UFA-Dabei 849/1972 31.10.1972


01 London: Heinemann visit to England ceremonial carriage, Heinemann with Queen Elizabeth II. old castle wall with old lanterns. Heinemann, Queen Elizabeth, half total, Prince Philip, in short, Ambassador von Hase, short, welcome people. Gala dinner. At the table: women-Hilda Heinemann alongside Prime Minister Heath, Heinemann in conversation with Princess Anne. Honorary doctorate for Heinemann and associated celebrations. Windsor Castle. Invasion of the British infantry in the field. Ehrenformationen. Drill. Under a grandstand with Royal coat of arms: Heinemann and wife. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Princess Margaret. Step down in front: Heinemann with Prince Philip.

02. Germany: traffic safety slow-moving traffic on the highway. Shield U 14 provides pedestrians from cars. Pedestrians trying to cross clogged streets. A badly damaged accident car. A man held in the ambulance. In the damaged car someone else. In addition to the car a crying child. Ambulance arrives. A banner: "watch out for children". Survey of pedestrians on the street: "already enough for the education provided in the schools and kindergartens?" Sound bites: "I have two boys and who were both in the kindergarten, because I can't complain themselves, which have was done for the education." - "it is so driven, but I think not enough." - "I personally studying traffic at all only once." - "I had once in four weeks. I mean, the equipment that would really be better." "It would have to be done more." - "Like what?" - "just for the kids and so on. Transitions and all that. Schools. I believe it that he does enough. "Yes, the entire traffic lights, road signs." - "some things might perhaps different." - "first of all there are too little parking, starts the unrest in the Centre of a city. Now, I must go, I'm sorry. Thank you." Hermann Pültz, President of the German Road Safety Council speaks on the street interview: "we need to win all road users to an active, voluntary participation. This is only using modern advertising methods and with the broad support of all mass media. All but that costs money, there is no free safety. The population is right now in the election campaign by all political leaders. a clear, unambiguous commitment to this task through the clearly declared willingness to provide far greater resources than previously for this task in the future" In the background a lot of road traffic.

03. Germany: SPD election report young voters action "Countdown from 4". Easy-rider motorcycle runs out. Philip Rosenthal, Willy Brandt, Horst Ehmke. Willy Brandt on the motorcycle, including Rosenthal, Sabine Sinjen. A girl has a plaque "Countdown from 4" on the sweater. Brandt o-ton: "important because it is at the heart to pull the youth, therefore, we have lowered the voting age and that is why we have brought forward the eligibility, the political responsibility step by step and well, because will know that young people are usually progressive and think they want peace and reforms and that they choose so above-average Social Democrat." "And we therefore call upon this youth to go to so demonstrate that you, the youth, sees itself as a closed group to ballot box." Sabine Sinjen beside him. A young man with a badge: "citizens for Brandt". Ehmke, short. On the Easy Rider motorcycle: "I'm for Willy".

04. Amsterdam: subsequent shots wrestling world championships by two catchers in different layers. Fat, obese men. World Champion mighty Chang and Jim Moser. Chang with new technology. Chang is cooled with a fan.

05. Looping on the "Wilder Kaiser" - Alpine glider launch a glider in mountainous area. Gliding airfield seen from the top of the aircraft. Cockpit instruments. A flying glider in the mountains. The aircraft in the vicinity of rugged gorges. Clouds. Glider pilots in the cockpit. Only snow-capped mountain peaks. The gliding school from above. A glider landing.

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Brandt, Willy ; Ehmke, Horst ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Hase von, Karl-Günther ; Heath, Edward ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Margaret von England ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Rosenthal, Philip ; Sinjen, Sabine ; Chang, Mighty ; Moser, Jim ; Philipps, Mark


London ; Bonn ; England ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Amsterdam ; Munich ; Windsor Castle


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Wrestling ; Honors ; Domestic events ; Aviation ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Reviews ; Shooting ; gliding, flying, free balloon ; Deaths, funerals ; Accidents ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Military ; Transport: General ; Science and research ; Outlander ; Foreign policy events ; Military ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 849/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Heinemann in London camera: Luppa road safety (see below) camera: Pahl SPD election report (young voters action) camera: Pahl wrestling in Amsterdam origin: Polygoon Alpine gliding origin: Germany mirrors for safety from d. archive: at the beginning and end of total length

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