UFA-Dabei 778/1971 22.06.1971


01 Stuttgart: Final of the German Cup, Bayern Munich beats 1 FC Cologne exchange of flags. Cup, close. Densely occupied Neckarstadion. Narration see gameplay footage. Cologne coach Ocwirk, great. Gerd Müller in several shots. Bavarian Lattek, great coach. Cologne Rupp shoots the 1:0 helmet. All right, great. Franz Beckenbauer shoots 1 Edgar Schneider the 1:, Bayern score goal from 25 of m jubilant coach Lattek and also winner. Players run trophy on the field.

02. Hamburg: 2. Elbtunnel machinery front yard drive past in which a man digs. Various settings of the construction works. Ship passes and others on the Elbe River, old Elbe tunnel construction. Swivel port system, seen from above. Swing open tunnel segment. Swivel on the Elbe slopes. Parts of the tunnel. Maps of the various stages of construction. Drawing "section section I, lowering line". Drawing contains 3 parallel roadways. Several settings and panning shots of the construction lines. Installation of compressed air lock. Shield tunnelling machine in operation. Cast iron fittings called segments, are retracted to seal the inside of the tunnel. Customize two parts, close. Look in the tunnel. Overlooking the construction site of the 3rd, the open phase. Giant swing. Demolition work on the school building of the Christianeum, various settings.

03. North Sea: Four star fighter in the air, total, fly over marine demonstration "Surfer" ship shortly to see Helmut Schmidt is on the. Defensive fire on the water surface. Shooting gun ship. Warships, total. Ship flown by aircraft. Several settings of the ships, half total. Aerial view on three warships. Oil at sea by tanker Munsterland, swing. Parachutes with battle floats in the air, total. Waters of the combat swimmers. Motorized inflatable ride, total. Schmidt with sailor hat, cigarette-smoking, great. Helicopter rescues 2 Danes from inflatable/balloon. Several grades of fast boats, Destroyers and minesweepers. Helmut Schmidt can attach shoulder belt and lifted by helicopter.

04 keel: Kieler Woche ´ 71 sailing boat is allowed to cars to water. Kiel-Schilksee, still unfinished Olympic facilities. Traforückfahrt. Swing from balcony on unfinished Sports Centre. Various settings of the preparations of the sailors to the regattas. 2 new boat class: "Tempest" with two men aboard and swing over a "Samudra". King Konstantin of Greece, half total. Boats. Willy cow pasture, close. Interview with Christiane Lüders (German newsreel): o-ton: "In Which one class we have the greatest chances for the Olympics?" - "you can answer that question now not at all, because we are still in the construction program of the national team. We have a good chance, but Which one will be favored, in various classes one can really say Not yet. We had chances everywhere."-"it can To give still surprises by junior until 1972?"-"theoretically it can To give always surprise, but practically I don't think that even a young sailor stands out in this short time, that it is the master, also already successfully sails so far."-"how to train, how many times you sail?"-" I sail mostly only the races outside of regattas, and maybe a few a few times ""that if we train times - usually we do so that we may sail two, three times before before a big series."
Several grades of Star boats. Field of sailors in doldrums. Federal President Gustav Heinemann, close; Kick-off. Start the flying Dutchmen. Heinemann and Dr. Herbert Weichmann close. Field of the flying Dutchmen, outboard hanging sailor. Sailors at the turn. Boats with acres of spiders. Interview Christiane of Lüders and Ulli Libor (silver medal winner of the flying Dutchmen class). LIBOR big. Actuality: "Mr Libor, as exercise, how often sail?" - "Ichsegle in the relationship Very much little, and train I do Not at all this year." The last time that I sat in the ship, was in August in the previous year."-"how you evaluate your chances for the Olympics?"-"I will participate in it, would I still accept at the moment, because we are in good shape and the results are reasonably. And should we take part, we would also have a chance of a medal to win."-"there are still other elimination fights for the Olympic Games?"–"We will have here have our excretions in Kiel and prove us against German competition." Aerial photographs of sailing ships (from 1969).

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Beckenbauer, Franz ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Konstantin von Griechenland ; Lüders, Christiane ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Weichmann, Herbert ; Kuhweide, Willy ; Lattek, Udo ; Libor, Ulli ; Müller, Gerd ; Ocwirk ; Ruop ; Schneider, Edgar ; Schön, Helmut


Hamburg ; North Sea ; Kiel ; Baltic Sea ; Stuttgart ; Paris


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Interviews ; skydiving, skydiving ; Football ; Olympics 1972 ; Shipping ; Sailing ; Container ; Maneuver ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; construction ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 778/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Football Cup final Bayern: Cologne origin: view typically world Elbtunnel, Hamburg (not for sale) marine demonstration "Surfer" (verkäufl. only n. Rückspr m. Gesch.leitg.)
Camera: Pahl, Rühe "Kieler Woche ' 71" camera: Jackson, Rühe, Seib, Pahl at the beginning and end of total length

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