UFA-Dabei 784/1971 03.08.1971


01 Nurburgring race for the Grand Prix of Germany Jackie Stewart, close, with sunglasses and hat. Jacky Ickx with sunglasses in his car. Start the car, totally. Various racing scenes. Denis Hulme / New Zealand goes to the boxes. Mechanics on his damaged car. Mike Beuttler / Egypt pulls off his headgear and angrily throws him away, great. Drive from Jackie Stewart (2) behind the car of Cevert (which is not even visible). Aerial photographs of a part of the Nürburgringes. Time-stopping ladies, great. Stewart travels through the target, is hugged by girl, close.

02. Munich: Gustav Heinemann on the Olympic site with several settings of the wire mesh, which is to support the roof, workers at the link. Heinemann gets out of an open car, total, surrounded by photographers. Heinemann and companion with protective helmets bearing the Olympic rings, wholesale. Pan across the network before radio tower. Several settings of the velodrome finished in the rough. Workers at the lay of the wooden track. Pounding nails, close. Pan across the entire wheel racing system.

03. lower Austria: play Church blasting brass musicians. Swivel on old church. Statues of the Saints. Women of the place, great. An old woman speaks interview (missing). Sprengtrupps dynamite into the hole, set up straw bales for protection. Window secured by battens on houses. Actuality of a squad man: "Humanly anything is likely to happen".
Total Church. Demolition, Church falls together in itself. Population runs on the debris to find memory. 2 men pull the hands of the clock tower. Pan across the top of the tower.

04. resin: YODEL Festival championship Jodelndes girls total on the meadow. Interview nebe with the girl and a young man. Quote: "If you here in the countryside YODEL say a particularly strong feeling behind it?" - "Yes, this is the home, and one just loves that." - "so, best deeply penetrates air and tried a Flash sound via the throat out." - "Really, until the ovule is shaking?" - "exactly, exactly."
Long shot of the audience. Various Yodel, large, close to the children, original sound. Jodelndes young couple on a meadow. Interview with nebe (actuality is missing). Different male Yodel, close. Kehlköpfe, close. Schimpfender from archive as YODEL: Slithering Stork, Roy Black, Heintje, traffic COP, car drivers, Wehner, Strauss and Scheel.

05. Germany: Drug report archive: driving recording nightly Street. Detective search addict on the street and takes him down. Tablet tube and syringe are placed on the table. Police station inside: officer frisk fretted on. Prison gang. Hamburg Director of forensic Zülsdorf, close. O-ton: Drug crime brings some problems for the police. She is obliged to imprison the delinquent addicts, so the pharmacy burglar, the prescription forger, although she knows that no appropriate treatment facilities are available in the full. On the other hand the police can but also not idly, that is to keep these people in custody, because they are forced because of their addiction to commit still such crimes."
Images of cells, addicts in the game of chess. Total prison yard. Several long-haired addict, close. Crossed arms around prison bars. Hamburg doctor Dr. Beil, close.
Actuality: "How can drug addicts sense help?" - "the addict does not belong in jail. He is not criminal, although he commits criminal acts under his addiction. It facilities must be created so that caring for him as soon as possible. Such an institution is the rehabilitation Court in Otterndorf. "The addict brought a permanent relationship to a contract person and In addition facilities relating to the construction of his damaged personality forces."
Under the original sound, live images of the rehabilitation Court Otter village in Lower Saxony, Germany, on the former addicts. Various settings and driving shots with the occupants inside. In panning: young man while vacuuming, girl with sewing machine and iron. Musical. Prepare a barn. Outpatient clinic in Hamburg-Eppendorf: entertainment with an addict, tape recorder. Man on the phone. Rehabilitation farm Otter village, outside shot. Indoor shots. Actuality of recovery of his delusions of persecution as a result of addiction. Various sound bites of the convalescent.
Sound bites: "I don't even trust myself, to go train to take, because I just get a paranoia in a simple tram. And I need to push that somehow, the syringe."-"the addict will not be back on the Assembly line or on the Assembly line process in the company, but here they have the opportunity to discover or to develop what they themselves love to want."-" Yes, I think that the joke at our thing is, that we the people who come to us "", just look at, and that we us To try to get to know, to enter into each other and To try to help Each other." - "and I've become a rogue by the addiction, and here I easily can, first to myself... To find a completely new contact to people to build." - "the addict must own the sake muster to heal"", and we can offer him only those conditions which are simply necessary." Consistently long-haired, unkempt in fantastic clothes. Girl on the Pan, round table at dinner.

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Beuttler, Mike ; Beil ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Nebe, Rüdiger ; Zülsdorf ; Cevert ; Hulme, Denis ; Ickx, Jackie ; Stewart, Jacky


Resin ; Germany ; Lower Austria ; Munich ; England ; Nürburgring


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Olympics 1972 ; Townscapes: Australia ; Blasting ; State visits (inside) ; Medicine ; Entertainment, festivals ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 784/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Nürburgring race, Gr. PR. v. Dtld. camera: Luppa, Rieck, Pahl Heinemann on d. Olympic site camera: Rau Church Sprengung in Austria origin: Austria Harzer Jodeling Championships camera: Jürgens, fire origin: Archive drug report camera: L. origin: Archive: "Mother film" at the beginning and end of total length

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