UFA-Dabei 789/1971 07.09.1971


1st plane crashed near Hamburg and interviews with survivors, evening: smoking plane wreckage at the crash site. Panning over debris and carrying with concealed dead. Crash map accrued with flags. Skid mark on the highway. Destroyed bridge railing. Long shot of the destroyed bridge in the foreground part of the fuselage of the aircraft. Survivors in a youth home, Swivel, Lensch interviewed A few of them.
Sound bites: "what happened in the seconds when the machine broke apart?" - "I have seen no panic." - "Little unrest maybe, but generally passengers have been pretty quiet." - "set the fire after we were out back." And then came the explosion afterwards. Previously, that you do not really noted."-" so ´ was n shock, so I didn't even see that already the hole was in front of me. " I wanted to get out and then I was lying in the ditch and then I saw there again hang in the seat my husband just looked at me and made no sign that I first thought would be dead or something." Several settings of scattered debris and bodies covered with newspapers.

02. Berlin: four power agreement of Berlin, signed by the Ambassador waiting outside the former Allied Control Council building. Inside: there go to the signing table: rush, Abrassimow, Sauvagnargues, Jackling, total. Cameramen and journalists. Copies of the agreement are presented half total the ambassadors to the signature. Signing. Traforanfahrt on the undersigned, in the middle of Abrassimow. Ambassador, total. The Ambassador rise and shake hands. Rush, great. Pan Abrassimow, Sauvagnargues and Jackling.

03. Berlin: garden party with Gustav Heinemann in Bellevue night Castle: Castle Bellevue illuminated and illuminated, crowd before everything from Ferris wheel (?) from recorded. Heinemann and wife Hilda in the crowd half total. Heinemann, great. Egon Bahr, great. Lot. Sausages are fried on Grill, used by man. Hilda Heinemann drinking from Cup, great. In addition, Gustav Heinemann. Man with hat "Berliner Kindl" fills beer glasses. Swivel on drinking.

04. Zoppott-festival large font "Sopot 71", swivel on emerging singer Su Kramer in a black pants suit. Actuality sings "My small world..." close. Grand Hotel Zoppott, total, Traforanfahrt, front on beach chair clearing to sitting Su Kramer. Mole, Kramer goes on camera to in the middle of the pier. Horse-drawn carriage as a silhouette on the sea. Gulls on the shore. Horse-drawn carriage from the Grand Hotel. Various settings of tourists, passers-by, including sailors, close, great. Box office for the Festival. Crowded pier of Zoppott. Girls in bikinis running on the beach. Long behoste Lady with a poodle. Gdansk images: Reinhard Mey, great in the music. Move over Gdańsk building from bottom to top. Mey on the road immediately, half total. Fountain. Interview Dr. Haese and Reinhard Mey, half total.
Actuality: "take what impressions you with home?" - "memories on a wonderful built in Gdańsk, then memories of beautiful sandy beach and then something more concrete memories: a piece of amber jewelry."
Mey before showcase with amber jewelry. Jewelry, close. Mey when selecting a piece in the business. Amber workshop: Man in the loop. Young people in the fight for his autograph. Performances of several singers and singers who take only the microphone in the hand and stand copies of the singer. Collapsed singer is carried from the stage. Reinhard Mey appearance large close and totally with the song "you came back to me... ". Interview after the appearance of Dr. Haese and Mey. Actuality: "Reinhard Mey, BB´s?" - "now I ´ BB´s behind me, I'm glad that it's over. The interaction with the Orchestra worked?"-"I think so, just about exactly you can't hear that there front, it is acoustically a bit difficult."-"You how To find the audience?"-"I find quite awake ´ you."-"Believe that they have a chance?"-"Oh no, I have not counted out from the outset that me; "but must be fun!"
Samantha Jones between the headlights, exterior, close. Pan across crowded forest Opera. Samantha Jones sings original sound "he moves me... "that big and close." Crowd.

05. Berlin: Mariendorf: German trotting Derby 2 drivers in the Sulky in the Mariendorf area. Smith at the fogging. Horse is led from stall. Traber scenes. Horse to lunge. Special Horseshoe, big, with crossbars. Artificial weight is attached to hoof under Bell. Belt from the head of the horse to the saddle, so-called upper cheque, that keeps the head of the horse to the top. Drivers on Langschaftwagen. Appreciative horses before Langschaftwagen. Highly trained chest muscles visible. Various settings of trotters. Driver vibrates on Sulky. Several settings at betting offices. Audience, great. Total audience. Start, field of riders, ZL. Traber of escort out. Various racing scenes. The driver in the HomeStretch in ZL. Winner "Ewalt", close. Driver is complimented with kiss.

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Abrassimow, Piotr ; Bahr, Egon ; Haese, Jürgen ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Jackling ; Jones, Samantha ; Kramer, Su ; Lensch, Klaus ; Mey, Reinhard ; Rush, Kenneth ; Sauvagnargues, Jean


Poland ; Sopot ; Sopot ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; Berlin-Mariendorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Disasters ; festivals ; Fire ; Musical events ; Pacts ; Special reports ; harness racing ; Social events ; Contracts ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Gastronomy ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 789/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Plane crash b. Hamburg and interviews m. surviving camera: Seib, Brandes 4-powers agreement for Berlin and camera: Pahl, Rühe garden party b. Heinemann in Berlin camera: Rühe Poland report I-Zoppott-Festival camera: Ahsendorf German trotting Derby in Berlin camera: Jürgens, Rühe at the beginning and end of total length

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