UFA-Dabei 747/1970 16.11.1970


01 France: Funeral of Charles de Gaulle Arch of the Arc de Triomphe, filling with including waving tricolour, image. Pompidou, standing in an open car, escorted by motorcycles. Tricolor picture filling. Crowd. Police officers wear powerless woman from the crowd. Notre Dame, total. Clergy go to the Church. Train of the mourners in the Church: see other Makarios, Shah of Iran, Prince Charles of Great Britain, Wilson, Eden, Ben Gurion, Podgorny, Nixon. Supervision on the assembled clergy. Cardinal Marty, Primate of the Catholic Church in France, at the altar, celebrated the funeral mass, total, recorded interview by Marty. The mourners rise. Nixon, close. Pompidou, half total. Sitting Side by side: Makarios, Baudouin, Rainier of Monaco, Juliana of the Netherlands, Shah of Persia, Haile Selassie. Young woman with transistor device, close. Outside: Listen to the funeral mass grieving. Colombey les deux eglises. Mourners crowd in Street to the Church. Lorraine cross of flowers are taken by lot. Crowd and people on the roof. Armored car with the coffin of tricolor covered, drives through a gate, total and close. Young men carry the coffin, close. Church on the cemetery, people at the open grave. Yvonne de Gaulle, veiled, goes to the grave, totally. Paris: Arc de Triomphe. Crowd in pouring rain, all with a flower in his hand. People throw the flowers on a bunch. People with flags from the Arc de Triomphe, illuminated. Arrangement of flowers under the Arc de Triomphe.

02. Munich: Exhibition "Electronica 70" poster column "Electronica 70, international trade fair for production in the electronics industry". Exhibition and visitors. Stood by C. P. Clare Elektronik GmbH, Frankfurt. Switching and display items in mini forms. Computer for measurement and control technology. State FA Hans Knürr KG Munich: Demonstration of the new order system that stacks of electronic components on the card carrier, which takes place in test. Stand FA Gaudlitz-Werk GmbH, Coburg. Various exhibits. Including micro parts as opposed to a 1 penny. Electronic accessory industry. Was technology / Germany FA Loctite. Demonstration of a special adhesive for metals and plastics. Drop is placed on part to klebendes, close. Parts are glued onto the Board, durable stuck. Demonstration of a special camera for recording film templates for printed circuit boards and photo masks by Berthold photo type GmbH, Munich. Viewers in the aisles of the exhibition.

03. Cologne: Men's fashion several settings by people on the street, eng, half total. Young man on bridge with Beatle haircut, who beckons cars with the thumb. He speaks interview about the issues of the male population of the Federal Republic of Germany in the year. Give look through round holes in wall. Male model has 5 suits over the arm. 2 Dressmen take 1 coat stand. Shirts piled up on a Chair. Dressman in patterned suit. Young man has 5 shirts in plastic bags in her arms. Silhouettes of Dressmen in round boxes. Later enlighten the fields and the men are visible. Quick change of image by hat tie back, etc. Still photographs. Roll of cloth is rolled up. Dressmen in evening suits, half total. Intermediate cuts each of the young man with Beatle wig. At the end he stands on the bridge in fashionable suit, dignified fudges, case records, get in car, departs.

04. Hamburg: Salvadore Adamo Adamo lights fuse on Cannon, swivel on mouth, shot. Adamo between young people on a boat. Adamo, great. Inside: Adamo comes down stairs, several young women, close themselves. Adamo peeps through a porthole, great. Ms. Adamo, close. Adamo, close. Bar counter: Adamo, close, talks about his voice, o-ton: Adamo, big sings o-ton: "climb in my boat... "that goes singing through the bar."

05. Hamburg: Football HSV - Hertha BSC 0-0 Uwe Seeler Falstaff. Various scenes of the game. Floodlight screen-filling. 2 half-time by floodlight. ZoltanVarga / Hertha BSC. Scanting man, close. Viewers threatening finger, close. Zaczyk plays to Hönig, totally. Viewers with trumpets and flags.

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Adamo, Salvadore ; Prinz Charles ; Eden, Anthony ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Gurion, David Ben ; Selassie, Haile ; Juliana von Holland ; Makarios von Zypern ; Marty ; Nixon, Richard ; Podgorny ; Pompidou, George ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Wilson, Harold ; Hönig ; Seeler, Uwe ; Varga, Zoltan ; Zaczyk


Munich ; Hamburg-Bergedorf ; Cologne ; France ; Hamburg ; Paris ; Colombey-les-deux Églises


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Football ; Musical events ; Deaths, funerals ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 747/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Beisetzurg de Gaulle origin: Pathé journal exhibition Electronica ' 70, Munich camera: Rau, Thiessen menswear in Cologne, camera: Rieck Salvadore Adamo in Hamburg camera: Jackson, Ahsendorf football HSV: Hertha BSC Berlin, Hamburg camera: Seib, Brandes, Tietge, Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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