UFA-Dabei 739/1970 22.09.1970


01 Siegen: Chess Olympiad Siegerlandhalle, external, font: chess Olympiad. Various settings of chess players and spectators. Swing in the next room of spectators on wall with light projections, which record the moves of the player. Checkerboard image, screen-filling. Figure is moved. Pan by Tigran Petrosian Chess Board, big. Bury face in hands (single master from 1969). World Champion Boris Spasskij responds big, o-ton: "our lead melts so, because the development of chess art all over the world makes rapid progress. For us, it becomes more difficult every day. We must strive Very much if we To want to win. "But I think it is with the former world champion Lasker, who once said: the man is responsible for his work, not the result of his work." Wolfgang Unzicker, big and close in a match against Pomar / Spain.

02. Moscow: Leussink visit Kremlin-long shot Science Minister. Inside: Leussink enters Kremlin room. Greeting. Leussink with Deputy Prime Minister Kirillin, half total. Under Mr Berthold Beitz, half total. Session table, total. Kirillin, close. Leussink, speaking without sound, big and close.

03. Berlin: industrial exhibition 70 "man and technology" cityscape of Berlin, Traforückfahrt. View from above the town. Pan across radio tower from bottom to top. Driving shots from the radio tower. Road loops when seen from above. Title: UFA doing in Berlin, 20 years of German industrial exhibition. Berliner Philharmonie in at the opening ceremony. Karl Schiller on the lectern in speech, total and tall behind microphones, o-ton: "man and technology - this motto of this exhibition shows that it wants to sell not only in Berlin - here is also shown and understood how far technology and science shape our environment and with our life, are closely linked to our existence." Klaus Schütz on microphones, total and big o-ton: "as the first industrial exhibition in Berlin was opened, she was mainly a testimony of self-assertion and at the same time Dazugehörigkeit this town to the West. Today, much of what at that time had to be fought, has of course and will remain of course. This city is mentally stronger than our opponents, and as some of our friends have imagined it. We have friends we can rely on that. This part of the city will remain free." Auditorium, total. Exhibition Hall: Various shots of the exhibition. Schiller's tour and accompaniment. Large display hand with inscription: "Man and technology". Various machines, milling machine, close, drill, close, hacksaw, close. Special Exhibition: Automotive: Mercedes cars, BMW. Plays of light.

04. Bochum: Neues vom film Atlantis theater people go to the movies. Questionnaire will be distributed. Crowded 饺子馆 foyer. Poster: decoration contest. Posters and photos will be attached to the wall. 2 big theatre owners. Peter Schamoni and Director Klaus everywhere, great. Information booth. People when filling out the questionnaire. "Interviews with various moviegoers after the Division of their favorite films, actuality:"What kind of film do you?"-"Yes, modern films."-"Adventure film and music film and crime."-"crime films and entertainment films."- you want to see a newsreel in the cinema?" - "Yes, absolutely." - "if it is up-to-date, Yes."-"Weekly news should still be there." Answering both big and close. Projection room and the cutting room. Pan both at the cutting table by Peter Schamoni on Klaus everywhere, that big. Schamoni speaks interview while on the screen of the cutting table scenes from the film "Butterflies don't cry": "a novel best seller as"Butterflies don't cry"was filmed, for us again a new but attractive task." What Willy Heinrich describes in his best-selling book, the provocative, carefree sensuality of today's young girls and the resulting inherent tensions with the older generation, which will show the film; However now no clear sex movie should be, but a hopefully exciting film." Several scenes from the movie with naked girls in bed, among other things, Gaby Fuchs.

4A. Hamburg: Film Festival of filmmaker several settings of young German filmmakers, half total and close. Organizer of the Hamburg film festival, grass man, tall, speaks interview: "Yes, sure, need to sell it. We live in a capitalist system and must use capitalist means and in this respect it has To give a rental." Brother Street street sign. Pan over St. Pauli Street. Filmmakers Studio 1, outside. Indoor shots with different filmmakers, total and large. Two of them. Besrodinow and Rosenthal talk interview: "we want to entertain not only the people with our films, but we want to make them their daily life situation also aware. -I'm doing this two-pronged; I make movies that I make money once - of which I, and on the other films, I know with certainty that I can sell them Not good live. But movies, which I'm actually somewhat more." Scenes from "Holiday" by Bernd Upmoor: car drivers at the wheel, driving scenes, back and forth, and 2 young men who run in bushes and come back. Bathing in the sea.

05. Munich: Oktoberfest keg is pierced, close. Heads of beer horses, decorated, close. Mayor Joachim Vogel on the meadows, half total. Settings of the Ferris wheel from market seen. Carousel, Whirligig gondolas fly past. Fill mugs, close. Occupied tables, outdoor. Swivel front a haunted house to visitors. Panning, driving shots etc front and carousel. Sleeping man lying in the grass.

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Beitz, Berthold ; Besrodinow ; Fuchs, Gaby ; Grasmann ; Kirillin ; Leussink, Hans ; Rosenthal, Philip ; Schamoni, Peter ; Schiller, Karl ; Schütz, Klaus ; Überall, Klaus ; Vogel, Joachim ; Petrosjan, Tigran ; Pomar ; Spasskij, Boris ; Unzicker, Wolfgang


Berlin ; Bochum ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Moskau ; Win


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industrial events ; filmmaking ; Decorations ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; festivals ; Testing ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 739/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Chess Olympiad in Siegen camera: Luppa Leussink in the USSR origin: Sovkino [...] in Berlin 20 years German industry exhibition industry exhibition in Berlin "butterflies" Atelier mirror "day d off. Door"in Bochum camera: Luppa film show Hamburg camera: Rieck, Brandes Oktoberfest in Munich camera: Rau at the beginning and end of total length

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