UFA-Dabei 809/1972 25.01.1972


01-Brussels: EEC signatures of the countries, Ireland, Denmark and Norway inside: Edward Heath, followed by Douglas-home moving through applauding crowd, half total. Harold MacMillan, half total. Scheel sitting, half-total with papers on her lap. Douglas-Home and Heath sit down to sign, totally. Heath signing, great. Swing face on hands. For Ireland John A. signed Lynch, Prime Minister of Ireland, total signed Jens for Denmark Otto Krag, great. For Norway: Trygve Bratteli, total. Heath talks total and close, o-ton: "this ceremony today marks an end to the divisions which have knit Europe... "Translation:"this ceremony means The end of Division, under which Europe suffered for centuries. " Today, we're doing to build a new and larger United Europe. This is the task that lies before us today - in our generation on our continent." Long shot of the Hall, applause. Scheel and Heath, close, shake the hands of each other. Actuality Scheel, close, generally to the new EEC, o-ton: "the Federal Republic has worked from day one with all energy, that the European economic community could be expanded. Now, this community has a population of 260 million. We are the largest trading power in the world and the economic power of the EEC is the biggest that exist in the world after the United States. That gives new opportunities for the people here with us, the jobs are safe and consumers will have new opportunities."

02. Cologne: International furniture fair in 1972 several short impressions of the fair. Several different style furniture, like old German etc. Modern shelf wall, modern facilities, particularly for mobile living. Wall units. Table is folded in the closet wall. "Living landscapes", leather-trimmed seating. Part of kitchen furniture is used as a trolley. Assembling plastic parts to a residential tower. Thonet chairs. Thonet rocking chair made of bentwood. Modern Thonet rocking chair. Thonet racks and coffee house chairs and table. Various modern chairs, living rooms, visitors.

03. Munich: Tin can opens Carnival fashion, dress is taken from. Girl stops T-Shirt. Inscription: "I am proud of me" and "Munich 1972, Olympic love games". Shorts and T-Shirt with Olympic rings, close. Huge spring decoration of girl with artificial breasts. Kothurne. Face, close, is painted on the cheek with the eye. Feather headdress. Bird mask, close. Chain behangener poncho with chains headdress, cross provided image. As well as sack dresses with the inscription "Enter plot strictly prohibited" and "Private".

04. Schrecksbach in Fulda: "Beat on the land", "The Petards" Villagescape Schrecksbach, Traforückfahrt. Various settings of the quad-band "The Petards" on the village square and individually, big and close. Cart ride on village road. Villagers, a fountain, the village girls total. Individual pictures from the village as intermediate cuts.

05. St. Moritz: Four-Bob Championship bobsledder before starting to prepare their sled. Start a competing, diverse settings. Hung riders Ferdi Müller / Switzerland, big, is to carry taken away. Launch of Germany I ride with Captain Herbert Pitka, several settings. PITKA in the Bob half total. Switzerland III, start, and several settings of the drive and Bob phasing-out. Hansrüdi Müller is European champion with his crew. You are congratulated and receive Cup.

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Bratteli, Trygve ; Douglas-Home ; Heath, Edward ; Krag, Jens Otto ; Lynch, John A. ; McMillan, Harold ; Scheel, Walter ; Müller, Ferdi ; Müller, Hansrüdi ; Pitka, Herbert


Cologne ; Brussels ; Munich ; Hamburg ; St. Moritz


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bobsleigh ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Musical events ; Pacts ; Furniture ; Contracts ; Foreign policy events ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; snow cars ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 809/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Brussels: EEC signatures camera: Luppa Cologne: furniture fair 1972 camera: Rühe Munich: Carnival fashion show camera: Rau beat in the countryside origin: beak film four-Bob Championship, St. Moritz origin: Cine journal at the beginning and end of total length

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