UFA-Dabei 819/1972 04.04.1972


01 pedestrians crossing Easter Berlin traffic at night. Interviews with various persons for the treatment by the GDR authorities boerner, o-ton: "How was the treatment by the authority of the GDR?" - "Perfectly fine." - "I can complain in any way, correctly, forestall and quickly." - "without complications and and also back." - "se were friendly and we were able to and see it all." Lines of cars at the border crossing, Traforückfahrt. People pass through wall passage and tracking. Rainy weather. More settings of DDR visitors with suitcases and bags. Sign: "you are leaving the American sector" in four languages. Caravans, swivel on pedestrian behind bars. Various settings of passport checks at border crossings. Bus travels through the image. Border control documents of sitting in cars, close and the passports of pedestrians, tall and close. Interviews by Börner with frontier workers about courtesy of the GDR and to the ratification of the Eastern treaties, several people, sound bites: "Maybe because the East treaties, so that come through." - "Yes, it may be part of a tactic, on the other hand it has to do with the East treaties." - "well, at least on the coming contracts." - "Certainly on the assumption that the East treaties signed - quite sure will then be." - "Should in your opinion to the Parliament in Bonn which ratify East contracts?" - "on each case." - "Yes", as soon as possible." - "but I am of course in favour." - "I guess, are still a few fall over from the other side."

02. Nuremberg: action space for experimental games to art education in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg City pictures 2 settings of the old town. In the Museum: several settings of young people in activities with the help of projectors, film, photography and television. Among other shenanigans with gloved hands. Young people hang Each other with hoses, foam pieces and wrap in plastic film, etc.

03. France: "Sistine Chapel" of the French restaurateurs Irial Irial at his restaurant in the kitchen with pass through food by a flap. acquired by Irial Chapel, total. Irial, great. Irial goes in his Chapel. Relief with his head on the chapel wall. Irial on the ladder while painting his Chapel, various settings of its amateurish paintings. Postcards, which paints Irial. Bust of Irial. Irial close before his this gang figure on pedestal or sarcophagus. Irial, close, umwogt by clouds of smoke.

04. Hamburg: Jumbo freighter landend Jumbo freighter total and big. Nozzle close. Hinged nose, bow, close. Several settings hydraulic lifting device for discharge of the jumbo freighter. In the plane: discharge of 2 sports aircraft from the freighter. The aircraft nose folded up bug, Traforückfahrt.

05. Juliane Werding with the drugs song "died the day Conny Kramer..."
Sitting Juliane Werding waterfront, large and close, with guitar, actuality sings the song. Interview: Juliane Werding discusses actuality, close, drug experiences: "Yes, I have some experiences with narcotics made - and, indeed, I have many acquaintances among drug addicts and also good friends, and if you always look at how they slowly break up and throw away your whole life practically, one wonders, that must have some reason yet, so the drug ecstasy, to be as beautiful and positive", that you may throw away everything for this. Then I've just tried it, but, frankly, it is not so nice, you throw everything in the dirt for." Posters and poster pasted walls, swing over bags of post and bundled letters. Teddy bear and doll. Next interview: "Your commitment is not only a scam?" - "no, there is no mesh. Because this topic touched me, I would like to do something against drug abuse, and it's only when I'm talking to a large mass of people. That is only possible through a great medium, such as television, film or record. "And quite good results will be achieved." Juliane Werding sings close interview "we were dreaming in the grass, their heads full of crazy ideas..., "

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Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Irial ; Werding, Juliane


Nuremberg ; Hamburg ; East Berlin ; Ulm ; England ; France ; Germany ; East Germany ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Interviews ; Education, youth ; aircraft ; Musical events ; Townscapes: Australia ; Townscapes: Germany ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Curiosities ; Transport: General ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 819/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Easter-Berlin-traffic camera: Pahl, fire art educator. Exporiment mus. Nürnbg.
Origin: Germany mirror "Sixtin. Chapel"d. restaurateurs Irial origin: Pathé journal Jumbo freighter camera: L., Seib Juliane Werding m. d. song"on the day when Conny Kramer died"camera: Jackson at the beginning and end of total length

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