UFA-Dabei 756/1971 19.01.1971


01 men's fashion for the evening capital letters from the bottom to top driving, big: ball. Mr in the Paternoster lift in the evening suit with champagne glass. Tray with glasses of champagne. Young couple driving upwards, taking each a glass. Title with interim cuts "modetips for adam". Brigitte Pleiss in the PATERNOSTER. Young man rises. Shirt breasts of evening suits, close. Several young people and in the PATERNOSTER. The uppercase letters appear there party. Men's and women's group at the PATERNOSTER. Uppercase disco. Young men in Brokatkasaks in the Paternoster lift driving up. Paternoster turn system, close. People drive past seemingly kopfabwärts. Young man upside down in the PATERNOSTER.

02. Munich: film ball playing band, total, among the guests: Rudi Carell, Joachim Fuchsberger. Poster: Stars greet Olympic. Genscher, great. Horst Tappert writes his name on the aforementioned poster. Rudi Carell with Ruth-Maria Kubitschek, half total. Eddie Constantine Simone and Curd Jürgens, close (in the Pan) writes his name on the poster, Gloria Kubaschewski half total. Long shot of the dance floor. Busendecolleté, close. Pierre Brice, close in the profile. Peggy March singing original sound "A Banda". Various settings, also close. Among other things, Hans-Jörg Felmy with Karin Dor, close. Franz-Josef Strauss, great. Christina Söderbaum with camera, total.

03. Bonn: Beethoven Halle, Interior: new year's reception for Federal President Gustav Heinemann Gustav Heinemann standing at microphones at great carpet, total. Doyen of Dipl. Corps, Nuncio Bafile, half totally talking without sound. Long shot of the Hall. Among the present Zarapkin with others. Pan across present. Among other things, Brandt with Bafile, total. Brandt, close, swivel on the Bafile, close. Bafile, Brandt and Heinemann and many others. In conversation with glasses in hand Brandt, Bafile, Heinemann.

04. traffic report II. To the new highway code from 1 March 1971 tips for driving new traffic signs, individually, side by side great transformer. Heavy traffic in three series on the road. Peter car and a "buggy". Phone. Conversation between the "buggy"- and the Peter cars crew.
Actuality: "Peter 17 for buggy 1 come!" - "Buggy 1 they're coming!" - "since when does the police left? The highway code says: it is to drive as far to the right. Come!"-" the highway code also says: on roads like this one may with heavy traffic of deviate. "-"our series is now faster than yours. May we left leave you?"-"the new highway code says that must be driven with heavy traffic on such roads right faster than links."-"why don't you come on our track? Which is faster."-" you can only turn right go a little faster, if you have been previously been right. " We must not be over that right must cut from here only, if we To want to hold or turn. We do not intend both."-" buggy 1 on the would-be column jumper Peter 17: we To give you a chance. " "Meeting point: next side street right."-"Peter 17 on buggy 1: very friendly! By the way: every change of lanes is to announce in time and clearly. End."-"Buggy 1 would like to thank Peter 17 end."

05. Hamburg, Music Hall: protest singer Eric Burdon and his band "was" individual band members, colored, close. Eric Burdon sings on a sample interview 'round and round... "that big and close." Various settings of him and the band. Comments of individual band members outside in English. All iron stairs. Recorded interview Burdon: "doesn 't this make you feel, that you wish you' d stayed in bed this morning!" All band members separately, close during the concert. Actuality song Burdon. Coloured band member, ranking drive o "love and was ' n love".

06. Innsbruck, Igls. Four-man Championships Innsbruck, city image. Views of mountains. Men during the preparation of the bobsled run due to thaw. Man takes bobsled run barrier. Darkness and flood light: the legs are knocked a rider. Launch of Germany II mitFloth the wheel and drive. Great out in the aim of Floth,. Directions of defending champion Germany I with carpenters and his team and drive, are large 2 room. Home of the Romanian team and ride. Romanian Bob Championship are running out. The big four winners.

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Corrado, Bafile ; Brandt, Willy ; Brice, Pierre ; Burdon, Eric ; Carell, Rudi ; Constantin, Eddie ; Dor, Karin ; Felmy, Hans Jörg ; Fuchsberger, Joachim ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Jürgens, Curd ; Kubaschewski, Gloria ; Kubitschek, Rut-Maria ; March, Peggy ; Pleiss, Brigitte ; Söderbaum, Kristina ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Tappert, Horst ; Zarapkin ; Floth ; Zimmerer, Wolfgang


Munich ; Lebanon ; Hamburg ; Bonn ; Innsbruck


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bobsleigh ; filmmaking ; Musical events ; State visits (inside) ; Social events ; Transport: General ; Fashion ; snow cars ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 756/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Men's fashion camera: Rahim movie ball in Munich origin: Fox pool new year reception at Bupräs. Heinemann camera: fire, Luppa traffic report II tips for side by side driving protest singer Eric Burdon camera: Seib, Ahsendorf, Peter's four-man Championship Igls origin: Fox pool at the beginning and end of total length

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50th Years of New Traffic Regulations (March 1, 1971)

On March 1, 1971 Germany’s new traffic regulations become enforced, taking the place of the old 1937 rules which had seen their last update in 1956. On one hand the government was finally reacting to the fact that traffic had grown—which also meant a higher percentage of accidents, on the other hand it introduces internationally binding regulations.

Under the new regulations, which had been ratified a year earlier, drivers must use the blinker when changing lanes, they must keep a minimum distance to other cars and they must form an emergency corridor in congested traffic, among other things.

In addition there are a bunch of new traffic signs and re-designs. For example, the priority sign and the road construction signs are amended. In accordance with a 1968 treaty regarding the international standardization of traffic signs the octagonal red and white stop sign replaces the old German stop sign. A number of traffic signs receive new colours, standardized sizes and lettering.

The enforcement of the new traffic regulations comes with a widespread information campaign, ranging from the German Postal Service issuing a special stamp edition to a TV traffic quiz. Even the Red Army Fraction takes advantage of the announcement of the new regulations: Horst Mahler’s text „The Gaps of Revolutionary Theory—Establish the Red Army!“ written in prison in 1971 is smuggled out of prison concealed in a copy of the newly published traffic regulations.

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