UFA-Dabei 822/1972 25.04.1972


1 Hannover: Antiques Fair aerial photographs of the castle gardens of Herrenhausen. Music Group Parzival. Flutist driving record and close to the game. Parzival in the gardens and in front of the Manor House, original sound. Random ride on water games, before on a table bronze clock and 2 candlesticks. Inside: Watch Benjamin Webb, London, close. Pan across old clock. Look on the exhibition hall of the Orangerie, from above, total, Pan; Occasional furniture from France and chandeliers. Various settings of modern works of art. Magritte-detail. Settings of the turn of the century art: Art Nouveau lamps and furniture. Swivel about Venetian glass cup and several glasses. Painted porcelain box in hands, close. Augsburg silver jug, close to Hamburg silver pot, Pan,. Riding on a display case with porcelain and silver. Plate in Cabinet, swivel and ranking ride.

02. Hanover industrial fair ´ seen 72 lines of cars on the motorway Hanover from above. Music Group Parzival plays and sings on highway bridge and on the Fairgrounds in a plastic sitting. Setting on the fairgrounds. Aerial view of the site, several settings. Machinery, vehicles, among other electrically driven transport trolleys; Minister Schiller, half total. Russian Ambassador Valentin Falin, half-close. Rock specimens from the Moon in the armored glass case. Office machine: Cutting machine that can be operated by telephone, called notice. Schiller on this stand and demonstration of the device. Photocopier, copied at the same time front and back of a sheet. METABO power tools are presented. Electric shaver Remington, especially small model with battery. Computer. Demonstration of magnetic card for Sofortauskünfte. Data processing and transmission. Magnetic disks of the Nixdorf computer. Replacement of the systems. New Registierkassensystem with an electronic wand. Building materials: excavator type in various different versions for all purposes and types of soil. Particularly impressive demonstrations of machinery. Aerial photographs of the densely occupied parking lot.

03. Hanover: air show ´ 72 aerial employee from aircraft and Parzival band. Whiz in the air, total and puts back on total. Hall inside: driving record issued by exhibition hall, engines and Jet engines from MTU Constance. Outside: parked Starfighter and Phantom jet fighters. Parzival group in addition to aircraft. Helicopters in the air, total. Rotors, close. Man leaves helicopter rope ladder. "Concorde" landend, total. Aerial photography of parked aircraft, among other various Russian aircraft. Geiger of Parzival group, close.

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Falin, Valentin ; Parzival ; Schiller, Karl




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; Musical events ; Art ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; Industrial ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 822/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Antiques Fair, Hannover camera: Jürgens Parzival - band camera: Ahsendorf Hannover - Messe 1972 + Parzival band camera: L., Rieck aviation show Encl. Hannover Fair + Parzival band camera: Pahl, Rühe, Rahim at the beginning and end of total length

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