UFA-Dabei 745/1970 03.11.1970


01 Hubertus hunting near Hamburg trees in autumn foliage. Fire burning in the foreground, in the background audience. Pack large dogs. Tab total in a swath, dogs in the undergrowth. Riders jump over obstacle, partly in ZL. Dogs jump over water-filled moat. Spectators in the background. Falling obstacle. Watch cows. Riders and riders. Dogs scamper through the picture. Pack dogs throw themselves on the cow stomach, close and shred it. Viewers.

02. Frankfurt: Meet Gromyko and Scheel Castle Hotel Kronsberg: traveling in cars with stander. Scheel and Gromyko descend indoor stairs accompanied, among other Zarapkin. Swing from chandeliers on session in the library. Scheel, talking, half total, Gromyko smiling and talking, Scheel, laughing. Reception in the Red Salon: swing by tapestry on Mildred Scheel with Gromyko in entertainment, both each close. Converse woman Gromyko and Scheel on the Board, half total and individually, big. Scheel and Gromyko on the golf course in front of the hotel, totally. Gromyko inflates the jaws with Hat and coat, Scheel smoking. Converse ladies Scheel and Gromyko outside. Gromyko and Scheel individually, great. Helicopter flying off.

03. Kiel-Schilksee: topping the Olympic buildings driving scenes to building site over. Various settings of the site. Boats most thin booms in the background of residential centre of the participants. Models of the new facilities. New building. Polished on the lectern, wine glass in hand, o-ton: "I call drum now with pride and joy; Hooray for all craft people. The crafts people, them high, high, live high!" Three cheers for the craft people. Richtkranz is raised. Applauding.

04. Cologne: antique art market 70 outdoor: issued pictures and sculptures and contemplative. Plastic: large ear, close. Tin cans behind wire mesh in cotton wool. Pan about cabbages in cotton wool, close. Artists at lectern, close. Young man is hot iron on paper, apart and there appear the words "Draw" and "Lust".

05. France: sheet metal fashions girls look through large round hole in sheet metal. Several grades of girls in tinny robes of the Parisian sheet metal cutter William Klein. Small with a girl, his hands bend plate; Random ride on woman in the guise of sheet before trees. Metal robe with wing-like structures. Traforückfahrt of sheet metal-clad watches that turn. Sheet metal mobile and plastic against the cloudy sky.

06. Berlin: "75 years film in Berlin" man with a stiff hat in striated underwear with his old camera runs on the road, including prior to the Memorial Church, running between cars through, boosts, close. About the title: "75 years of film in Berlin". Old movie scenes, traffic on the Alexanderplatz and Friedrichstraße around the turn of the century. Photo by Max Skladanowsky, pivoting on his hands with Abblättern booklets. Booklet will be scrolled. Apparatus with shield "only for adults". 10 Pfennig pieces put into it by hand. Hand turning the crank: Strip scenes with naked women. Skladanowsky on the camera and the demo called "Bioskop". Posters from the 'winter garden', announce the Bioskop demonstrations. Skladanowsky inserts film. Scenes of dancing men, gymnast family, juggler and the brothers Milton on the horizontal bar, all with captions. Berlin pictures At night. Zoo-Palace Cinema with advertising for "Deadlock", Astor with advertising for "Josefine Mutzenbacher". Shield, swivel subway station Kurfürstendamm on Gloria. Atelier scenes: Illuminator on headlights. Director Kurt Hoffmann in recordings. Scene with other Klaus Kinski (short). Cornelia Froboess autographs are children. Flap in front of Rachel. Rühmann, half total. Rocket "Spessart 3". Girl in lens cutting, positive and negative in the Exchange. Brandenburg Gate under title "cinema Berolina", film history from Berlin. Memorial Church in lens that closes. Swivel Assembly. Klaus Schütz speaks interview, half total, to film history: "the medium film has 7 1/2 decades as we all know billion viewers captivated drawn." The film has not only entertained, but has also informed; He has helped significantly that Nations were closer to himself and that peoples are better understood. He has made smaller the world in his own way." Head of audience.

07. Berlin: British Sergeant Barker competition, several close-ups of speakers, among other Kiesinger, Wehner, Strauß, Mende, Fr. Roch Spieker with Carnival hat, just as Carlo Schmid. Barker with bananas. Man offers garden GNOME feil. Young man aftershave feilbietend, man with a bra over the suit. Various settings of an eel seller, close.

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Froeboess, Cornelia ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Hoffmann, Kurt ; Kinski, Klaus ; Klein, William ; Rühmann, Heinz ; Skladanowsky, Max ; Scheel, Walter ; Schütz, Klaus


Cologne ; Kiel-Schilksee ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Paris ; France ; Frankfurt


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Trade, finance ; Domestic events ; Hunting, Hunter ; filmmaking ; Olympics 1972 ; Smoking ; Reviews ; Townscapes: Germany ; Art ; Economy ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Entertainment, festivals ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 745/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Hubertus hunting near Hamburg camera: Rieck, Seib, Zaki, Ahsendorf, Petersen Gromyko and Scheel in Frankfurt camera: Luppa topping d. Kiel-Schilksee Olympic buildings camera: Rühe, Ahsendorf antivirus art market in Cologne 1970 sheet metal fashions from France camera: Luppa origin: Gaumont 75 years film camera in Berlin Film Berlin: Pahl Barker competition, Berlin camera: Pahl origin: archive at the beginning and end of total length

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