close. 4 girls individually, each close. Police brass band, original sound. Viewers.

07. Szecni / Poland: International Motocross World Championship. Mass start of the wheels. Various settings of the race in thick clouds of dust. Including uphill and many rapid jumps of the wheels steep, downhill. Best of the race is the Belgian Geboerz (No. 5 on Japanese Gaz machine). The circuit is disconnected with car tires. Geboerz is congratulated, total.

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Benzinger, Karl Heinz; Heyerdahl, Thor; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig; Geboerz; Huda, Nobert; Sapp, Ursula; Schwemmer, Karl Heinz


Hamburg; Opole; Poland; Morocco; Opole/Poland; Szecni/Poland; OER-Erkenschwick; Hannoversch Münden


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Interviews; Disasters; Fire; motor sports; Musical events; Rain; Shipping; Swimming; Ski, skiing, ski jumping; Surfing; water skiing; Surfing; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 730/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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"Diving in OER-Erkenschwick camera: Luppa water-skiing Hannov.-lead camera: Jackson and Ganesh"Ra I"RA II" and Thor Heyerdahl Ankft. Barbados origin: vis news, archive fire in the port of Hamburg camera: fire, Seib US aircraft carrier "Wasp" i. Hamburg camera: Fire Festival in the rain in Opole origin: Polkronika Motocross in Poland origin: Polkronika at the beginning and end of total length

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50th Anniversary of Thor Heyerdahl Taking Off On Ra II (May 17, 1970)

The legendary Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer Thor Heyerdahl undertakes a spectacular endeavour at the end of the 1960s: he wants to travel from Africa to Central America in a papyrus reed boat.

More than two decades earlier he had gone on his first sensational expedition, that time on his hand-built raft Kon-Tiki.  In order to disprove the commonly held belief that migration across the ocean was not possible, the anthropologist and ethnographer sailed from Peru to Tahiti in 1947. With his Ra expedition—named after the Egyptian Sun god—he wants to show that contact between the high civilizations of old Egypt and Peru and Mexico could have actually been possible. He had noticed uncanny parallels between their cultural goods—inscriptions, building structures and boats. 

Heyerdal commissions experienced African boat builders from Lake Chad to build a first Ra based on reliefs, mural art and clay models found in tombs in ancient Egypt. His attempts to cross the Atlantic in 1969 came to an end shortly before reaching his destination.

Having learned from his experiences he now commissions indigenous fishermen from Lake Titicaca in the Andes to build a Ra II. His reasoning is that their boat building technique comes closer to the Egyptian technique. On May 17, 1970 Heyerdal sets sail in Morocco and actually reaches the Caribbean island of Barbados 57 days later with his new papyrus boat. During his first Ra excursion he had noticed the massive marine pollution with oil and plastic. The UN asked him to take samples, which he did on his second expedition. He writes a book about his observations and makes a documentary film, for which he receives an Academy Award. The book and film are an essential contribution to increase the ecological consciousness, and ultimately lead to a UN resolution to protect the oceans. Heyerdahl becomes a pioneer in the international environmental movement.

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