UFA-Dabei 793/1971 05.10.1971


01 are an old VW 1934th entertainment VW Beetle story to people. Actuality: "you could say smooth is a modern cars." - "clock, the VW today Not yet even as standard with that." - "curious by the technology here..." - "is a VW?" - "No idea." - "Ne!" - "Experimental car maybe." - "excellent and Very much comfortable." - "this is a car that I would like to go." Interviews by Hans Ludwig Wiechmann. (Intermediate cuts light bulbs and production process)
Actuality: "so you think this car will now come on the market?" – "Perhaps as a very cheap Volkswagen model." - "but otherwise I him imagine older an older model maybe." - "from what year? "1940" - "NE, ne, ne, who hails from 1936." - "of what year?" - "1930 so rum." - "I'm guessing, a prototype of a VW." - How come you? "-"He has the egg that is common at the VW."
VW BB´s of born in 1938 and 1972 Designer when drawing a rear window. The rear window in the car during the course of their changes. Riders on the Flounce of VW by 1972 car side totally in drive. Recordings in Wolfsburg Hall Assembly Hall. Wheel to test, close. Several grades of cornering at speed and on test track, close and totally. Test with the airbag (gas cushion) in the laboratory. Doll in the test vehicle. Airbag inflates on impact (in ZL), protects the driver from shock in the disc.

02. Saarbrücken: CDU Party Congress in the Saarlandhalle Barzel of new party Chairman. Rainer Barzel and Helmut Kohl shake hands before Congress poster is, totally. Total of occupied Saarland Hall. Kurt-Georg Kiesinger with the hand in front of the mouth, big. Erhard, big with Chin supported on. Barzel, with Bruno rear together. Electoral process cabbage close, picks up with index finger into the collar. Kiesinger goes behind the screen of choice. Long shot of the Hall. Dr. Röder, large, announces election results and then congratulates Barzel as new party Chairman. Actuality: "Mr doctor Rainer Barzel it received 344 votes, Mr doctor Helmut Kohl 174 votes." I am assuming that he will accept the choice and pronounce our warm congratulations to him. I wish him and us that he may have a lucky hand."
The actuality of Roeder's, Barzel while listening to the results, rubs the face, big and dampens the applause then with your hands. Dr. Kohl, close. Kohl, Kiesinger, Stoltenberg to congratulate handshake Schröder, Babs and Babs, half total. Applauding. Barzel, close and half total, speaks. Recorded interview: I know what hard work from all of us, and I feel the expectations that we have each other, because nobody's going to make it alone. And I would ask also Very much welcome my colleague Gerhard Schröder, to decide to take part in the same way here as we need that in this team, because we need the best team for Germany to beat the Government. And to do this we need Gerhard Schröder." Schröder, great.

03. Thanksgiving and bread Museum moving to Thanksgiving in costume with brass band and trucks, harvest, writing: "Grace - daily Thanksgiving". Right of way Minister Ertl and other gentlemen in carriages. Sign "European bread Museum" wrought iron hooks.
Actuality Ertl: "the struggle for bread has influenced the history of the entire world. And not only among the starving peoples, but all over the world is still prayed: "Our daily bread give us today." The development of bread is significant phases of history and culture."
Tractors decorated under the original sound. Driving record on the forms of bread and loaves into the bread Museum in Mollenfelde in Göttingen. Detail shots of a Sicilian grain car and total. Ertl and baking historian and initiator of the bread Museum, Otto Kunkel tour at the Museum. Several settings, Bakeware, modeling and sugar dough forms. Outside: Ertl brings bread baked in a stone oven. The Ammerländer harvest dance costumes group. Harvest wreath, large.

04. new magazine "Menu", Gütersloh several settings in the test kitchen of menu with Chef preparing food. Photographer at work. Editorial meeting. Title page is designed. Cooking parts raw artichoke, compared to photo. Footage from the layout. Magazine, close. Kiosk, Traforanfahrt on the paper menu.

05. men's fashion story (marriage fraud escape) scene at wedding in registry (as bride Katrin Gallo, German newsreel), Klaus Lensch as best man. Police officer occurs, the groom flees. Peter car with crew (including Franz work as a police officer). Several close-up shots and long shots of the constantly changing wardrobe of escaping marriage impostor. Escape mönckebergstrasse and on the station etc. Marriage fraud is arrested, applied handcuffs. He runs into a cell in prison clothes.

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Barzel, Rainer Candidus ; Ertl, Josef ; Feierabend, Franz ; Gerullis, Katrin ; Heck, Bruno ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Kunkel, Otto ; Lensch, Klaus ; Röder, Franz-Josef ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Stoltenberg, Gerhard ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig


Mollenfelde in Göttingen ; Berlin ; Germany ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Ammerland ; Saarbrücken


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Forestry ; News, communications ; Dance ; accident series ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Agriculture ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Industrial ; Agriculture ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 793/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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VW Beetle story camera: Ahsendorf CDU Party Conference in Saarbrücken camera: L., Ahsendorf Thanksgiving and bread Museum camera: fire, Rau menu kitchen origin: look typically world fashion story - Heinats flight camera: Rahim at the beginning and end of total length

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