UFA-Dabei 853/1972 28.11.1972


01 Germany: Ms of storm rock - floating school Bremen seaport: ships and cranes. Ms storm rock is loaded. Storm rock in driving in the port. Lessons on the ship: an officer said something on the map, the trainees listen to. On the bridge men at work. Technical education: a man explains the two-stroke diesel engine. Lessons in the engine room. Close to the 13,000 hp engine, great. Training workshop. On the deck of exercise "make nodes" leisure on the ship: during the basketball game. Sea sunset. Recordings in the cabins: the boys make schoolwork. Various shots on deck. The ship at sea.

02. Germany: ADAC guides for motorists driving a car in a parking lot and a man goes out. He does exercises including hands shake, shake off belly breathing, car cover, re server can use as weights (gymnastics with car props). A woman drives into the parking lot. The woman takes ADAC trim you Primer in the hand and makes special exercises for glutes. City traffic. A car stops at the traffic lights. The driver makes relaxation exercises at the wheel: the head is rotated back and forth. The hands are stretched straight against the steering wheel. Changes to the traffic light and continue the man.

03. Hamburg: Pöseldorf story short cuts: old lantern, old houses, young girl, an old wall clock and a Beagle dog from a boutique. A young woman tells why you like her Pöseldorf actuality: "I like here very well. I have my shops where I can buy here. I find it interesting, I know the people here." A young man tells why Pöseldorf doesn't like it, o-ton: "Running here only so much pop types around, and the prices here." - "and you like it?" - "me personally not." That's all just, than purely externally, internally the pig types are knock-offs, ne." The Pöseldorfer market. At the Bell the name: G. Sachs. Gunther Sachs gives interview for the opening of his gallery. Gunther Sachs, o-ton: "it somehow has a village character, and it revived and seen a vegetable woman and pretty girls, and it's just life in the..." - "and why just in Hamburg?"-"and it's not as anonymous, I find. Hamburg, because I find that Hamburg has too few good galleries, and - I must admit even that - because I find very beautiful Hamburg - city." In the background pop art of Andy Warhol. Gunther Sachs with Andy Warhol, both large, before a picture of Sachs 'made by Warhol". Other works by Andy Warhol, including Campbell Soup cans. Both of the photographers surrounded. Photos by edu Brinkama. Pöseldorfer houses. Young people in Pöseldorf. Antique shops. An old inhabitant compares this formerly Pöseldorf with the present, o-ton: "it was quiet and cozy here. Now a crash is, as you yourself can see. Yes, rush through the cars here, you didn't know that before, coach came by at most a."-"I like the atmosphere here. Some really nice houses, old things."-" what, are the people here come I do not like, because it is just "in" and because they want to be seen."

04. Hamburg: Bowling World Cup 1972 Astra bowling railway. A bowling ball is polished. The ball in his hand, screen-filling. Men of different nationalities at the bowling. Many ZL recordings. Battle between the Philippines Maranan and Canadian Ray Mitchell. The Canadians won with 19 pins.

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Brinkama, Edu ; Sachs, Gunther ; Warhol, Andy ; Maranan ; Mitchell, Ray




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Trade, finance ; Dogs ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Bowling, bowling, boules, pétanque ; Leisure, recreation ; Photographers ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Germany ; Technology ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Technology, industry ; Transport: General ; Economy ; Dogs ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 853/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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"Storm Rock"-floating school camera: Zaki, Jürgens ADAC guides for motorists camera: Rau Pöseldorf story camera: Jürgens, Rühe bowling World Cup in Hamburg camera: fire at the beginning and end of total length

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