UFA-Dabei 818/1972 28.03.1972


1st Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Curling World Championships Hall inside: several settings of the curling athletes at the competition. Curling stone in the hand of a participant, close. Close-up of a broom and a broom in the form of the brush. With a broom, the ice before the sliding stone is wiped, half total and close. Stone is the stone of the opponent. Various settings of the games. Germany reached the 3rd place. Scenes from the battle of United States - Canada. Canadian team is the world champion.

02. Hamburg Institute of remote teaching many pedestrians on the road, including a young man who is later interviewed by Walton among others. Interviews with the young man and other students of the remote teaching Institute. Sound bites: "hope you what a remote teaching institution?" - "Why you have"Yes, I'm industrial clerk and must advise customers now also technically and I have decided to take the course of measuring and control technology at this Institute."- is for remote teaching study resolutely and not for an evening school?" - "I have the opportunity to share my studies, as I think it is right here now", or how I can find time for it." - "I'm still soldier and intend to study at University to take after leaving the German army" - "I drove long years to the Lake, most recently as a second engineer and during the voyages I perceived the possibility, me on my current job, I'm active in a Bremen oil and gas burner company, to prepare." And that has paid off for me Very much"driving record inside of the remote teaching Institute with staff at work. Mail sorting, printing operation, A few settings. Shelves with educational materials. Package shipping. Computer. Interview with the educational Director of the Institute, near, by Walton, o-ton: "we should strive, I mean to make it as easy as possible for the student to ask a question, because whenever he works through material he has issues and it should be quite easy for him, - only his questions to formulate needs to insert in ´ n envelope and send." Trial recording session with sociologists, educators, etc. Various settings of individual.

03. Berlin: New President of the film promotion agency, Wolfram Dorn settings of the event inside. The men with glasses. Wolfram Dorn, great. Dr. Wiers with other men, half total. Spine predecessor. Joachim Raffert shakes spike hand, receives a picture presented. Applauding gentlemen, among other Dr. Wolfram Engelbrecht. Wolfram Dorn, half close to the actuality of the quality improvement tasks of the film industry speaks: "the film industry has provided a substantial quality improvement for the German film industry in the past years, but I see my primary purpose for the future to increase the quality improvement; "and here it's essential that the Parliament, the Government and the film industry in the area of the film promotion agency jointly supported this objective and To try to reach."

04. Renault R is filled, close 6 tank of the car. Litre display tank column, close. R 6 at gas station, runs. R-6 on the road, half-total and total. Valance and dashboard, close. Operating the switch for wiper, light, etc, such as Schiebestockschaltung. Look at the engine. Spare tire in the trunk. Close: Independent suspension and swivel cushion. R 6 in off-road short. Demonstrate the small turning circle, total, seen from above. Braking cars, total. Car side with open side doors and tailgate. Case number that fits in the trunk. Sitting Mr. in the tailgate, o-ton: ";My verdict after almost 3,000 kilometers test drive; a family-friendly car is Renault 6, a small economical car with amazingly A lot of comfort and space. With its 47 HP pretty temperamental, Yes, and sure the car is also."

05. Spanish pop music group tops the various settings of the group, singing outdoors on tree and on children's carousel. Negro sings original sound track "Living". The Group walk and on a lawn in ZL. Sing the title "Mamy Blue" original sound.

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Dorn, Wolfram ; Engelbrecht, Wolfram ; Pop Tops ; Raffert, Joachim ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Wiers, Hindericus


Berlin ; Ulm ; England ; France ; East Germany ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Curling ; Interviews ; filmmaking ; Musical events ; Schools, training ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Social events ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 818/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Curling World Championships, Garmisch-Partenkirchen camera: Rau Hamburger remote teachers Institute camera: L. film promotion Institute camera: Luppa, Luppa Renault - test camera R6: Jackson pop tops, span. "Many Blue" m. Group camera: Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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