UFA-Dabei 752/1970 21.12.1970


01 Sahara: with the coach across the desert I bus with a trailer in the desert, totally. Driving record on desert road. Hand on the handlebars, large. Look in the crowded bus. Camel with a tent that swivel on bus. Musical nomads, total and close. Camel driver, close. Camel head, large. Several settings of Moorish buildings. Kairouan / Tunisia. Seth Sahab mosque, various settings. Prayer rugs and parked shoes on the floor, swivel to sedentary Muslims. City of Gafsa, total and detail shots of buildings with a courtyard. Carpet weavers at work, total and large. Swivel on carpet on the wall. Street scenes. Boy climbs up the trunk of a Palm tree, total. Ragged children, great. The boy jumps off the Palm in the Roman pool. Tourist pushes the young money in the hand. Veiled woman with children between houses. 2 small children. Swing over date Palm Grove. Nomad pulling the bus over. Camels. Man fills a nomad hose from canister. Several settings of nomadic turn. Sign road crossing "Danger". Swivel on oilfield with exhaust flame. Pipeline in the Sahara. Petroleum plant. Camel alone, swing on oil installations.

02. Frankfurt Preungesheim: Mrs Hilda Heinemann visited female detention centre outside of the prison. Hilda Heinemann in the company on the road to prison. Go inside. Swivel about toys for the children of prisoners. Several grades of Hilda Heinemann with the children, she leans down, she's on the arm, etc. Children with their toys. Poinsettia on the ceiling.

03. Hamburg: winter training of rowers start of the training run, total. Running over a bridge, along the Alster. 2 ducks in the water. Eighth, total, 2 settings. Runners legs, great. In the Hall of the Institute of physical education of the University of Hamburg: Various scenes of weight lifters and the rowers on training apparatus, total and partial settings. Archive footage of a group of rowing boats.

04. Munich: Olympic sports facilities several settings of the construction on the upper meadow field. Charles Metz, Chief of the Olympic construction company on tour. Sign "Olympic construction company, construction Centre". Plans, swing at meeting of the Lords of the construction company. Driving scenes through road. In the car great Karl Metz, helmet, talking to interview about the progress of the buildings: "I judge the progress of the buildings Very much, Very much positive. The biggest problem is but to organize the work to run into each other and that just nobody disturbs the other such a site by The most serious of this sports complex is something quite strange: it is the sports complex or there are the games of short distances. The canopy is exposed as a Very much important. She played really too high. There arise no representative buildings, but there are buildings by human standards. That is what we are proud of what we, I think, will have a great success in the world." Various driving scenes and swing over the construction site.

05. Baden Baden: Honoring the "sportsman of the year" archival footage of Mexico: Mexican Chapel, Stadium, scenes of the German team. Baden-Baden: Uwe Seeler receives the award for the football team. The footballers enough Cup to each other. World record swimmer Hans Fassnacht is sportsman of the year. He is not present. Volker Meeuw receives the gold plates for it. Close to the plate. Meeuw, close. Swimming scenes with barrel night of the European Championships in Barcelona. Cask night on the podium as the winner, total. The award will be presented Ingrid Mahi-Becker. Ingrid Mahi-Becker, big and close. Archive of scenes from the 5 fight in Mexico. Heide Rosendahl presented as best athlete of Strauß and price. Heide Rosendahl, great. Scenes in long jump.

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Heinemann, Hilda ; Mertz, Karl ; Fassnacht, Hans ; Meeuw, Volker ; Mickler-Becker, Ingrid ; Rosendahl, Heide ; Seeler, Uwe


Munich ; North Africa ; Frankfurt ; Indonesia ; Tunisia ; Sahara ; Frankfurt's Preungesheim ; Baden-Baden ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Camping, Campinger ; Interviews ; Justice ; Olympics 1972 ; Rowing ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Townscapes: Africa ; Animals (except dogs) ; Landscapes ; Crime ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; construction ; Judiciary ; Sports honors ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 752/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Sahara - I report camera: Rühe Hilda Heinemann in penitentiary i. Frankft. Preungesheim camera: Luppa winter training of oarsmen camera: Brandes, Ahsendorf Olympic report Munich camera: rough, rough "Sportsman of the year" camera: Rau origin: No.-do, archive at the beginning and end of total length

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