UFA-Dabei 796/1971 26.10.1971


01 Poland - VI report: Wolf's Lair driving scenes on roads through Masuria on farms, Hitchhikers on the road to a leading a horse cyclists, Bauer car. Riding on a densely occupied parking with tourists, buses, and kiosks. Forest road. You can hear the voice of Hitler (without image): "as I am willing to put my life for my people and for Germany, so I demand the same from each other. Then, our will and our German steel will master even the emergency. "Germany victory Heil, Heil, Heil." Below the note: Swivel on ruins of Wolfsschanze and several settings of the destroyed bunker. Poster with arrow and large spider "Cinema". Tourists in front of the cinema entrance. Tourists to get around in the rubble. Guide the tourists by guides. Polish children and teenagers during the tour. Photographer photographed the children and tourists.

02. Munich: Inauguration of the new Metro traffic scenes in Munich (archive). Crane with Mrs. towers behind it. Swivel on construction site. Under the Earth and tunnel entrances Minister Georg Leber, half total band cuts through to the opening of the first subway line. Adorned metro train map. TV monitoring of the platforms and ticket control machine, large. View of platform with a running train and escalator. Railway official, great. Automatically closing doors, cab for auto traffic. Elevated train driving, total. CAB, train and railway line. Bridges passage.

03. Olympic report: migrant workers migrant workers with protective helmets at work on the Olympic site. Cement mixer, total. The workers at the Interweb and assembling of the Olympic roof. FS Tower. Interviews with German workers, answering, close quote: "How are you with their foreign colleagues?" - "I find, how they themselves have, set on the pace of work on modern work, is Very good." - "just fine, we have here Turks and Yugoslavs. The people are mostly long time here, so that one is familiar with already very well together."-"with the understanding it is Not much good work, but I find it admirable, how they have adjusted to the pace of the work."-"Yes, if you To want so, Me too am foreigners, but we Berlin deal well with all people." Traforückfahrten. Roof work, stadium and building site. Several settings of the apartments close to houses outside and visitors. Long shot.

04. Germany: UAE: Heino cows on a pasture, Traforanfahrt on the church tower of the village of UAE. Older man on village road. Wooden houses with smoking chimney. Heino is singing on the village road from UAE to the guitar, followed by villagers, total and big. Framed images of children by Heino from paper Doilies and school class photo. Heino, close, laughing, photo as an apprentice Baker. Record sleeves with his photo. Heino with wife and child, and dogs on a garden bench. Heino close speaks in swimming pool, original sound.
Actuality: "If fame and success would affect on the family, I would give up my career."
Shown praising judgment of Robert Stolz. Heino sitting in armchairs, large. Speaks actuality to the judgment of Robert Stolz.
Actuality: "it's great from a great man like Robert Stolz, to get a so great compliment."
Hand with a wedding ring, close. Heino speaks before piano, recorded interview about home songs. Interview: "we have many Very much, Very much beautiful folk and home songs here in Germany and I sing this repertoire, because it corresponds to my German mentality. If I would characterize me, I'd say: he is calm, level-headed and straightforward. It Very much many panels are manufactured in Germany: soul, beat, underground and our mothers music always too short to come; that's why I made a special nut plate."
Heino in the mirror. Sound bites of several villagers: Interview: 'we have a plate of Heino; He has a wonderful voice."-"so, I like the songs by Heino I, continually sang it in my time as a soldier during my youth and I am happy to have My house sold this man."-"I like Heino, because he is a representative of the good old German song and I'm sure that you should bring not too A lot hard beat."-"Heino has many friends here in UAE and we are particularly pleased", that he has chosen as his new home UAE." Heino goes through a forest and sings to the guitar. "Where are the blue mountains..." etc. Heino half total and close.

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Heino ; Leber, Georg


Munich ; Poland ; UAE


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Interviews ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; Olympics 1972 ; Portraits ; Special reports ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; Landscapes ; Science and research ; Migrant workers ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 796/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Poland report VI: Wolf's Lair camera: Ahsendorf Munich subway camera: Rau origin: Archive Olympic report: migrant workers camera: L. Heino camera: Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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