UFA-Dabei 735/1970 25.08.1970


1 Berlin: to the death of Ernst Lemmer Tower of the Reichstag building with flag to half-mast. Inside: Casket with flag covered and Lala family. Pan wreath order decoration at the foot of the coffin. Mayor contactor and wife on the coffin. Photo of Lemmer with flowers and funeral band, swing on condolence list, hand writes name. Wreath loop by Chancellor Willy Brandt, close. Loop: The President, close. Review of archive material. Crowd in front of Reichstag building. Inside: Snake standing end. Coffin, total, with police as death watch.

02. United States: Sinking a nerve gas cargo ship crew member of flag. In the distance, total and ranking ride of the liberty ship "LeBaron Russell Briggs". Team is Bott hanging on the davits. The freighter was towed. Sailor with a white rabbit on the arm. Freighter sinks, Stern advance, the sea, total. Sailors on another ship as a spectator. Freighter sinks, total. Tender, total.

03. Munich: Hugh Hefner, the "Playboy"-Publisher in Munich Airport Munich-riem: cameramen and photographers on the tarmac. Swing by photographers on gangway. There emerge the aircraft of Hefner bunnies in black leather mini dresses. Hefner surrounded by girls on the gangway, half total. Random ride on Bunny emblem at the rear of the Hefnereigenen machine. Heck the machine, totally. Various interior shots with Hefner and single girls. Pan over August issue of "Playboy" in 1970. Various photos from Playboy books and bunnies on the plane. Reception for Hefner in Munich: Hugh Hefner, big, speaks interview in English (translation): "You want to use the wave of porn in Germany?" - "when 16 years ago, we started having sex, was bolder than it would be today, where A lot more is allowed. We have no aspirations to bring more sex than others. We To want our product do only better than anyone else on the world."-"you think that men are ready for their Playboy philosophy?"-" Yes, without a doubt. " Several Bunny girl single, large.

04. the Netherlands: Canal jumping total crowds on Canal Street. Viewers. Jumper jump in ZL and close-ups over the moat. More fall into the water, laughing spectators big and close.

05. Düsseldorf: Funkausstellung swivel TV on colored "soulful Dynamics" band, half-total and total, sing o-ton: "mademoiselle Ninette". Various interior shots on the exhibition grounds. Saba advertisement. Girls on pop radio. Various visitors great. Crowds. Girls insert tape cartridge. Advertisement: The first Super-8 cassettes TV system of the world. Maxi girls dance to music from devices. Girl with headphones, close. Still photographs of girls in microphones. Transparent plastic device is rotating. Visitors tour, including Horst Ehmke. Modern TV and radio device on the floor. Hanging headphones visitors. Swivel by spinning record on Chris Howland on the microphone, great.

06. Hamburg: HSV - Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-2 soccer crowds swing HSV flags. Sepp Herberger presents a football plastic Uwe Seeler, half total. Seeler with flowers and the plastic, large and close. Herberger with praise from Salem, o-ton: "Uwe Seeler was among the great of the world, one of the largest football. He is just a player could apart from his and his performance was a model always for others with regards to his combative use. He is honored and appreciated not only in the national team, but also the whole world, who got to know him, honor him and his excellent football - and more importantly - a great sportsman." See the speech by Herberger game scenes of the game. Seeler in slow-motion scenes and normal speed. Salem Falls and rolls itself up again. In the game including Günther Netzer, who shoots 1-0 over Heynkes. Happy audience, great. Several ZL recordings of the further course of the game. Ball flies in the Hamburg goal. A girl, half the total, with protest calls. Zaczyk shoots the 1:2 HSV flags. Seeler with an overhead kick, total, ball at the gate flies past. Headed goal by Seeler, total. Ball bouncing and rolling into the goal. Result draw 2-2.

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Ehmke, Horst; Hefner, Hugh; Howland, Chris; Lemmer, Ernst; Schütz, Klaus; Herberger, Sepp; Heynkes, Jupp; Netzer, Günter; Seeler, Uwe; Zaczyk


Düsseldorf; Munich; Berlin; United States; Hamburg; Holland


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Interviews; Football; Musical events; Reviews; Shipping; Spoprt-Ehrungen; Technology; Deaths, funerals; Social events; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Exhibitions; Phone; Sports honors; Technology; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 735/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Seriously Lamer +, laying out in the Reichstag, Berlin camera: Pahl nerve gas ship sinking, United States origin: vis news Hugh Hefner in Munich camera: Rau, Jürgens Canal jumping in Holland origin: Polygoon radio exhibition in Düsseldorf camera: Rühe football HSV: M ' gladbach i. Hamburg camera: Jürgens, Rieck, Zakariah, fire at the beginning and end of total length

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