UFA-Dabei 857/1972 20.12.1972


Year in review Olympic Games: "Munich 1972 - Helsinki 1952" developments parallels that highlights interviews: everyone is big, close with actuality.
Dr. Karl Adam, o-ton: "If you are now considering whether they can determine a general trend, then falls on: first na superlatives, say an increasing - everything was more numerous, large, gigantic, and a second general trend especially since Tokyo seems to me to be that more and more representative buildings played a role very great effort there and yes the spectacular Munich time roof was a peak point."
Carsten Keller, o-ton: "Yes, the strongest impression of the Olympiad in 1972 for me, of course, is their own gold medal, that's clear that man was happy mind-boggling about. Otherwise we were we of German athletes from the outset, excited about the whole organization. Living in the Olympic village was wonderful, we have had much contact with other Nations."
Bernd k.: "Yes, even if I try to objectivity, joins the personal experience always in the foreground. I'm race Walker and also knew that I am one of the worst, but our discipline has never stood in the foreground. The firing of acclaim of 80,000 at the stadium was so fascinating for me. They were finally not only Germans, there were sports fans and sports-minded people from all over the world."
Ulrike Meyfarth: "everything I was impressed actually equal, the buildings and the climate, but most was the audience what went very objectively and was fairly expert at the competition."
Helmut Bantz: "for all of us this first participation in the Olympic Games was the big experience of course in 1952. "In addition of course this family being together with athletes from around the world in the Olympic village, where, Yes, where almost everybody knew everybody, where the individual sports are mixed with each other."
Herbert Schade: "the Olympic Games of 1952 were my biggest sporting experience. The games were personal. The person to person was warm. I would like to say that these games still in the sense of the Olympic idea was a meeting of the youth of the world."

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Adam, Karl ; Bantz, Helmut ; Kannenberg, Bernd ; Keller, Carsten ; Meyfarth, Ulrike ; Schade, Herbert




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UFA-Dabei 857/1972

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As annual review 1972: Olympic Games: "Munich 72-Helsinki 52" camera: Luppa, Rau, Pahl, Tietge interviews: Dr.Karl Adam camera: Pahl, Ahsendorf Carsten Keller Bernd k. Ulrike Meyfarth Helmut Bantz Herbert Schade of 1972 from 1952 at the beginning and end of total length

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