UFA-Dabei 824/1972 08.05.1972


1 Hamburg: artistic gymnastics international match Germany - USSR Assembly: hands grab horse grips, close, believe Turner on parallel bars, the horse in rings, hand on chest, close. Turner among other Gienger, close at exercises, partly in ZL. Floor gymnastics scene in ZL. Driving record on parallel bars with Turner over. Head coach Frederick, close speaks interview about the compulsory gymnastics of the German Turner: "the compulsory gymnastics was an almost traditional weakness of the German gymnast, but in preparation for Munich, we have an increased attention this program part of the twelve fight and Very much intensively trained... to the compulsory Michail Andreanow is a Very much dynamic Turner, they see it especially in this part of the exercise. It offers elegance, sometimes risky exercises. Here you can see the stone man Stemme and the Sanders straddle - the open rotation, and now you pay attention to the finish: Pike with full rotation... Eberhard Gienger is a very excellent stretching gymnast, he turns very difficult and yet Very much elegant. You see the endo straddle - the judges sure just a Very much difficult ELL-handle rotation, now the double stone man Riesenfelge, the dump that no deficiencies be turned no opening of the legs, but gives them no chance, Gienger, but turns with stretched arms, - is also paid attention, and now comes after the Stalder straddle the outlet, a double screw." Scenes from the routine of the Soviet art turn master Michail Andreanow, on the horizontal bar, totally, partly ZL. Disposal of the Reck Pike jump with full rotation in ZL. Eberhard Gienger / Germany on the horizontal bar, total, in freestyle, finish with double screw, total. In PLN the same thing Once again, the highlights of the free skate.

02. Hamburg: 50 years overseas day and 738. birthday of the Hamburg Port Gustav Heinemann the Hamburger is Mayor Schulz and core with his consort road, total, among others. Working Group with protective helmets, 2 single, close. Heinemann on shipyard tour and lectern bearing the Hamburg coat of arms on the front. Under the original sound, port images, and several settings of the St. Michael's Church: "The principle of the open door, the freedom of Commerce, is representing around so vividly in this city on the unhindered comings and goings of ships from all over the world to us, is the driving force of our economic and trade policies. She has us paved the way, the Federal Republic of Germany could now penetrate the second place in the list of world trading Nations and countries." German shipyard. Boat water police in ride, totally. Heinemann, on launch, is a candy offered him, which he takes and puts it in her mouth. Schulz and core, close. Heinemann and Schulz waving to people on the shore. Senate launch, total, short. Port image.

03. Berlin: 100 years of material test "Experimental station for the testing of steel and iron" building, total. Old stick of plants. Today's buildings as "Federal Institute for materials testing, outdoor and various settings of the technical equipment inside." Among other things test machine for artificial pedestrians to check the wear resistance of floor coverings, close, in operation. Swivel "Swing Hall", in the materials made of steel on strength, fatigue strength and elasticity are tested. Man with head and eye protection, close. Plasma torches when cutting high alloyed steel, close, totally. Cut edge is non-refundable. Room and front doors in the fire test, several settings. Pan across a testbed of the Department for "Construction". Swivel device for testing to the tensile strength of steel-reinforced concrete, cracks in the concrete, close. Critical device.

04. Holland: cyclist Regiment Chapel several settings of a biking military Chapel, and single, sagacious, blowers, drummers, etc. on the street and driving the figure.

05. Hamburg: powerboat race of the 500 cc class, Dove-Elbe prepare the boats before the race, great. Boat on the roof of a car. Driving record on parking at the Dove Elbe along. Starter with starter's flag, great. Start of the field and various racing scenes. Spectators on the shore. European champion Volker Steinwascher / No. 13, being overtaken by Rainer Biesterfeld / No. 66 and gives up due to engine failure. His boat on the shore. A participants paddling his boat back.

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Andreanow, Michail ; Biesterfeld, Rainer ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Kern, Johannes ; Schulz, Peter ; Müller, Friedrich ; Gienger, Eberhard ; Steinwascher, Volker


Berlin ; Holland ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Interviews ; motor boat race ; Musical events ; Shipping ; Townscapes: Germany ; accident series ; Gymnastics ; Curiosities ; Military events ; Entertainment, festivals ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 824/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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West Germany-USSR gymnastics camera: L., Ahsendorf 50 years overseas day Hamburg camera: Brandes, l. 100 years material test Berlin origin: Germany mirror cyclist Regiment Chapel origin: Polygoon ADAC - motorboat racing camera: Jürgens, Rühe at the beginning and end of total length

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