UFA-Dabei 800/1971 23.11.1971


01 Bonn: Extraordinary SPD Party Congress (fiscal policy as a social policy) Erhard Eppler in the profile on microphones, half close, actuality to the fiscal policy of the Government.
Recorded interview: Never existed a taxation policy, which would not have been company policy; the question is, whose favor. And so a social democratic fiscal policy will be also Socialist social policy."
Applauding audience. Swivel on the front wall of the Hall with font: "SPD ' 71, an extraordinary Party Congress". Wang, Schiller, liver, Annemarie Renger sitting in a row. Willy Brandt's hands, pivoting on his face, close. Helmut Schmidt with Wang in conversation, great. Mrs Annemarie Renger, frontal, close. Schiller, Philip Rosenthal, nah, big, Wehner, Brandt, Wang and Schmidt in a row sitting, half total. Rows of tables with participants. Willy Brandt speaks on microphones, close to half. Actuality: "now, these people To want apparently misunderstand For what I confess myself again and that is this: of job security should not be played with - that's the point!" I'm asking us to, and that is above all the economic and Finance Ministers, to help that can be mastered the difficult tasks ahead of us." Applause. Wehner with pipe, half-close. Schiller, close to half of microphones. Interview: "we need to keep the high level of employment in our country and we need to ensure the competitiveness of our economy." Listeners. Wehner and Brandt, from the half back, sitting. Käthe Strobel and Steffens/Schleswig-Holstein, together at the table, half total. Total of participants.

02. Cologne: Olympic fashions demonstration on the high street men's and women's Olympic attire for all purposes, various settings. Interviews: to the Olympic clothing with passers-by. Sound bites: "I find BB´s good." - "very chic, not" "very correctly the clothing and modern."-"clothing is very tasteful and Very good selected - the two herons as well as the single-breasted." The trench coat is also Very much chic worked."-"so overall I find it not very successful, I have to say. Because these Western suits find I somewhat stiff, otherwise this Ausgehanzüge can in and of itself quite fast I."-"Yes, I find the clothes at least unusual. Not everyone so things around."-" I think the clothes are Very much beautiful and they are all Very much fashionable. "-"so, I'd say, if the services are accordingly as the clothes, then we have quite A lot of chances."

03. Hamburg: art theft in the Hamburger Kunsthalle art Hall, Traforückfahrt, total. Indoor shots with visitors. Catalogue of the "masters of the 19th century" is turned. The stolen painting in the catalog. Total Corot "pond of Ville d' Avray" and 2 paintings by Delacroix 'Tiger and snake' and 'lion and alligator' and millet's "daughter of the artist". Empty frames on the ground.
Reconstruction of the Act: "Perpetrators" climbs the flat roof of the Kunsthalle, rises above the skylights. Gloved hands open the roof window. "Perpetrators" is evident in the rope in the exhibition space. Pan across several pictures in Torch light. Hands screw pictures out of frame. Long shot of the Kunsthalle, from the back side Traforanfahrt from skylights seen. Interview with Prof. Hofmann, half total: quote: "Why are the images not insured?" - "there is no Museum in the world that would be able to insure his own possessions. "The reasons are financial: we that could not afford simply." Guard plug clock at night tour. Electric wires as a backup of the basement. Hofmann, close, speaks. Interview: "the alarms, which were built in the art Hall about 12 years ago, have proved now inadequate. "But before we knew that this system is in need of supplementary and since mid of this year preparations towards an improvement of the protection - preparatory work, iterate through dienun unfortunately or fortunately this theft will experience a certain acceleration."
Under the original parts of the alarm systems. Traforanfahrt on authority. Letter to the German newsreel about insurance of the Kunsthalle. Man climbs the ladder and cut lightning rods. To see new security guard from behind.

04. Berlin: Klaus Kinski and "New Testament" Klaus Kinski climbs stage, totally, to the microphone in the spotlight, half total. Original sound of wave and heckling from the audience. Actuality: "the wanted is no fixed abode, blasphemer, stateless persons, Gypsies, prostitutes are its surroundings" - "For 10 marks to do even what, boy!" - "now, look!" - "come on, shut your trap, so that you can hear what I say now - and above all, you come here now, which has such a big mouth - come here!" - "Christ was, as far as I know, tolerant and if one contradicted him, then he was trying to convince him. "He never told: shut your snout!"-"no, he didn't say: shut your snout, he took a whip and hit him in the face." He did this, you stupid sow, this can also happen you!"-" and you also! "-" there are now two possibilities: either those who do not belong to the rabble, throw out the other or they have paid their money for nothing. " Kinski holt man from the audience who answers him into the microphone. Temper tantrums of Kinski: Kinski leaves the stage. Börner interviewed a young man who responds and a second man.
Actuality: "Kinski is meditation tool to God for me. "He recognized, he has recognized the God in me, know the God in himself and I didn't recognize the God in me and the God in it yourself" - "but I can imagine that Christ personally had thrown any objects through the area, if it would somehow be upset." - "and In addition, I believe that Jesus at least, if not yet A lot as I had radical outbursts of temper." Klaus Kinski in interview with his wife, half-close. Klaus Kinski rages with a boxer on the ground. Kinski takes his wife in the arm and kissing her. His hand holding a doll. Kinski speaks big to Börner.
Actuality: "could do it people, when their own leaders hold in television or somewhere to fool. Then they should go forth and take away the microphone this large schnautzers, and then we will see what happens with them."
On the stage at the microphone close to Klaus Kinski. Actuality: "Jesus is there, the desperate; call Jesus is there, call the screaming mothers in Viet Nam; Jesus, Jesus is there." Tumult. Young man at the microphone, close: Interview: "Kinski should the apologize, which the staircase is pushed here!" - "you but, you hear me, I tell you: love your neighbor as yourself!" - "asshole." - "so now for others, one coming up now of these imbeciles and talk." - "I can, I can get a quote: works ye shall know them." That is key for me." Kinski leaves the stage. Young man on the MIC. Kinski puts blow him in the face, close. Kinski interview: "The idea is finished". Kinski throws away the microphone and leaves the stage. Laughter and whistles from the audience.

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Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Brandt, Willy ; Eppler, Erhard ; Hofmann ; Kinski, Klaus ; Leber, Georg ; Renger, Annemarie ; Rosenthal, Philip ; Schiller, Karl ; Steffen, Jochen ; Strobel, Käthe ; Wehner, Herbert ; Wischnewski


Cologne ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Olympics 1972 ; Cultural events ; Art ; Fashion ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 800/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Extraordinary SPD Party Conference, Bonn camera: Luppa Olympic fashions show, Cologne, camera: Luppa art piracy typically Hamburger Kunsthalle camera: Ahsendorf Klaus Kinski in Berlin m. "new. Testament"camera: Pahl at the beginning and end of total length

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