UFA-Dabei 814/1972 29.02.1972


01 Bonn / Bundestag: 1 reading of the Eastern treaties Parliament Hall, total, Eagle right in the image. Genscher and Gerhard Jahn, half total. Genscher leafs through papers. Individual participants, half total. Scheel, half total. Opposition bench. Willy Brandt on the lectern, half close to actuality speaks: "the renunciation of violence and the principles of peaceful coexistence are indeed No more just a matter of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Soviet Union and the people's Republic of Poland. You have become a thing of the European and international politics. They take it ladies and gentlemen, how I say it. "Today, we can include a new policy to be the pace-setters, tomorrow would will at best be numbered among the laggards." Under the original pan over the Bundestag. Applause. Brandt, Scheel, half total, Barzel, half close, o-ton: "we, ladies and gentlemen, To want peace, effective relaxation and freedom for the people. We To want lead, that joins the free Europe and works together with the other States, that right to self-determination and freedom of movement, and which belong to our belief that the lasting order of peace, then people agree, because people have tangible and felt some of it. That's why we say to this Treaty: not so. Intermediate editing: Kiesinger, Erhard, and others. Applause of the opposition. Scheel, half close, o-ton: "the treaties have passed an initial test. Without them it would not have To give a Berlin settlement. You're also clearly that we have the opportunity to heed but also the responsibility of the position of a liberal German State from the lessons of history. "If this succeeds, so has to my generation, the one in terms of has called"Sacrificed"the many deaths in the last war, highest achieved what they could achieve: peace for themselves and their children's generation." Wehner with the back half to the inspectors, half-close. Applaudierende, seen from the rear.

02. Germany: Polish fashions by Grazyna Bunny Avenue. Grazyna Bunny with suitcase, away, totally, and several times closer. Close with fur hat. Various settings by Heinz Titze with cameras when shooting in the undergrowth. Clothes hanging on trees, actuality Grazyna rabbit taking the shots: "I'm Grazyna Bunny and I'm from Warsaw." In my case, I have fashion for the summer. I designed the models even for young people. They are produced in Poland. The material is linen and canvas. I have fashion for teens presented in Poland for many years and believe I know what young people may suffer. I also know that they have not A lot of money for clothes. For these models, you need not A lot. This fashion is fun, practical and straightforward." Bunny goes Grazyna in various garments from linen and canvas for adolescent girls through forest and undergrowth. All images under the original sound by Grazyna Hare. TAKS with camera in multiple settings for photo shots, detail shots of the garments. Grazyna rabbit in matrosenhaftem suit with suitcases on the alley immediately, o-ton: "The Polish youth was pleased with this cheerful, youthful fashion, and I hope that you like also the German youth."

03. Hamburg: Circus Muchachos Manege total, with light effects. Appearance of a group of musical instruments. Several settings of young artists in the dressing and make-up, near onslaught of uniformed groups. Acrobats. Scenes with clowns. Torero-clowns at "Bullfighting". Ground floor acrobats. Artist in quickly circling wheel. Juggler. Legs, big, on wire rope. Rope artists. Artist with bike on cable. Balancing act on cylindrical rollers, several settings.

04. Munich: Rally para tilt ´ 72, parachute jumping and cross-country skiing, soldier several parachute Pack lying on the ground. Table overview of the participating Nations. Helicopter flying over snow. Aerial photographs of snowy mountain landscape. Skydivers, close. Helicopter total and jumping off. Open parachutes in the air, total. More jumps. Jumpers land in the snow, totally. Cracked-off gathers his parachute. Feet on skis, close. Start the cross-country skiers, totally, with backpacks and rifles. Several grades of international teams of five. Italian group comes as the winner by the target.

05. Stuttgart: German Indoor Athletics Championships long shot of the Hall. Several runners group settings. 3000 m run: Jürgen May in the running total, may together with other runners, WINS, great. Shot put: Shock winner Ferdinand Schladen / Bonn, ZL, size. He encounters 19.10 m. Pole vault: Jump in ZL of Hans Jürgen Ziegler, total, which here breaks the latte, WINS but with the height of 5.20 m 60 m run of the ladies: run total, champion Annegret Richter / Dortmund, close to half, embraced. 800 m free women: start, tracking. Champion Gisela Ellenberger in 2.71 minutes. women's 1500 m race: winner Ellen Tittel of the running total. women's 200 m race: race winner Rita wild-Jahn / Leverkusen, close.

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Barzel, Rainer Candidus ; Brandt, Willy ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Hase, Grazyna ; Jahn, Gerhard ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Scheel, Walter ; Titze, Heinz ; Ellenberger, Gisela ; May, Jürgen ; Richter, Annegret ; Schladen, Ferdinand ; Tittel, Ellen ; Wilden-Jahn, Rita ; Ziegler, Hans-Jürgen


Munich ; Germany ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Stuttgart ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; skydiving, skydiving ; Pacts ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Military events ; Contracts ; Circus ; Fashion ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 814/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

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Parliament: 1st reading d. East contracts camera: Luppa Polish fashion in Germany camera: Rahim circus muchachos, Hamburg camera: Rieck, fire rally para ' 72 camera tilt: Rau origin: Fox pool athletics, Deutsche Meistersch.
Camera: Rau, Rühe at the beginning and end of total length

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