UFA-Dabei 763/1971 09.03.1971


01 Cologne: International fashion meeting - Jet-style Don Paulin, ballad singer, United States, sings original sound "you is 17 years, has long, blonde hair..." Behind him 2 girls with Western hats. Male model in the checkered coat, transformer-ran and return. Girl on stage in pants suits, total. Don Paulin singing. Male model on stage in leisure suits, total. Leisure suit in Safari look. Trousers with knit jacket. Male model with long coats on the stage, totally. Uniform look. Don Paulin actuality (missing). Fur coat and fur hat. Mannequins on stage, total tingelnd. Long, strongly patterned coats, front and back views. Don Paulin.

02. Göttingen: Pop art in the dark swimming pool "Brave amputee world" and bright plastic hands, close, 3 bare feet, head, torso on the water swimming, nude leg plastic foot, wandering plastic. Interview with visitors of the swimming pool.
Sound bites: "you feel provoked?" - "itself, but since a few ladies were not I and have been here complaining." If I myself want to let off steam, then I do different ´, but not on this article"-"do you think that art to do something in indoor swimming pool has?"-" Yes, Why not? "-"Even if you to throw and meets people, that hurts scary."-"With art has nothing to do."-" Ah, yes everything is as ´ n kitsch."-"We must deal only with this."-"you can say not on right off the bat: I am opposed to it - that would be presumptuous." Various settings of floating in the Hall with the plastic items, including giant ball with hands because underwater pictures: keep feet a plastic head. Long shot of the swimming pool, from above seen.

03. Berlin: Training for TV professionals of developing countries building the sender Freies Berlin, total, ranking drive CRC letter on the tower. Camera swivelling. Several settings of the participants inside. Including Minister Dr. Erhard Eppler, talking half total, without sound. Men's standing ahead of schedule a color image tube. Interns at teaching at desks. Plan a color image tube, big. Atelier scenes, including lessons on electronic camera, mixer, etc. Several settings in the camera and monitoring space for teaching. Headlights, large, swivel on interns, an intern at Arriflex, Herumfahrt. Cameraman with the students on camera on the road. Cityscape of Berlin victory column in the distance.

04 Eifel: The world's largest radio telescope descriptions from El Mundo 439. radio telescope, total forested area, driving scenes it temporarily. Schwenk, total. More detail shots, such as suspensions, etc. Man goes inside of the large mirror. Swivel. Building complex, seen from above. View from window on giant telescope. Researchers of the Max Planck Institute in Bonn on coolants. Scales. Telescopic, total, swing.
Here another interface and settings. Including nebulae, screen-filling and the electronic image, Traforrückfahrt.

05. England: hands reach skydivers of the RAF, the 'hawks' discarded parachutes and helmets, putting on the equipment. The Springer standing in a row, arrange the equipment. Aircraft in the air, total, ascending. Fire up a smoke signal to the ground, close. Trainer on the ground with a Funksprechgerätes, close to the microphone giving commands. Aircraft in the air, total, with contrails. Look in the cockpit. Aircraft interior, Springer before the take-off, open door. Various jumps, total. Group in free fall, ZL. The jumpers have smoking rates on the boots. Various settings, large, ZL. Contrails in the sky.

06. England: "skid kids", motorcycle race boys kids at dinner with "Speedway, Star & news" magazine. Swivel on photo of motor radfahrendem kid. Creating the race suits, young opts for helmet, close. The boys go to on their motorcycles. Boy on Krad, large, hand on the handlebars, close. Start and racing scenes. Parents looking to. Man waving a checkered flag. Mother cleans the face the winner.

07.Dortmund: German indoor Handball Championship green white Dankersen - TV Großwallstadt settings partly in ZL, including crashing a player, referee runs on the playing field with opposition. Interruption of the game: men collect fragments of glass from the field in front of the gate, place is swept. A player of green and white Dankersen at seven-meter throw in ZL. Goalkeeper, total, tripping in expectation of the ball in ZL, which he can catch it. Spectators stormed the field at the end of the game. Winner with 14:10 green white Dankersen. Intermediate cuts spectators, including a flag swivel.

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Eppler, Erhard ; Paulin


Berlin ; England ; Göttingen ; Cologne ; Eifel ; Dortmund


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Interviews ; Children ; development aid ; skydiving, skydiving ; Television ; Radio ; motor sports ; Schools, training ; Swimming ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Technology ; Art ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 763/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Internally. Fashion meetings in Cologne camera: Rieck "Brave amputee world," Göttingen (pop art i.d. webbed) camera: fire training TV professionals for developing countries, Berlin camera: Pahl's biggest radio-telescope i.d.. Eifel camera: Luppa skydivers of the RAF, Engld.
Origin: COI "Skid Kids"-kids motorcycle sports origin: COI German Championships in the indoor handball, Dortmund camera: Luppa, Rieck, Rühe

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