UFA-Dabei 749/1970 01.12.1970


01 Manila: Assassination attempt on Pope Paul VI. rolling out Alitalia machine. Tower with tape: "his Holiness Pope Paul VI". Pope at the head of the gangway with both hands waving. Colored cameramen. Paul smiling large. Crowd, in the midst of the assassin, as Reverend disguised, is disarmed. Soldier blocking chain. Paul VI., blessing, half total. Cleric from Manila. Paul VI. standing driving on tarmac in an open car.

02. Pakistan: flood disaster caused by Cyclone Dhaka airfield with Pakistani machine. Pakistani unload aircraft. Helicopters of the army. Bales are unloaded. Boxes are stacked. "Polar"-aircraft, half total. Swivel on expansive. Barge is loaded. Bales are lifted by truck and cross bridge to ship. Aircraft in the air, lets down packets on parachutes. Crowd flows through the image, totally. Aircraft interior: bales are dropped. Aerial photographs of the disaster area, including dead animals and corpses. Pilots in cockpit, close. Next carcasses and corpses. Aerial photographs. Various settings of individual dead, close to the shore and in the water.

03. Bremen: urban planning several grades of heavy traffic. Narrow one-way street. Men wear shield "plan with you! Ideas for the Bremen City Centre, information exhibition of construction management! "." Interviews on the road with each passerby, close. O-ton young girl, young men: "I think, that's quite right, citizens should say something to, designed as their town is." - "that's prima - if we have any influence on, then believe I Very much beautiful." - "and if someone really feels, it's worth A lot money also in preserving old districts to, that would be a wonderful thing", if A lot more that can be won." The same sign as before, big. Drawing and city image, Traforückfahrt. Construction Senator Salim, half total before Bremen 1967 land use plan. Actuality of the Bremen city planning: "we in Bremen with some optimism to the solution of urban problems approach. I think 70 years are for the first time able to plan urban development in predominant line with our population. We find again and again that the proposals that we make in these weeks and months, so arrive in the population, because there are proposals that take into consideration the life cutting of the modern citizen." Young girl on a drafting table, drawing, close. Circle hits district map, close. Pan plan on road. Various settings in downtown outdated, like demolition area at old House, parking in front of old walls, wood shed between houses, driving scenes to townhouse row past. Poster for condos in the Schnoor. Various settings from ancient houses with scaffolding and tags. Swivel on shop Windows. Look at fashion atelier. Modern and old buildings. Tile roofs, Swivel, city-long shot.

04. Hamburg: Harekrishna Krishna followers on the Hamburg Jungfernstieg in long robes and with braids at the back of the head, they attract passers-by. Older women and older men, close. Woman, close, o-ton: "that does not belong to, that one way around, but that is not our way!" Private chapel inside: various settings during the service. Various instruments. Mandali Bhadra to the altar. Indian pictures, multiple settings, Mandali seated sprinkled with water. Mandali, o-ton: "What distinguishes the Krishna cult from other religions?" - "everything is contained within Christianity, that is also included in the officially. Officially is the ultimate goal of all religions." Disciples go through a flame with your hand and then put the hand on the forehead. Kneeling, head on the floor, rings with Bell. Question by Börner (German newsreel), o-ton: "A disciple of Krishna's life like?" Reply by Mandali actuality: "we To try everything we do in our daily lives for God to do, this means first of all, we don't eat meat, secondly we To give us a poor sexual relations, thirdly we take no drugs to us and that includes coffee, tea and cigarettes and fourthly, we To give us no gambling..." One finds both, they tolerated us and one rejects us, but the rejection happens because the people you forgot their happy, to their actual identity." Girls spread plate of food. The eating, sit on the floor and eat with your fingers, among other Börner. Krishna disciples on the Jungfernstieg talking to passers-by. Boerner, with micro. Passers-by actuality, woman takes purse from a handbag, close. Boerner, totally in conversation with bandwidth, o-ton: "everyone should have the right to represent something on the road and to win."-"I do not think it right. I think that the people thereby acquire advantages, that they advertise for Hare Krishna."-" you must tolerate everything in life. "-"It is however something else."

05. Berlin: box del Papa - Bahri hammer beats Gong, close. Random trip to boxing ring with box scenes. Ahsendorf interviewed Bahadori, close, actuality to the upcoming 15 rounds: in the first round, del Papa falls twice through the ropes. Referee Thomas / England. Bahadori coming reflected del Papa from behind. Filled bucket of water is thrown to him in the ring. Various box scenes, partly in ZL. Hand with stop watch, great. Among the spectators Gerhard Wendland, in profile, close. Heinz Dragon, applaudierend, close. Del Papa envelops with two fists on Bahadur. Fight is canceled. Bahri, close, is dry. Del Papa as the winner, large throws Kiss hands.

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Benedens ; Ahsendorf ; Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Drache, Heinz ; Mandali Bhadra Das ; Paul VI. ; Seifritz ; Wendtland, Gerhard ; Papa del ; Gaede, Thomas


Manila ; Ahrensburg ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; East Pakistan ; Bremen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Fire ; Religious events ; Townscapes: Germany ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; Assassinations ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 749/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Assassination of Pope Paul VI, Manila origin: vis news flooding in East Pakistan II origin: Pakistan Bremen - city planning camera: Brandes, Ahsendorf origin: Archive Harekrishna report Hamburg camera: Ahsendorf boxes: del Papa - Benenens camera: Pahl, Ganesh, Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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