UFA-Dabei 815/1972 07.03.1972


01 Ulm: weightlifting tournament and interview close Rudolf Mang weight rod, weight-lifter, includes the rod hand. Foot, close, several settings. Various tensed faces of the lifters, close. Feet of lift, close. One drop the weight, total. 25 kg ring is pushed onto the rod, close. Rudolf Mang lifting large and close. Place Bellenberg: lowered railroad crossing gate. Swing on House of Mang in Bellenberg. Ranking drive on garage. Mang goes in his exercise room and in special training device. Mang actuality: Mang, close, lifting and pushing. M world record, with 230,5 kg in the press, total.

02. Frankfurt: Frankfurt trade fair for various settings of the fair and its visitors, including table lighter in multiple settings that automatically turns off if the appliance. Table covered with blue onion Dinnerware. Porcelain balls as a wall decoration. Reciprocally provided glasses. Hessian Minister Osswald with other men in conversation, great. Swing above crowds. Melitta dishware. Ceramic tableware and the output materials, close. Pen and ink Illustrator by Faber-Castell, close. Drawing Board with swivelling characters head. Golden Schreibgarnitur, close. Fully electronic Yamaha organ. Hands on manual, close. Foot on the pedal, close. Children's music course, swing.

03. Darmstadt: ESOC, Houston on the Rhine road ride on board with the inscription "ESOC". Driving shots around the building of the ESOC. Mini antenna, close. Control room. Harris / NASA, half total speaks interview: "well, I think, to put together the 10 participating Nations with their 10 different mentalities to a well functioning control team. This work is done, I will look now for another country, where I can build an another control center. "The Darmstadt Center's main tasks: monitoring artificial satellites, the processing of the received data and last but not least, the preparation of new projects, even the firing of rockets on American turf." - "can Europe meet this requirement?" - "sure, there are many areas where the American technology is superior to here us. "But there are areas where we are next in Darmstadt: in the scientific satellite monitoring and the evaluation of measured data." Several recordings in the control room. Equipment, screen and several driving shots, Multimeter, telephone system. Pan across computing systems: 2 technicians at work, total. O-ton of Harris: "the TD satellite explores the Gama-rays of our solar system. We need the control center and the ground stations, specifically to provide the results of the star researchers in Europe." Control room in Darmstadt, rocket on screen. Actuality of the countdown. Rocket launch full-screen.

04. Hamburg: Humphries Les his group of original sound of the group, pictures of them at the football game and play in a schoolyard. Several settings of individual members, great. All run at the sounding of a Bell character in class and sit down. Near Les Humphries. Actuality: "today will have a new title. This is our new single and is called "old man moses". Let's start BB´s." Various settings during the song, many close-ups. Interview: "my name is Les Humphries and I am the head of this group. The reason why I founded a group, is simply because I needed an anchor in the Studio as a show producer and arranger. We come from six Nations. Les Humphries, close. Individual members of the group, close. Elizabeth Mitchel from Jamaica, Christopher Yim of Korea, Christina Werner from Stockholm, Judy Archer from Trinidad, Peggy Evers / fronds. Further speech Les Humphries, close, o-ton: "reason that we come to believe I, is it, that a Very much hard rhythm we outnumbered our music, and that music is even so a mixture between rock, Gospel and blues, and soul." Several settings during the song, mostly close-ups. Run all over the schoolyard.

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Harris, Sugar Cane ; Les Humphries Singers ; Osswald ; Mang, Rudolf


Frankfurt ; Ulm ; Darmstadt ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Musical events ; Rockets ; Aerospace ; Exhibitions ; weight lifting ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 815/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Tournament, weight lifting camera: Rau Frankfurt fair camera: Jackson Houston on the Rhine (ESOC) camera: Luppa Les Humphries camera: Jackson, fire at the beginning and end of total length

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