UFA-Dabei 733/1970 11.08.1970


1st Moscow: German Foreign Minister Walter Scheel in Moscow to renounce violence negotiations, third report of Kremlin total, traffic on the road, Scheel in the car sitting, big. Driving record of a Moscow Street, women and a man at vending machines. Soldier goes through the image, great. Pan from Saint Basil's Cathedral on awake abloesende soldiers, TV. Meeting table: Gromyko, great. Pan across the Conference table (by Scheel on the Russian side with Gromyko). In the background cameramen. Session table total. Scheel on the billiard table, large in the profile, pivoting on his hand with queue and on his game partner State Secretary Frank, big shock. Scheel in shock, half total. Street scenes: Hotel. Gromyko embarks in the Rossiya hotel, half-total and big. Scheel receives Gromyko in the Hall, both smiling peacefully. Studded table with operator waiters. Gromyko, close to toast, he raises a glass smiling and drinks, great. Pan on Scheel, close. A group of cameramen, great. Signing of the contract. Hands close the session, Gromyko Get up. Shaking hands with Scheel. Swivel on the hands. Outside: Scheel journalists interview, close: "we To want a relaxation contribute to, which should benefit all Nations in Eastern and Western Europe. Leaving from Moscow in feeling, having laid a solid foundation for this development we."

02. Dortmund: Winding towers, short, children play holiday paradise, kids party on dark street. A young boy pulls a toy to the band on a wall along. Passers-by on bridge, including cars. Children to come across a heavily arched bridge on the camera. Children pass on plate with inscription: "children - vacation - party". Amount of children in the Dortmunder Westfalenhalle in the games. Football game on plate with holes. Boys at judo and Rangeln. Children in the paint and ink, total and single, large. Pan across large amount of looking to children at puppet theatre. Kasper and policeman, great. Nervous or aufgeregter less than young several times in the image, close. Throwing balls to tin cans set up. Traffic kindergarten. Children to ride on karts. Children at car racetrack. A girl with Hula hoops. Children in gymnastics and badminton, gymnastics and dancing.

03. Munich: Mini-fashion protest women's legs with Maxi dress walking on the street. Mini wearer, measuring tape is applied between knee and hem. Mini-clad legs on the edge of the fountain are photographed. Intermediate cuts. Maxi-skirts go through the image. Mini legs while walking. 2 mini girls get over 2 nuns on the street. Mini girl gets out of car, is embraced by young man. 2 mini girls on a plastic, be photographed. Marlene Wiese, opponent of long fashion, great between miniberockten legs. Interview: "I founded the intolerance-control Club, short Intobe. We are currently 35 members and we are fighting for the mini skirt and wishing that he lives on. If necessary go is on the warpath." Mini girl with posters and police officers. Very shortly be girl legs rocked from behind while walking. The mini girls on Münchner Straße demonstration train. Posters with the words: "High with the hem of the skirt" and "I like mini". Police car behind the demonstrators.

04. Wasserkuppe: 50 years of gliding. Launching. Gliders. Booth photo by Otto Lilienthal in his glider. Flyer veteran in a model, large and half total. Booth photo by Hanna Reitsch. During the event, close, laughing Hanna Reitsch, gives autographs. Inside: Swivel on U.S. astronauts Neil Armstrong and Armstrong big with distinction around the neck, talking, shaking hands Armstrong climbs in glider, big and close and says thanks. Fog: Traforanfahrt of gliders on the poster: "Karl Pfeifer-Hall, 50 years gliding - Wasserkuppe." 1920-1970 ". Various settings of gliders on the floor, visitors in between in fog. Father carries his child on his shoulders, that beckons, great.

05. Berlin: Wolfgang Nordwig Nordwig vaulters in preparation for the jump. Batten placed on the stand. Blackboard, close. Latte 5.45 m. Nordwig jump over 5.45 m, total; jumps, arms stretched up from the mat.

06. Berlin: German Championships in athletics, Olympiastadion densely occupied bleachers. Feet of a racer in the starting blocks, close and start. 200 m race of men: Jochen own mens winner will 20.7 seconds. Jochen own Lord, laughing, half total. 110 m hurdles: seen feet in the starting blocks, from behind, close. Start the runners, totally. Günther nickel / Bayer Leverkusen wins the tip, WINS in 13.7 seconds. Nickel after the run, great. Shot put: Birlenbach throws 19.84 m 800 m race: winner Franz-Josef Kemper / Münster to Walter Adam. Anemometer, close. Kemper phasing-out, great. Kick-off for the women's 100 m run: start and run. Winner is Ingrid Mahi-Becker. Women's high jump: Young man checks the latte. Karin Mack jumps backwards over the bar at 1.82 m, ZL, happy backwards again throws himself on the mat. The women's long jump: preparing to run at Heide Rosendahl and jump. Start and jump by Ingrid Mahi-Becker, she jumps 6.57 m Heide Rosendahl, big trips before the jump, start and jump in ZL. You jumping 6.72 m Rosendahl, large, sits down on the ground and covered his face with his hands, laughing, great.

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Adam, Walter ; Birlenbach, Heinfried ; Armstrong, Neil ; Thomas, Frank ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Scheel, Walter ; Wiese, Marlene ; Eigenherr, Jochen ; Kemper, Franz-Josef ; Lilienthal, Otto ; Mack, Karen ; Mickler-Becker, Ingrid ; Nickel, Günther ; Nordwig, Wolfgang ; Reitsch, Hanna ; Rosendahl, Heide


Munich ; Dortmund ; Wasserkuppe ; Moskau ; Nürburgring ; East Berlin ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Camping, Campinger ; Demonstrations ; Children ; Sand-yachting ; gliding, flying, free balloon ; Sports details, fouls ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Fashion ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 733/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Foreign Minister Scheel in Moscow Dortmund holiday paradise camera: Ahsendorf mini fashions protest, Munich camera: Rau 50 years of gliding, the Wasserkuppe Astronaut Neil Armstrong camera: Brandes, Ganesh DEFA pole vault origin: DEFA German Leichtathl.-Championship, Berlin origin: view i. d. W./pool at the beginning and end of total length

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