UFA-Dabei 766/1971 30.03.1971


01 Brussels: farm demonstrations of the EEC against high prices and low income buses on the highway. Police at the roadside. Military road in Brussels. Moving the peasants, one of which is laughing a piglet on the shoulder. Several settings of densely crowded crowds with banners. Burning car on the road. Several water cannon in use. Protesters in the water jet. Burning cars, total. Several settings of the destruction and the dirty streets.

02. Venezuela and Colombia: State visit by Federal President Heinemann Caracas: skyscrapers and tunnel entrance. Driving record in the city. Pan across the city from above. Airport: Heinemann with President Caldera, half total, outside. Swivel on Hilda Heinemann. A group of cameramen and press photographers.
Maracay: Railing of the commercial school in Maracay. Classroom with students and Heinemann. Heinemann accompanied in workshop, young man during forging. Heinemann, great. Actuality in inauguration speech: "This school who have created our two countries in a joint effort, not only the friendship that exists since a long time between us, she symbolized to at the same time also an expression of the willingness of the German people, its technical skills, experiences, to share knowledge with others and help them to the extent of possible."
Colombia: Which came in military with pimples hoods. Front abschreiten. Hamed wreath at the monument to Simon Bolivar: Pan from base on Bolivar figure.
Bogota: Heinemann takes key city of Bogota from Mayor in reception, half total. In the background of Walter Scheel with sunglasses. Box with key, close to city. Building of the Bavaria brewery, swivel on dancing Colombians. Heinemann accompanied with beer Stein.

03. Groningen: Mountaineers at the Martini's Cathedral Traforanfahrt at Tower of the Cathedral of the climbers abseil, various settings. Panoramic view from the top crowd looking to. Also cinematographer lets down on ropes. Camera in hand.

04. Germany: Rehabilitation of juvenile convict archive material: juvenile prisoners on the prison yard. Various settings and panning of individual and community cells, equipped with posters and photos of all kinds.
Including sound bites of prisoners: "I am now 1 ½ years here, am convicted of aggravated assault with assault at the age of 18. It was so: I was with my buddy at one on the place, as we sat in the room and started at once: Yes your youth is good but nothing, nothing you can anyway. "Yes and I jumped up after that because I had the rage, and have one gelatscht him."
"I am in the home since I was 4 and came out with 16. I rattle off the entire homes. This Me too have a folk high school and when I come out, I'm going back to my foster parents. For the first time a private room. Yes, what I never knew. With four men at a bar. Although I intend, if I come out to the Lake (? (or in the civil engineering work, but I know from friends that Very much hard have a work to outside To find ´.) Because which ever again, where they were because the time in jail, unfortunately already filled the position. Yes, and I know not really, what I should do then."
"I acted with narcotics at the age of 16, was picked up and am sentenced to one year, six months prison. I've not had before my graduation, and now here have taken the opportunity to accomplish it."
"Well, I know my real father Not at all, and I've never really tolerate me with my stepfather. And came then with 9 years in the home and walked from one home to another and had more trouble and am there pulled out. Yes, until I once in a community I came together as I was pulled out, and since then with ´ m Rauschfgift come." Including workshop, welding young man and other works. Panoramic view of lattice window. Young man in the draw. Poor storage of shacks and caravans. Child scooters between the barracks. Look at misery hut with suspended linen and garments. Neglected adolescents on grounds. One Get up car roof which he crushed with the shoe. Mr Jungk, close quote.
Actuality: "we have tried as 'Young citizens' initiative to develop a model. We To find initial contact through Boy Scout groups, which go by us in the rye mountain juvenile detention center. These contacts are then closely continued in the residential communities founded by us last year into. Here we rented 4 rooms apartments. In them two young ex-offenders and two young students in possible repressionsfreier environment living together.'
Young people being together with prisoners. Several grades of students who live with prisoners in their own home. Rüdiger nebe. Interview: Interview: "Reinhard, how come you because in this gated community with each other off?" - "Oh, that runs quite well for us, we meet here together in the room, watch television together and discuss, to talk about the various problems and everyone has his greatest freedoms here." - "I spent 3 years in Juvie Roggenburg, am was released 3 months ago and since I live here in the community. After my release, I took up an apprenticeship as a steel construction locksmith and want To try to make my journeyman's examination in one year. I think it's quite great. It is not only a hotel, but here it is among comrades and friends, you can talk and talk about any issue. And that has become home my."
Including images of life in the community. Young man leaves basement door of a locksmith, is smoking in the streets; stands with young girls on the stove at the sizzling. Several settings of an apartment of the young people with lots of posters and photos. Young people in a nightclub.

05. Darmstadt: rock band "Man" band plays and sings with the band members in Darmstadt "Daughter of the Fireplace" and trick shots.

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Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Jungk ; Nebe, Rüdiger ; Scheel, Walter


Brussels ; Munich ; Colombia ; Germany ; Darmstadt ; Venezuela ; Groningen ; Holland ; Caracas ; Bogata ; Bogota


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Monuments ; Misery ; Interviews ; Justice ; Education, youth ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Musical events ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; wreath stoppages ; Military ; Crime ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; Judiciary ; Military ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 766/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Brussels: farm demonstrations origin: Belgavox Bupräs. Heinemann in Venezuela and Colombia camera: Luppa alpinists on the church tower in the Netherlands origin: road rehabilitation camera: L. origin: Archive beat group "MAN" in Darmstadt camera: Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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