UFA-Dabei 737/1970 08.09.1970


1st youth in Berlin crowded beach, this girl in a bikini, beach chairs, total. Pair kisses. Berlin: 4 young girls driving in an open car through Berlin. Kurfürstendamm, Gedächtniskirche Church and driving shots at the radio tower over; Title: In Berlin. Still photographs of young girls, great. Title it: with Nicole on the road. Group of young French, pan. Young German French folk festival. Small Cannon shoots on disc on a bare navel. Hand picks the small cannon ball from the navel, big. Laughing young French, great. Driving record Kurfürstendamm on the Kranzler Memorial Church on to. Cityscapes At night lighting. Shield Kurfürstendamm, with passers-by. Young Negro with LSD glasses, large. Folklore dance in the open air. Camp on Wannsee, total. Hand stir spoon in large pot with spaghetti. Record stand, swivel on girl with headphones. Several settings in a boutique with dresses and hats as the Carnabystreet. Swing from skyscraper to street theatre. Children as a spectator on garden chairs. Actor, big, with masks. Looking for children, close. Actuality of the actors: Jazz at the National Gallery: young people sit at the foot of a column. Bare feet hanging over the wall. Hand percussion bass. Swivel to face of the shock bassist, drummer and saxophonist. Auditorium outdoors, swivel on band. Audience, great. Plastic outdoor, total. Bridge with young people.

02. Bonn: State visit of Suharto from Indonesia landing machine on tarmac, Traforanfahrt machine with reception delegation. A policeman with a machine gun on the wall. Suharto and wife get out of the machine, totally. Which came to stand with steel helmets, greeting President Heinemann and couple of Suharto. A group of cameramen, including Gerd Seib. Heinemann, Suharto and accompaniment. Greeting Bundeswehr soldier with a steel helmet, close. Helicopter of manslaughter with a steel helmet, close. Helicopters of the BGS, guests and support before. Helicopter flies over fluttering flags across. Bonn Traforanfahrt on Chancellor's Office seen from above,. Inside: Willy Brandt with Suharto in entertainment. Suharto smiling, half total. Bonn, Munster square: Demonstrations. Poster "all power to the people" with Suharto as a pig. "Other posters, for example photos with font"... the high guest and his actions ". Took some demonstrators close and big. Poster: "And the orphans of victims of Suharto?". Actuality of demonstration among other things "down with Suharto".

03. Berlin: "day home" in the Waldbühne displaced people with flags on the wall of the forest stage. Transparent "West Prussia" behind people with umbrellas. Onslaught of young people in white shirts with flags. Transparent "East Prussia". Feed of small children and flag swivel. Audience and women in traditional costumes. Actuality of the Association Chairman Czaja, half total behind microphones: "Germany's only the whole nation can decide the membership or the assignment of parts. Under international law, according to the Potsdam Agreement, after many other contracts this is possible only in a friedensvertraglichen scheme to be agreed freely. Even in the age of space you can not get out of the story." Intermediate cuts public and transparent "National Revolutionary Youth of Berlin for a free Germany". Costumes group, original sound.

04. Lippstadt: Slalom on the Castle Mill River views of the Lippstadt beflaggte River with spectators on the shore. Canoes on the Bank with the athletes, total. Lock plate in "Canoe slalom Lippstadt - start". Canoeist travels through floodgate on the whitewater course. Audience, great. A driver at the Eskimo roll. Frogman sits on the shore. ZL recording a capsized driver. Frogman swim zuhilfe. Jürgen Gerlach starts tracking. Attempting to pass through the second gate backwards, fails. Man with camera, close. ZL. Gerlach in whitewater, large (is 7). Start by Alfred Baum and various settings in ZL. Moves backwards through slalom gates. Tree victorious laughing, great.

05. Fehmarn: Open-air festival rockers at the Sage of cars. Young people on the way to the place of the Festival, long snake. Pan across the campground of the fans in the wind. Covered wooden stage, totally. Various settings of the youthful visitors, total and large. Sitting tightly packed on the floor. Dancing girl with bare breasts on stage. Pan across the meadow at the departure of the participants. Several young people to Takahashi as questioning actuality: "the ticket prices were too high and that have too few groups played." - "the weather could have been better, that is quite logical." - "so, it's good--fabulous I would say." - "poorly organized, they would need to do earlier, it was A lot too cold." Opinions on the course of the Festival. Urinal system, total. Young man exits open cab and closes his pants. 2 young people sitting on the ground between dirt and scraps of paper. Actuality of a man in uniform of the German Red Cross, large, to the number of the aid: "this number is composed: mostly 50% fatigue, then heart attacks, cuts, scrapes, including about two dozen pot poisoning and A few other types of injuries." Intermediate cuts: sitting young couple on Earth. Moving Red Cross cars to. Young people on the stubble field, total. Tent camp. Swivel. Bauer, actuality, induced ground damage by Festival participants: "here on Fehmarn To want say the Festival, which is for us a great damage as farmers. You see yourself, how the folks over at our fields drive, with cars made here at least a loss of 5,000 mark us. Here was a Klee blow, which is a Super Elite and this Super Elite costs quintals 600 mark." Horse to an open car window.

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Baum, Alfred ; Brandt, Willy ; Czaja ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Seib, Gerd ; Suharto ; Tietge, Jürgen ; Gerlach, Jürgen


Bonn ; Berlin ; Fehmarn ; Lippstadt


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; Camping, Campinger ; Demonstrations ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; public opinion research ; Interviews ; Kayaking, canoeing, whitewater ; Children ; Education, youth ; Refugees ; Musical events ; State visits (inside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; Dance ; Theatres ; Military ; Distributed ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Fashion ; Military ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 737/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Youth in Berlin origin: Archive Suharto i. d. BRD camera: fire "day of Homeland" in Berlin camera: Bürkle canoe slalom ' 70 in Lippstadt open air festival in Fehmarn camera: Rühe at the beginning and end of total length

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