UFA-Dabei 761/1971 23.02.1971


1 Hamburg: toxic barrels to dump grab crane collects garbage barge. Swivel on piles of garbage. Parked container, total. Photo: Drums with E 605 barrel close, marked "Poison" with skull and crossbones. Dumper, driving dump trucks. Cart is emptied, large. Long shot of the dump, swing on a group of men including construction Senator, Hamburg. Interview with master: master, close, talks o-ton: "here something has been delivered to apparently At night and fog, what is has eluded our control. It is here the Hamburger company Max Uhlig & co. - we have already put complaint, because water contamination cannot be ruled out here."-"what will you do, to the toxins to defused?"-"it is No more possible to precisely locate the barrels. We have to dig here, No more found intact barrels. We have to assume that the toxins are expired. We are now here bring down wells and pumping toxins."
With him in the image of Börner (German newsreel) with microphone, Traforückfahrt. More under the original sound settings from landfills. Company signs of the company Max Uhlig & co, rubbish-incineration-GES. mbH. Traforückfahrt, long shot of the building. Interview with Uhlig Jr. Interview, defended his company. Uhlig close.
Actuality: "we have never planted intentionally 69, Mr. Senator Meister says toxins from Denmark brought and this in the years At night and fog of special pit of the city. Is right that this games declared to us by a Hamburg shipping firm rather than toxins, I passed the city by prior arrangement with the authority under customs supervision and express acceptance by the officials on the square."
O-ton master: "of course we are now perform a tighter control. We have built an own small laboratory at the entrance to the dump. We will consider here samples."
Long shot by bus, which contains small makeshift laboratory. Chemists at work, inside. Work table with chemicals. Tipped oil tank is emptied into Karl. Scrapers, total. Man working in the mud of the cool, totally. Various settings of the garbage truck and reamer on the dump. Seagull flocks flying up.

02. Warsaw: photo exhibition the various settings of the photos and the interested Viewer, large and close.

03. Munich: premiere party for Warhol film "Trash" poster: Andy Warhol's trash. Total of score. Senta Berger with sunglasses, lighting cigarette, close. Actress Ute Levka, great. Actress from Trash: Jane Forth, large poster of d with a child on her knees. Dalessandro, big and close. Jane Forth, close. Film scenes, in which the naked Dalessandro injects heroin itself, collapses and is thrown out. Andy Warhol, close to the food. Jane Forth, close. Director Paul Morrissey, close. Dalessandro, close. Movie scenes with man of the care.

04. Munich: Dachshund "Waldi" and Olympic souvenirs figure of Dackels "Barf", Traforanfahrt, "Barf" is screen-filling. Several settings of the figure with froward tail and ears. Langhaardackel on the road, which on a "barf" sniffs and knocks him over. Man with carrying case, is depicted on the "Barf". Olympia - matchbox. Cloth with images of various disciplines. Long shot of the session of the "artistic Advisory Board of the Olympic Committee". Including Mayor bird, big. Lighter with Olympic rings, is lit, close. Stadium as an ashtray. Candle with spiral and Olympic rings. Small flashlight and beer coasters, plastic cubes with the Olympic symbol.

05. Inzell: ice Sprint World Championships under the audience President Heinemann, great. Table with evaluators. Kick-off. Various settings of the runners 1000 m ladies: partly in slow motion. Winner: Ruth Schleiermacher, East Berlin, totally discontinued, close and together with American runner and the Sprint. 1000 m men: kick-off and start. ARD Schenk/Holland, race, partly in ZL WINS in new world record time.
500 m: start. Erhard Keller and hate Börrjes/Denmark. Tracking basement, partly in ZL. Ice Sprint world champion is ' 71. Keller, half total with wreath. Intermediate cuts public.

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Börrjes, Hasse ; Berger, Senta ; Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Dalessandro, Joe ; Forth, Jane ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Levka, Ute ; Meister ; Morissey ; Uhlig ; Vogel, Joachim ; Warhol, Andy ; Keller, Erhard ; Schenk, Ard


Warsaw ; Munich ; Hamburg ; Inzell


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice skating ; Interviews ; Emblems ; filmmaking ; Olympics 1972 ; Smoking ; environmental protection, pollution ; Social events ; Exhibitions ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 761/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Toxic barrels on a garbage dump in Hambg.
Camera: Ahsendorf photo exhibition in Warsaw origin: Polkronika Warhol Factory 'TRASH' camera: Rau dachshunds and Olympic souvenirs camera: Rau Inzell: Sprint World Championships origin: Fox at the beginning and end of total length

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