UFA-Dabei 781/1971 13.07.1971


01 Kiel: peasant day, peasants versus EEC Baltic Hall, Interior, long shot of the crowded Hall. Ertl, close, picks up on the glasses. Heads a mouthpiece of participants large. Minister Ertl with others the room seen totally from the rear. Pan across poster: "Army man, waiting for the long promised actions." Front army man, half total at the lectern. Recorded interview: He failed (the agricultural market), because it started with the end. It is putting the cart before the horse. He failed, because it started with the prices because it has not been charged, what varied and different way the States at the expense of the influence." Stoltenberg, close. Intermediate cuts close to individual participants. Applauding farmers, large. Farmer Max Heinrich Martens going before mad cow talk. Recorded interview: I get 35 ½ pence for a litre of milk. "I have to expense per litre of milk 21 Pfennig to feed, 3 ½ penny for the amortization of fixed assets and the wage with 11 pfennigs per liter, so I so roughly 35 Pfennig expenses per litre of milk." Seen under the sound back a cow with heavy udders and cows from the rear. Farmstead of the peasants, same with agriculture and the family. Big Max Henry Martens. Traforück. Surging grain field, swing. O-ton Martens: "to to enter the EEC I sold these boxes of bread grain. Then after the Brussels decisions was lowered grain price by 15%, I had to catch the high loss of earnings." Driving scenes through the ears of corn and corn field. Driving record on occupied pigsty along. Martens size. Actuality: "to the requirements of the European Union meet to have been, I have my company commercial and business from fully aligned." For the uninitiated, he seems to be working. but I know that I'm at rising costs and stagnant prices in the red numbers." Martens driving agricultural machinery, totally.

02. Düsseldorf: "Winnetou" - Pierre Brice Pierre Brice and his dog on airport arrival. Welcome, including from people in Indian costume. Brice Pats his dog. Little girls and adults ask for autographs. Mülheim/Ruhr: Scenes from the Karl-may - Festspiele. Brice as a spectator, half total. Dancing Iroquois. More scenes from "Winnetou", partly from archive.

03. Munich: Happening "Urbs Rosa" woman hanging sheets from her bedroom window. House exterior, sheets hanging from Windows. Verknoteter rubber ball hangs in the air. "Work of art": stack of crates. Otto Dressler, great. Huge rubber hands hanging on trees. Otto Dressler with participants on modular structures. Dressler actuality: "With the idea of"Urbs Rosa"I in a central location in the middle of Munich, wanted to make the attempt, in Schwabing, precisely where the prejudice and the cliche"Art"with old artists and models, still prevails, even a street confrontation of very new, modern art in relation to the population, leave the Museum to begin a conversation here on the spot, in the urban area of life of the population and the art." Under the original sound: Painters in backyard with bare female model. Man naked cardboard woman shakes the hand. Girl sets the cardboard figure in any movement on bicycle. Plastic with inscription "Instead of air - city". People in the painting of the paving with letter templates. Young man fills a telephone booth in which a girl is sitting with hay. A police officer is pelted with hay. Crowd is showered with rolls of paper.

04. Stuttgart: German Athletics Championships were Stadium Uwe Beyer from the hammer throw, great. This photographer. Beyer in hammer throw, total, ZL. He throws 74.90 m as a new world record. Beyer, great.
men's 100 m race: launch, race partly in ZL. Winner: Karl-Heinz Klotz, great. Heide Rosendahl in known concentration exercise, in which she is interrupted.
110 m hurdles: u.a. Günter nickel, the title holder, who plunges into the target. Winner: Manfred Schumann. Heide Rosendahl in long jump, she jumps 6.69 m. high jump: ZL Zacharias. Winner: Günther Spielvogel during jump.
women's 100 m race: partly ZL. Including Heide Rosendahl, Ingrid Mickle-Becker. Winner: Elfgard Schittenhelm, total, receives a bouquet from child.
men's 1500 m race: Winner: Bodo bottlenose dolphin, Berlin. Bottlenose dolphins, big.
women's 1500 m race: race scenes, winner: Ellen Tittel, great.
women's 800 m running: running far ahead the winner Hildegard Falck, Wolfsburg under 2 minutes running the 800 m. Hildegard Falck between photographers, total and just great.

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Beyer, Uwe ; Brice, Pierre ; Dressler, Otto ; Ertl, Josef ; Heeremann von ; Martens, Max-Heinrich ; Stoltenberg, Gerhard ; Falck, Hildegard ; Klotz, Karl-Heinz ; Mickler-Becker, Ingrid ; Nickel, Günther ; Rosendahl, Heide ; Spielvogel, Günther ; Schittenhel, Elfgard ; Schumann, Manfred ; Tittel, Ellen ; Tümmler, Bodo ; Zacharias


Kiel ; Mühlheim ; Schleswig-Holstein ; Munich ; Poland ; Stuttgart ; Düsseldorf ; Mühlheim/Ruhr


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; festivals ; Forestry ; Animals (except dogs) ; Art ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Agriculture ; Agriculture ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 781/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Farmers day in Kiel camera: Jürgens, rough "Winnetou" - Pierre Brice camera: Luppa origin: Archive "Urbs pink"-happening in Munich camera: Rau German Championships in athletics in Stuttgart camera: Luppa, Rau, Pahl at the beginning and end of total length

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