UFA-Dabei 823/1972 02.05.1972


01 Berlin: Brandt speaks before the Schöneberg Town Hall the vote of no confidence on Schöneberg Town Hall, swing by Tower crowd. Actuality of Brandt: "this our city, my dear Berliners and Berlin, has better chances than at some point since the end of the second world war. This town - this city knows what is good for Berlin, which is also good for our country, and it is good for Europe. "And that's why I'm taking the appeal: Member of the German Bundestag, Stop it this city!" Brandt, close in front of microphones. Cheers and applause. Brandt and Scheel together pan across densely crowded crowds, half total.

02. Bonn: Bundestag: vote of no confidence at the lectern: Kurt-Georg Kiesinger, half total, actuality: "group of the CDU/CSU made the request under article 67 of the Basic Law: the Bundestag may decide: the Bundestag expressed mistrust to Chancellor Willy Brandt and chooses the members as his successor Dr." Rainer Barzel as Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany." Herbert Wehner, half total, o-ton: "that does not purchase our votes for it, you know! So try with own votes, to achieve their projects. Support your candidates at his chin. Gerhard Schröder, half total, o-ton: "today we are deciding on a new Chancellor and, convinced as I am, a better policy." Walter Scheel, half total, o-ton: "this Government is historically alone thus justified, that she has created with their narrow majority, what others did not reach with their big majorities, or could: our people on the threshold of his taboo across track to take it away from illusions." Rainer Barzel enters the Chamber, goes to vote, is his piece of paper in the box, total. Von Guttenberg is driven in a wheelchair in the Hall. Strauß talks with Babs. Urn is dumped. Sorting out the piece of paper with handwritten "Yes" or "No", close. Applause in the Chamber. Several settings surround the stirred appearing Brandt Government members. Applause. Brandt and Scheel half total in their places. Barzel is Brandt, hands, as Scheel, him half total. Barzel goes back into place.

03. Munich: Olympia stone the pillars Hall ship Beflaggtes in Olympia, total, from Venice. Stone on board in a box, covered with Olympic flag and flowers. Look in the box with the stone with Olympic rings and characters. Among the clapping guests Martin Lauer and Roberto Blanco. Box is lifted by crane on land. Official sealed railway wagons. The box with the stone strapped in the car. Flag with Olympic rings, close, in the Olympic village in Munich. Among the guests Daume and Mayor bird, half total. Stone is revealed, large inscriptions of the stone, close with the numbers of 776 b.c. - A.d. 1972

04. May Bock beer in the Hofbräuhaus dancing girls in short Dirndl dresses. Beer drinkers, wood chipper. Billy Goat drinking beer from Seidel, close. Dancing girl group. 5 mug of beer in one hand, close. Shredding girl. Men drink with Seideln.

05. alcohol test of hamburger Verkehrswacht of young man eye test, front foot switch pedal car. Slalom test drive by transport bag, close. VW by gasoline barrels, holds in time with reverse grid. Selling certain amounts of alcohol on the subjects. After the consumption of alcohol: VW in backwards between cones that fall over, or will go over as well in slalom ride. Grid is approached in reverse. Interviews with the test drivers about their driving behavior, sound bites: "Something worse than normal." - "I didn't expect this result." - "what is this?" - "I am of the opinion, that I drove A lot worse would be."-"Yes, so, if I'd speak for myself, I would Not now driven more." Re-examination of the side perception of a driver. Blood collection from a driver. The test person's name is attached to the gun. Spokesman of the transportation departments, close, interview, talks about the introduction of 0.8 per thousand border: "absolutely, Yes, I think I flatter myself. "At 0.8 per thousand border - that is, in any case I feel drunk." - "would you be driven, if you should make a test?" - "no, I would No more driving." Transportation departments. "The result of this test confirmed but our unanimous decision, which we have taken in the entire Deutsche Verkehrswacht, to use us for introducing this 0.8 per thousand border."

06. Football: Uwe Seeler farewell game football fans with banners that greet Uwe Seeler. Waving flags of HSV. Interview with Uwe Seeler, close, o-ton: "I've played enthusiasm and got it, nevertheless, professional football will have now, always considered as a hobby, always tried To give my best. Maybe I've been too ambitious, Me too know, but on the other hand, a large portion of ambition is also necessary to succeed." Players, among other Uwe Seeler, run on the playing field. Cameramen and photographers. Sepp Herberger with Hat and sunglasses, close, actuality and Fritz Walter, close, o-ton: "one can say that net with his sentence, which is located in his skills, his talent and his personal values." - "Yes, I his constant readiness for the team always the last to To give." Gameplay footage from the game against the world eleven: Uwe Seeler leaves the field of play with others. Helmut Schön embraced him in the crowd, totally. Nice, close, speaks words of farewell, o-ton: "he was a great fighter and a great football player. He was certainly not a game designer, but he was an enforcer, as well - as they probably first and foremost, and that I have him certify particularly an outstanding captain and staff of trainer, so you had half the work sometimes as a coach if you know Uwe Get up the field." Salem on the shoulders of his fans.

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Barzel, Rainer Candidus ; Blanco, Roberto ; Brandt, Willy ; Guttenberg von und zu, Karl Theodor ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Scheel, Walter ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Vogel, Joachim ; Wehner, Herbert ; Daume, Willi ; Herberger, Sepp ; Lauer, Martin ; Seeler, Uwe ; Schön, Helmut ; Walter, Fritz


Munich ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Germany


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Domestic events ; Football ; Olympics 1972 ; accident series ; Medicine ; Transport: General ; festivals ; Entertainment, festivals ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 823/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Bonn, Bundestag: censure camera: Luppa, Jürgens Berlin: Brandt and Scheel in B. camera: Pahl Olympia stone for Munich camera: Rau may Bock in the Munich Hofbräuhaus camera: Rau alcohol test camera: Rühe football, Uwe Seelers farewell game camera: Seib, Rühe, fire, Ahsendorf, Tiege at the beginning and end of total length

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