UFA-Dabei 817/1972 21.03.1972


1 Hannover: Didakta-education exhibition children's playground, large. Children assemble wood, close. Playing child in wooden houses, etc. Multiple setting close to painting and drawing children, brush and chalk. Children when painting with the water-soluble wax chalk. Faber-Castell slide rule, close and visible on enlightened washer for the student. Drawing utensil case, close. Lahr construction kit with battery and light bulb. Computer Kit. Diverse apparatus. Nixdorf computer. Tape cassette. Girl on line serving reply button. Letter of testimony with computer. Visitors to the exhibition. Audiovisual school Studio. Fernauge provides microscope image on monitor. Kids at visit, close. Little girl writes on board "The teacher is stupid".

02. exhibition of Jean Tinguely various settings from noisy machines of Tinguely, total - and detail shots.

03. Holy Harbour - Holiday Centre flying seagulls against Heiligenhafen, Trafofahrt on high-rise buildings on the shore. Concrete box hotels in Heiligenhafen driving scenes. Belvedere Restaurant Café. Ride on Mayor Lohwasser, close. Najib speak o-ton: "To stop city vacationers in concrete silos, it has considered that?" - "we have considered that, and from many conversations with guests from major cities we have found, that they Very much like to come here." - "How the balance sheet for them as a businessman after the first Wintersaion?" - "is the balance sheet after the first winter season quite satisfactory." - Badar interview with elder Spa, is thrilled by Heiligenhafen. Swivel on shop on holder, who will be interviewed by Börner. Next interview with Najib, o-ton: "Is not the community overwhelmed?" - "no, we have adopted right now an extensive budget without the annual tax have laws - without increasing fees. Simply because through the tourist occupancy last year an increased tax Aufkommung by about 20% there was." Pan kitchen, sink and shower of concrete boxes on a hotel or apartment rooms inside. Indoor pool, total, bowling alley, total. Restaurant, inside. Next interview with Najib, o-ton: "Would Heiligenhafen build Once again?" - "at the present time, after so many holiday resorts arising out or are in the making, because the beds offer is too big." We were but then yes the first and therefore were at that time to assess things"holiday resort Heiligenhafen, Castle depth, Sierksdorf, damp, Kellenhusen as receding title. Various settings of kahler houses without trees and shrubs. Poster: "sea water indoor and outdoor pool Kellenhusen Kursaal with electoral administration". Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein, Gerhard Stoltenberg, close, original sound, to the poor state of Kellenhusen is financially has taken over hotel buildings: "the country will be here Very much restrained, the municipality must see, after a faulty planning is done, how it is able to cope with these difficulties. A holiday and tourist destination such as Schleswig-Holstein with over 2 million guests a year and almost 20 million overnight stays must adapt to the diverse desires of its visitors. So it was good that we had an investment rush, brings us some 15 major centres on the Baltic Sea with tens of thousands of beds and overnight accommodation. But, as clearly the Government has now decided a stop so that we get the environmental problems still careful in the handle, and prevent any overcapacity." Adequacy of the O-Tons with various settings of semi-finished houses. Several settings high-rises on the Baltic Sea. 04. Horrem: Niederrhein: Go-Cart race various settings of the race on railway car tyres limited. Prepare the little racer, close. Relentless special tyres, close. Feet in turn boots set pedals is close. World Champion Goldstein / Belgium, close to the puts on goggles. Start the car and run. Winner Goldstein, as such not recognizable.

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Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Lohwasser ; Stoltenberg, Gerhard ; Goldstein, Francois


Hanover ; Heiligenhafen ; Switzerland ; Berlin ; Horrem/Niederrhein ; Horrem ; Schleswig-Holstein


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Townscapes: Germany ; Art ; Exhibitions ; Fog ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 817/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Hannover Didakta camera: Rühe Tinguely origin: Cine journal Heiligenhafen, resort camera: fire Go-Cart racing camera: Luppa at the beginning and end of total length

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