UFA-Dabei 773/1971 17.05.1971


01 Bonn: New Russian Ambassador Valentin Falin President Heinemann Villa Hammerschmidt, totally with water games and stand. Falin is located on the car and accompanied, Falin half total in the Villa Hammerschmidt, turns around and greet back. 15s. Heinemann and Falin, half total, Falin, great. Handshakes, both bow down before each other.

02. Dortmund: Interschul ' 71, Nixdorf computer staves on Blackboard, children hand tapping on the notes of the melody "Hänschen small..." ". Traforückfahrt. "3. Interschul ' 71" stands on glasses several times. Panning over computer system. Students with headphones, teacher at the control panel. Interviews with several students of the new teaching and learning method. Interview: "yes I just don't by this new learning methods, because I mean, the ratio of of student to teacher is not the same as if you can just see the teacher personally." - "so I think it is good, the new way of learning through computer, because it is actually No more of the aggressiveness and the whims of the teacher."
Random ride on old student desk with computer. Various settings of teaching with the aid of computers. Student operated key to the answer to the question, "What is the capital city of Lower Saxony?" that appears on screen. Instruction level for Nixdorf teaching system "Bachelor", parallel training. Actuality of upper studiendirektors, near.
Quote: "... so it is To give teachers never enough that can feed the computer, so there's enough computer, but we are can never get the teacher to do so."
Under the original sound images of computers in the classroom and filling in a testimony sheet. Children in preschool while bringing together of different shaped plastic discs. Lernbehindertes child in a kind of typewriter. Young girl in round cell while operating a computer.

03. more fun during leisure time III settings from the employment and working life. Panoramic view on Hamburg's Mönckebergstraße from above. Much traffic and many people on crosswalks. Passers-by in passing big and close. Various interviews. Play table tennis, go kites, family in the bathhouse with swimming.

04. Bischofsheim: Steuerberater bushel as cat holder Tiger behind bars, close. Drivers recording at home over tax consultant. Bushel brings tub with lining. Speaks with a cat through the grille, o-ton: "bad sleep, Yes, time, the Radjah look, which is A lot like you." Several settings of the big cats in their cages. Piece of meat is pushed through the grid. Bushel playing with Tiger in a cage. Interviews with people from the neighborhood.
Interview: 'we can hear themselves Very much little, because the cages behind the House, behind the House."-"in and of itself it's Not good to drive as a hobby in a built-up area."
Swing by the employees at the desk bushel on big cat at the desk. O of Wow, why he himself hold the cats. Quote: "due to the profession which you have, the disputes among the people who you get, you are looking for ultimately resorted to the cats and the animals, because we know that all these animals in the slightest as most of the people are so bad." Bushels in the car with cat in the rear.

05. Munich: art exhibition 'activa ' 71"street scenes in Schwabing. Painter of Peter Naujoks, close, while painting. Shooting in his Studio. Naujoks, total, speaks before one of his pictures. Interview: "the images to provide any comments or be illustrations, but they should evoke a suggestion in the Viewer, and figure suggest injured figure, an event, a threatening process."
Nebe interviewed viewers of the possible evidence of the image (original is missing). Various settings of the exhibition, including Multivariable artwork and portable Super-Colgate-picture with tooth-putzendem man. Pan across image of a diver. Traforanfahrt on image "Hommage a Ionesco", man with Rhino's head, Silvia Quant. Silvia Quant in her Studio in Schwabing. Several settings. Silvia Quant painting surrealist images. Several exhibits.

06. Cologne: Hippie wedding wedding scenes of a hippie couple from the "hair"-ensemble. Actuality of the couple on a sort of altar. Actuality: "before God, whose ecstatic experience, we humans thanks to biogenetic and Atomic electrical construction are qualified, I ask you: you want to lead a common life in freedom and responsibility with me?" - "Yes." - "you want to lead a common life in freedom and responsibility with me?" - "Yes." - "so, our lives should be an example for all the people, the good will are. We live against intolerance and hatred. For love!" The guests drink one after the other from Cup, then that few Uli Chival and Marlies Hüber. Vocal of score, the couple kisses, close.

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Chival, Uly ; Falin, Valentin ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Hüber, Marlies ; Naujoks, Peter ; Nebe, Rüdiger ; Quant, Silvia ; Scheffel


Munich ; Stuttgart ; Bischofsheim ; Cologne ; Dortmund ; Poland ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Higher education ; Interviews ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Schools, training ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; State visits (inside) ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Art ; Exhibitions ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 773/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Russ. Ambassador Falin b. Heinemann camera: Luppa Interschul ' 71, Dortmund (Nixdorf computer) camera: Ahsendorf more fun in the leisure III origin: polyphonic tax consultant with predators camera: Ahsendorf "assets ' 71", art exhibition, Münch.
Camera: Rau hippie wedding in Cologne camera: Luppa at the beginning and end of total length

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