UFA-Dabei 764/1971 16.03.1971


01 Hamburg Neuengamme: Swedish women beat band "sunny girls" play for Hamburg man prison Neuengamme hand guitar playing, close. 6 musical, miniberockte girl on stage totally and detail settings. Clock-beating prisoners from behind the various settings of the musical and singing girls seen. Interview with the Director of the penitentiary to the question, "Charged the sex of the girl the inmates unfairly?" Institute Director, close.
Actuality: "this will certainly apply for those prisoners who have lived for years in this State." And especially if the wrong accents of such an event. That is, I think not been the case at this event. It dominated quite clearly the music." (Intermediate cuts the girl band), question of a prisoner. Interview: "How did you feel well at the sight of these six pretty girls?" - "Yes, if you ask me directly after the sight of the girls, I must say that I found it Very nice. We saw long time no more girls and there was Of course pleasing the sight with the short mini skirts."
Close-up of the prisoner. Ask a girl of the band to close. Actuality: "why do you sing here in jail?" - "we know that the people who are in prison, so not A lot of fun and that's why we wanted to come here and make fun." - "but that men who must live without women, are all now how do you see that?"-"I think Very bad." Questions on prisoner. Quote: "what effect has this idea on you exercised?" - "Yes, I would like to say that the music has arrived Very good with us and that it times ´ great change for us is for us personally, you other thoughts coming." - "and how do you see the one that you just now again back to this event in your cell?" - "Yes"that we have here no cells, we have rooms and lie there with multiple man and this topic is discussed by Of course of all, because everyone here has heard and as now everyone sexually respond to things, I can't say." Applauding prisoners.

02. Paderborn: Krupp Airdome road section Road, Traforückfahrt, landscape, road construction. Pan by forest on air dome. Inflation devices, outdoor. TRUCK drives into back gate. The Chief Engineer of the company speaks interview about the advantages of such excess Hall. Actuality: "such ideal is given under a Krupp Air Dome here, under which a motorway bridge in steel concrete way is created at the time. The workers, who work in this Hall, are no longer forced to obtain Schlechtwettergeld and hence wage reduction in purchase. They have working conditions that are better than they ever have it in the open air rather here. You can say, there are also exactly the same conditions as in a temperature-controlled factory."
See the speech inside the Hall, road construction scenes. Cement mixer, crane etc. Concrete is poured on. Working scenes. Swivel dome inside. Long shot of the Hall, TV, totally. Traforanfahrt.

03. Poland: heart surgery doctors in scrubs, close. OP scenes. Heart in the open chest, close. Planting a spare part that is embedded in threads in the heart. Sister with ball pump. Doctor hands, close to knotting threads. Part of the heart-lung machine in operation, close. Two electrodes run along the open heart in order to shock, the trembling heart begins to beat again. Scales of the electrocardiogram. Patient is continued from sisters.

04. Poland: Horses at Bauholztransport in the mountains of various settings of heaviest work of a horse stands, which drags down felled trees from snow-covered mountainous forest area, driven by men with whips. The tribes impose to the part in the undergrowth.

05. Geneva: Motor show various settings of the exhibition. Other Ford, Chevrolet, Audi NSU, Jaguar, Renault Alpine, Ford GT 2600; Man close, when you create a security belt. Strap that is supposed to protect the Shin in any collision, close. Demonstration of an adjustable head restraint. Windshield wipers for spotlight, close, in operation. Citroën GS Club. BMW 3 litre-Coupe etc.

06. Munich: Football Bayern Munich - HSV, result of 6: 2 for Bayern Munich various settings the game scenes on muddy ground, dirty player. Müller/Munich among others play it. Höneß/Munich shoots the 1:0 Müller the 2:0 including Uwe Seeler. Zaczyk shoots the 1:2 Beyer/HSV goal shoot also Müller/Munich. Franz Beckenbauer score goal. HSV goalie Adam catches balls. Baniya/Munich that shoots 2-6 Munich. Good audience intermediate cuts.

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Beckenbauer, Franz ; Beyer, Uwe ; Brenninger ; Müller, Gerd ; Öczian ; Zaczyk


Geneva ; Paderborn ; Neuengamme ; Poland ; Hamburg Neuengamme ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Football ; Musical events ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Medicine ; Exhibitions ; Buildings in Europe ; construction ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 764/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Swed. Band "sunny girls" in the prison of Neuengamme camera: Jackson, Ahsendorf Krupp Airdome Polish heart surgery origin: Polkronika Poland: horses b. Bauholztransport origin: Polkronika Autosalon in Geneva origin: Cine journal football Bayern Munich/HSV i. Mü.
Camera: Fire, Rau, Rühe, Zimmermann at the beginning and end of total length

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