UFA-Dabei 806/1972 04.01.1972


01 Oberstorf: ski jumping - the sample several grades of athletes prior to the start of the takeoff for Sapporo, big. Long shot of the jump. Springer in the flights in ZL, total. Viewers turn heads. Günther Göllner / No. 69 on the jump and setting up, total, ZL, is totally 9 Gabrielle phasing-out. Björn Wirkola, no. 56 / Norway, big time and hurriedly, ZL. Ingolf Mork, no. 73 / Norway at start, tracking, jump, ZL, total, put on, great before the start and close 2. Yukio Kassaya, no. 89 / Japan. Flight, ZL, total, large and close.

02. IMA-agriculture: school children hand Lollar in casting, big, write essay about the work of the farmers. Scenes from the life of the country: ploughing baby sled, loading of grain squatting, farmers with sending in the cereal box in the lens. Research Group of the University. Casting with Professor Wilhelm Himmerich on the road. Inside: Pan across the classroom and Professor Wilhelm Himmerich on the road. Inside: Pan across the classroom and Professor Himmerich. Professor Himmerich, outdoor interview about the Gießener didactic model, half total: "Gießener didactic model is sought, to make independent of the random characteristics of the teacher teaching people." Folders "Agriculture in the classroom" of the information society for opinion care and education EV and slides. Hands steal the things. Young man, teacher interview before class, with photos, designed for posters should be: "along with two other groups, you should establish a set of three matching advertising posters in the draft. Here you go. The images, which are excreted, include it on the others here. Various settings in the classroom. Girl pins photo series on Blackboard. 2 girls speak to farm work photographs actuality: "this operation could No more exist, because that is to anti-erosion. In the last two images, because the contrast is shown once as ' s earlier what, because they had to Travis themselves, etc. "and now you can do everything by machine and has as ´ ne big machine, as can a man do everything alone." Several settings in the classroom with casual seating and teacher. Interview with male and female students after the first lesson, o-ton: "We just so in our discussion here, in our conversation noticed, we lack still a whole lot of information." Posing student group, Traforückfahrt au school Lollar during molding, outside.

03. Tehran: Werner Machnik fashion city, pan across Tehran. Mannequin in conversation with a police officer. On the road: Striped suit with long jacket. Machnik depends colorful fabric on a mannequin at a bazaar. Men looking for. Mannequins in knee-length coats at carpet level, several settings. Long evening dresses between columns. Blazer to long dresses. Long dresses, performed between rock walls and walls of houses. Long thin garment in the lens.

04. Knut Kiesewetter Knut Kiesewetter arises on statement of Labbudas voice, close with sunglasses. Sings original sound. Sings in the Hamburg Jazz House, close to the guitar with the band. On the road; Posters with his image, Knut Kiesewetter on a field on the Lombards bridge, on the river Elbe in the lens.

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Himmerich, Wilhelm ; Kiesewetter, Knut ; Machnik, Werner ; Göllner, Günther ; Kasaya, Yukio ; Mork, Ingolf


Hamburg ; Tehran ; France ; Oberstdorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Forestry ; Musical events ; Schools, training ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Agriculture ; Fashion ; Agriculture ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 806/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Ski jump Oberstdorf (camera test for Sapporo: Rau, Pahl, Rühe IMA - agriculture school Lollar and Unicode.) Pour camera: Ahsendorf m fashion Tehran camera: Pahl Knut Kiesewetter camera: L. at the beginning and end of total length

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