UFA-Dabei 738/1970 15.09.1970


1 Hamburg: Hamburg Mick Jagger and the stones Rolling Stones come down stairs to the cruise at the pier. Jagger sitting on Reiling, great. Photographer group, swinging on ship Bank with bi drowning Rolling Stones. Lingering fans on the shore. Children and friends of the stones, large and close. Questions by Börner (German newsreel). Cruise ship, total and flying seagulls. Ernst-Merck-Halle: Inside, totally. Preparations for the appearance of the band. Vacuuming. Bodies. Police officers behind barriers. Actuality of Mick Jagger and the stones: "Out of fun, because we To want more money for political reasons." Gambling lights above the crowd of spectators. Jagger sings "Brown Sugar". Cheering and clapping crowd.

02. Norway: State visit President Hamed Hamdan and King Olaf of Norway in an open car with the banged of between the two countries. Onslaught, Memorial on Castle Akershus, total. Wreath-laying ceremony by Heinemann. While Mrs Hilde Heinemann, Princess Sonja, Crown Prince Harald, behind Konrad Ahlers. Model construction: Heinemann on tour. Pan across buildings out of the window. Edvard Munch Museum: Heinemann and Scheel tour. Harald and Sonja, great. Mountains: Total of the city. Heinemann on the market. Traders catch fish with skimmer from container. Heinemann accompanied by OLAF, Harald, Sonja on the airfield. Which came to stand with page guns planted on. Heinemann at the head of the gangway, great.

03. Farnborough: Airshow 4 helicopters in the air simulate bombing through clouds of smoke, totally. Pan across the field of parked aircraft. Several settings of the new British French "Jaguar" at the bottom. Newcomer "Harrier", total, big, takes off from the ground, in the air and landing. Fokker F-28 "Fellowship" at the ground, total and detail settings. Stair is raised. Of flying and landing small aircraft G-Axar. Launching Fokker F-28. Nimrod, U boat Hunter jet propelled in flight from the bottom seen, total, in the air. Supersonic jet Concorde, totally in flight. Various settings of aircraft in the air. Demonstrations of the British "red arrows".

04. Bremerhaven: load container Atlantic Forrest load Kahneman Mutterschiff. Atlantic Forrest bug on line at the pier. Ship, half total and swivel. Tug. Heck with name and origin of Kristiansand, totally. Mobile gantry crane water temp crane and takes him back to the mothership. Laden ship. Traforanfahrt. Crane moving from.

05. Nuremberg: Great Federal cross of merit for Uwe Seeler applauding spectators by floodlight. Uwe Seeler crosses the field. Seeler, close, speaks to his retirement as a player interview: "my decision has been taken for this reason, because I'm professionally Very much heavily taken advantage. I am on the point of view that should be rather earlier than late. Mexico was a unique highlight for me and I think that's why my decision was right." Photo reporter. Uwe Seeler is moved by Wolfram Dorn the great Federal cross of merit, the Secretary of State. Herberger, Schön and others, great applaud. Thorn and Salem händeschüttelnd. Seeler with bouquet. Waving and cheering spectators.

06. Nuremberg: football match Germany - Hungary various scenes by floodlight. Ball is caught in the door. Applause in the stands. Sieloff shoots 1-0 for Germany. Embrace Sieloff and Müller. Beckoning happy viewers. Müller shoots the 2:0 Hamilton among the spectators. German defences can not catch corner. 1:2. various game scenes with Seeler and Müller. Seeler tries header. Seeler takes ball out of the air, beheads him to Müller, who shoots the 3:1. Cheering spectators, great. Seeler carried from the field on the shoulders of Avid.

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Ahlers, Konrad ; Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Dorn, Wolfram ; Harald von Norwegen ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Olaf V. von Norwegen ; Rolling Stones ; Prinzessin Sonja von Norwegen ; Scheel, Walter ; Herberger, Sepp ; Müller, Gerd ; Seeler, Uwe ; Sieloff ; Schön, Helmut


Nuremberg ; Farnborough ; Hamburg ; Norway ; Bremerhaven


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Canal jump ; Honors ; cameramen, cameramen ; aircraft ; Football ; Musical events ; Medals, awards, honors ; Photographers ; Shipping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; wreath stoppages ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 738/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Rolling Stones in Hamburg Heinemann in Norway camera: Luppa, Pier Kalla Airshow in Farnborough origin: COI lash containers Bremerhaven camera: fire Gr. Bundesverdienstkreuz f. Uwe Seeler football Germany/Hungary in Nuremberg origin: view pool at the beginning and end of total length

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Uwe Seeler’s 85th Birthday (* November 5, 1936)

The German soccer icon Uwe Seeler is considered one of the best strikers of his time, even to this day. His spectacular goals, fighting spirit and down-to-earth attitude turned him a folk hero - especially in his hometown of Hamburg, where he played professionally for the HSV since the age of 17. The "fat man," as his teammates affectionately called him because of his compact stature, had the ability to hit from the most impossible positions, whether falling, lying down or - as in the 1970 World Cup match against England - with the back of his head. Above all, he never gave up on a game until it was really over: the game against Braunschweig in 1957 was very memorable, it went down in soccer history as the "Miracle of the Weser". His team was trailing 0:4 at half time, but in the end they won 6:4 with three goals from Seeler. In 1961 he turned down a million Deutsch Mark deal from Inter Milan. Instead, he worked part-time as a sports goods salesman to compensate for the meagre income that footballers were paid at the time, which made him even more popular. The sympathy was therefore enormous when a ruptured Achilles tendon in 1965 seemed to threaten his career. But Seeler wouldn't be Seeler if he didn't give his all to return to the pitch. When he managed to do so it caused a sensation.

Thus the famous "Uwe, Uwe, Uwe" chants resounded for the last time only in 1972 - at his farewell game in front of 70,000 fans in Hamburg's Volkspark Stadium. By then, he had scored over 1,000 goals for HSV, participated in four World Cups and scored 43 goals in 72 international matches for the German national team. He was the first athlete ever to receive the Federal Cross of Merit, he was chosen as a permanent delegation member of the national team and last but not least he was made an honorary citizen of the city of Hamburg, which for Seeler was the most important award. His loyalty to his beloved HSV is unabated: he regularly sits in the stadium, outside of which stands a huge bronze sculpture of his right foot.

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