UFA-Dabei 759/1971 09.02.1971


1st traffic report V (distance! or method 21) new traffic signs, transformer, traffic on the highway. Details and conversations. Interview: "the distance typically so big?, that one can stop even when the front man suddenly slows down" - "as a Gummiparagraph! What do you mean: "So big?" - "in any case greater than now. If we must now sharp brakes, would be towards your buggy. Desired panacea? In front of us an underpass. Order to you: as soon as we are under the bridge, please include: twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, etc. Stop counting when you're underneath the bridge. End."-" twenty-one, understood... two... and now? "-"your distance was too short. It should at least two twenty." Be seconds. The whole nor time."-"OK... twenty-one, twenty-two"-"two seconds distance is in order. By the way, because it counts as, this method is measurement "21 method" or the "2 second rule". So, as regards the distance: Mini is "out"... "-" Maxi is 'in'! ""-"By the way: without compelling reason, none can brake!" - "Applicable at any speed and in all weather conditions." Including braked wheel, close.

02. Bremen: 75 years overseas Museum outside Totale of House, Traforückfahrt. Writing about the portal "Overseas Museum". Inside: Mask, model sailing ship. Visitors between the huts etc. Showcase with masks. Several masks, one close. Pan across the exhibition space. Camera ride around mounted haussa-Warrior / Sudan. Skeleton of a Cachalot. Lower jaw of a Zahnwales. Driving scenes to past exhibits. Swivel about male plastic from bottom to top. Mask with skulls, Traforanfahrt.

03. Laos: bunker caves of the Pathet Lao, the communist guerrilla-organization in Laos Laos pictures from archives. Inside underground cave with deposits lined-up. Pan across rocks on printing. Girl in the setting of letters, close. Man at table writing. Books and posters. Spinning in the cave and table tennis player. Guerrillas in the gun cleaning. Wall drawings on the rock walls. Parachutes are dropped from aircraft. Aerial view of Laos. U.S. military advisers, the various settings. (Archive).

04. London: Walter Scheel in Lord Douglas home to NATO and EEC - meetings of London cityscape. Inside: Scheel and Douglas home, half total to chimney standing. A group of cameramen. Both half close and händeschüttelnd.

05. introduction of the decimal system in England from 15.2.71 description from El Mundo 436/5 poster: "New money in your shop". Look at a workshop. People in renovation and new construction of cash registers. Shield NCR: Decimalization conversion service. New buttons will be placed on funds. Numbers roll is replaced. Audit of the funds: exchange coins fall in number plate, close. Look at a bus depot. Shield: Decimalization staff training bus. Look into a car occupied by bus personnel in the teaching about the conversion. Training of business people. Several close-ups of individual coins. 6 coins and 1 pound note, great. Here another cut and some of the other settings.

06. Berlin-Wannsee: ÖTV Leisure Centre pan over the new construction behind still visible construction pit. Tower. Settings of part of. Speech by Klaus Schütz, half total.
Interview: "we look forward in Berlin Very much, that was built in this place of education and the encounter in our city and we thank the Board of Trade Union ÖTV, that he is also present in such way in Berlin." Intermediate cuts Kluncker, close. Heinemann. Driving record by ambulatory. In the response Heinemann with Kluncker tour in conversation. Sculptures (foliage) outside in the courtyard. Heinemann writes autograph on Klunckers back. Driving shots of individual rooms over.

07. Zurich: European champion be figure skating - European Championship Irina Rodnina and Alexander Ulanov in their free skate, various settings, for the 3rd time. Applauding spectators. Beatrix Schuba, Austria, crashes in their free skate, is equal to continue. Siblings Angelika and Erich Buck, Ravensberg in ice dancing, various settings. The winners on the podium (Russians) sashes will be moved.

08th Eibsee in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: ice race the motor vehicles before the start. Suspended Golden Laurel wreaths. Crowd. Start and drive the race car and cars. Spikes occupied wheel, close. Speedway-Rennen of the motorcycles. Various settings. The motorcycles with side-car racing ice fog, partly. No winners are called.

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Buck, Angelika ; Douglas-Home ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Kluncker, Heinz ; Scheel, Walter ; Schütz, Klaus ; Rodnina, Irina ; Schuba, Beatrix ; Ulanow, Alexej


Bremen ; Berlin-Wannsee ; England ; Laos ; London ; Zurich ; Eibsee ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Buildings in Germany ; Ice skating ; Leisure, recreation ; motor sports ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; War, prisoners of war ; Air raid ; Transport: General ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; finance ; Trade unions ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 759/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Traffic report V (distance) 75 years in Laos - Bremen overseas Museum report (bunker caves) origin: Polkronika Bumi Scheel in London (m. Douglas-Home) origin: Fox decimal UK from 15 Feb 71 origin: COI ÖTV leisure centre in Berlin camera: Pahl figure skating European Championships in Zurich origin: Cine journal ADAC - Eibsee - Ice Racing camera: Rau, Seib at the beginning and end of total length

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