UFA-Dabei 760/1971 16.02.1971


01 Aitrang/Upper Swabia: tea railway disaster-lit station sign "Aitrang", watch shows 18:44. Train through the picture, evening. Spotlight on track and smashed sleepers, swivel. Debris site, evening. Fixed a bug with tea of an overturned car, close. Various settings of the debris. Rescue teams at work, total. Derailed car, totally. Squad leader of the DRC, Erwin Stockmeier, in uniform, big speaks interview backed with images of rubble and rescue scenes of dead and injured: "the tea came out of a curve on the opposite track, was ejected. The entire train is probably slid along on the side and has torn itself apart. We have met Very much many serious injuries and also unfortunately Very much many dead. We have tried to help as soon as possible. We succeeded in also Very good, there was a doctor on the spot, who has made medical help also Right away."
Actuality of the physician Dr. Kurt Hampel (missing), also backed by rescue scenes. Dead are transported in rubber bags. Departure truck with trailer, lying on the the rubber bags. Interview at the scene, Georg Leber close. Actuality: "our task have to exclude that such a thing can happen Once again. "Safety about everything - and then it goes to ensure that the damage caused - as far as they can be solved - will be corrected."
Train passes at disaster point, totally.

02. traffic report VI: new traffic signs, transformer turn. Neutral sound bites: "the turn to the left is a pretty dangerous driving maneuvers. But if one considers three points in the correct order, both mirrors and over your shoulder. "If everything is free, secondly: Flash, third: right lane."-"look backwards. Rear-view mirror, mirrors, over the shoulder. -Flash. -Classify! -Buggy 1 at Peter's 17. We believe your job is finished. "Supplementary question: what is against a farewell drink at Tony?"-"basically nothing." End."-"understood. End."-" was ' ne dufte show - these trips with the buggy. "-"about it!"-"right, everything I get it!"-" from March 1 we are in with the new regulations. " Young people go into a restaurant.

03. Bonn: Telephone direct dial, select phone number of Ambassador Krapf in Tokyo after Japan, Minister Georg Leber liver before microphones, totally. Hand picking, big liver with receiver, half-close. Hand picks again, closely. Japan. Journalists.
Actuality of liver: "if he talks Not now just, he would have to come soon! -Hello, Hello! -Occupied! -Is Bonn, liver, Hello Mr Krapf. It took something, until the first conversation was turned on the road by the technicians, but I understand Very much clear, so as I'm on the phone from Frankfurt to Wiesbaden."
Liver on map with marked lines of future direct elections, Bonn, Frankfurt and Munich.

04. Baden-Baden: art exhibition Salvador Dalí Dalí with petioles fabric, original sound "Surrealismo". Dali, half. Portrait, ranking ride. IRIS of his eye is a small portrait of a clock (eye of time) In the corner of the eye. Random ride on beating, crowned heart (Royal heard). Sofa "may West" with girl who leafs through the exhibition catalog. Various settings of his works. Crowd in the exhibition. Interviews with individual visitors, sound bites: "what would you spend on the image?" - "so, even for this nothing." - "5000 if I could." - "My estimate to the prices of the Viennese realists, gradually I the image about would estimate 300 to 400,000 mark and hold also for value."

05. Stuttgart: Camping-Caravan and Tourism exhibition man goes on a small motor scooter through the exhibition. Holiday posters for 1971, from various countries. Caravan tent will be set up. Man rides roller downstairs. Caravans of company sports Berger from 1938, multiple settings inside and outside. Various recordings of several new models, including luxury model "Crown", Swivel, outdoor and various internal settings with WC, washbasin, kitchen. Camping bus, inside. Man runs up stairs with roller. Cars on the highway. Car with camping trailers, total, trip.

06. Garmisch-Partenkirchen: INTERSKI, World Congress for various settings of individual and group sessions, ski instructor being artistic journeys.

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Dali, Salvatore ; Hampel, Kurt ; Leber, Georg ; Stockmeier, Erwin


Baden-Baden ; Stuttgart ; Aitrang ; Aitrag/Upper Swabia ; Aitrag ; Bonn ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Upper Swabia


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Fire ; Leisure, recreation ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Bobsleigh ; Art ; Transport: General ; Exhibitions ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 760/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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TEA - railway accident Aitrang camera: Rau, Luppa traffic report VI, (turn) telephone direct dial Japan camera: Luppa, Rühe Salvador Dali Baden-Baden & Interv.
Camera: Rau origin: arch archive.

Camping-caravan tourism Ausstllg.
Camera: Ahsendorf, TITZE interaction, World Congress f. ski instructor being camera: Rau at the beginning and end of total length

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50th Years of New Traffic Regulations (March 1, 1971)

On March 1, 1971 Germany’s new traffic regulations become enforced, taking the place of the old 1937 rules which had seen their last update in 1956. On one hand the government was finally reacting to the fact that traffic had grown—which also meant a higher percentage of accidents, on the other hand it introduces internationally binding regulations.

Under the new regulations, which had been ratified a year earlier, drivers must use the blinker when changing lanes, they must keep a minimum distance to other cars and they must form an emergency corridor in congested traffic, among other things.

In addition there are a bunch of new traffic signs and re-designs. For example, the priority sign and the road construction signs are amended. In accordance with a 1968 treaty regarding the international standardization of traffic signs the octagonal red and white stop sign replaces the old German stop sign. A number of traffic signs receive new colours, standardized sizes and lettering.

The enforcement of the new traffic regulations comes with a widespread information campaign, ranging from the German Postal Service issuing a special stamp edition to a TV traffic quiz. Even the Red Army Fraction takes advantage of the announcement of the new regulations: Horst Mahler’s text „The Gaps of Revolutionary Theory—Establish the Red Army!“ written in prison in 1971 is smuggled out of prison concealed in a copy of the newly published traffic regulations.

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