UFA-Dabei 765/1971 23.03.1971


1 Berlin: Benny Goodman in Berlin rolling out aircraft, large and a Fiddler. Benny Goodman at the head of the gangway, total. Case, close, with inscription "Benny Goodman Orchestra". Benny Goodman big and close. Instrument cases be placed on cars, lore with Goodman suitcases in drive. Various settings of Goodman and his Orchestra. Benny with clarinet, Traforanfahrt. Benny blows "Yesterday" from Lennon's wage, great.

02. Dortmund: German President Heinemann at the technical support service disaster exercise on exhibition of the technical relief organisation. Heinemann, totally surrounded by his entourage and members of the technical helper service. Swivel on conscientious objectors to alternative services. Heinemann, great. The people in the scaffolding and building bridges. Interview: "why sacrifice young men their leisure time for the charity even on weekends?".
O of individual, close: "there are many reasons. For the first time to really To want help. You will learn the right help at the THW, this is only important in the first place. "Help alone is not enough especially as help and how help right." - "Yes, I am since 1965 when the technical relief organisation and I find that my help is better placed than at the Bundeswehr."
Motorized water-treatment plant; Inscription: 'civil protection North Rhine-Westphalia'. Interior shots of the water in the car. Man creates a protective suit. Repair on the part of a machine, welding. 3 charity men in a rubber dinghy, total. Bridge.

03. this traffic: sanity on the road, statement Minister Georg Leber on the new highway code input the new traffic signs, Traforanfahrten, and scenes from the traffic impact of 800/152/157 K Minister Leber before map, big, speaks o-ton: "you without any complaints has gone. We have all reason to be grateful to all road users, and I am also proud that we succeeded to bring the traffic among the population. Almost all road users are informed showed in that there is a new regime."-"Where there are still information gaps and Which one are you think still most commonly made?"-"you know what it is, but we must accustom us only, there are new features. There are two things above all: is, it should be flashed This is true for the start-up and for the flashing when overtaking. Still A lot of flashing is saved here. And the second is, if you are driving in moving traffic, is a cross, you must keep from crossing. You can see it, if you would travel into the intersection, would inhibit the traffic." Including driving cars on transition. 3-lane and traffic on a street. Under the original sound more scenes from the consequences of the traffic.

04. Berlin: school computer in the E-O. Plauen school several grades of children who enter school. Children in the classroom. Hand-operated control panel with several buttons. Big kids. Man feeds computer in the technical Center: hands operate keys. Machine writes: right, wrong, easy means. Look in computer system. Multiple devices, E.g. Kodak carousel S-AV. Running Uher tape recorder, close. Frame is a roller which travels over land. Children from the canvas. Children use different push buttons. Write computer. Georg Pahl, from the rear to see interview of headmaster: actuality: "we can only use the programs that are created, give the child's expertise, expertise without emotional effort." Of course you can unlock then teachers for certain other important functions. It is possible, for example, to watch the children while the teacher again assumes a different lesson about the TV. A computer can never take the important functions in the education - such as, for example, discussion, teaching conversation – Of course, and it is also not intended." Under the original sound, FS camera on the screen the children in the class.

05. Holland: people run various settings of a mass run, men, women and children. Distribution of medals after the run on the runners, who have run 5 km in 36 minutes. Young man attached to sport shirt, Medal, close his medal with safety pin.

06. Bremen: Wrestling, Rasmussen: grass various catch scenes, partly in ZL. Cheerfully applauding audience, great. Close-ups of female viewers. Interview.
Actuality: "you can tell me, what do you like about wrestling?" - "because I love fat men." "Yes, because I like it." - "you know, I find it so aesthetic ´ this meat anywhere."-"I love these men. When I see, that's the most beautiful thing there is for me! But only fat, not as a thinner, Yes."-"Find that catchers are better men than others?"–" I had ´ still had no."-"Ne."-"why not?"-"like not so rough men." Eating and drinking spectators, close.

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Goodman, Benny ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Leber, Georg ; Pahl, Georg ; Gras ; Rasmussen


Berlin ; Dortmund ; Holland ; Bremen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Wrestling ; Chess ; Interviews ; Musical events ; Schools, training ; sporting events ; Technology ; Transport: General ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 765/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Benny Goodman in Berlin camera: Pahl, Pres. Ahsendorf. Heinemann + technical assistance service camera: Rühe, Ahsendorf statement min. liver to the new highway code school computer i.E.O. Plauen-Schule in Berlin camera: Pahl fun run in Holland origin: Polygoon Wrestling (Rasmussen / CRA) & Interv.
Camera: Brandes, Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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50th Years of New Traffic Regulations (March 1, 1971)

On March 1, 1971 Germany’s new traffic regulations become enforced, taking the place of the old 1937 rules which had seen their last update in 1956. On one hand the government was finally reacting to the fact that traffic had grown—which also meant a higher percentage of accidents, on the other hand it introduces internationally binding regulations.

Under the new regulations, which had been ratified a year earlier, drivers must use the blinker when changing lanes, they must keep a minimum distance to other cars and they must form an emergency corridor in congested traffic, among other things.

In addition there are a bunch of new traffic signs and re-designs. For example, the priority sign and the road construction signs are amended. In accordance with a 1968 treaty regarding the international standardization of traffic signs the octagonal red and white stop sign replaces the old German stop sign. A number of traffic signs receive new colours, standardized sizes and lettering.

The enforcement of the new traffic regulations comes with a widespread information campaign, ranging from the German Postal Service issuing a special stamp edition to a TV traffic quiz. Even the Red Army Fraction takes advantage of the announcement of the new regulations: Horst Mahler’s text „The Gaps of Revolutionary Theory—Establish the Red Army!“ written in prison in 1971 is smuggled out of prison concealed in a copy of the newly published traffic regulations.

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