UFA-Dabei 864/1973 13.02.1973


01 Sudelfeld in Upper Bavaria: ski acrobatic clowns make ski jumping with very free style. Coups with intention. Flips, etc. Garmisch: Skibobbing World Championship.
A girl gets a massage before the departure. Skibike driving has a ski run, a steering skis and two short skis on the feet. Various settings of rides. Several crashes.
(68 m) 02. Hamburg: Alster webbed total, transformer. Indoor shots. Float in the pool. Hall total from above. Bathroom facilities including elevator to the springboard. Swimming pool equipment such as ozone water treatment plant. The cabins of the dress with the fresh air ventilation. Underwater shots with the swimmers. At the opening ceremony "water clown".
(85 m) 03 Kiel: "Les Humphries Singers" with sample and premiere recordings during the trial. Singers from different Nations. Les Humphries sits at the piano and speaks interview in English. Concert agent Fritz Rau speaks about the tour interview: "Les Humphries sound 73 singerns and Orchestra' by 65 European cities - an excellent pre-sale - the most successful tour of our concert agency - this program also in the GDR -"Les Humphries"has met with the singers the heart of the young generation in Germany and their parents."
Again various recordings during the trial. Les Humphries sings, too. 3 escorts store lamps and amplifiers in cars. The bus of the Group on the highway. Les Humpries rises out of a Mercedes 600. Schleswig-Holstein Minister Westphal and Les Humphries together with children, the plastic pedal cars ride. Badar interview interview with Minister Westphal: "Mr. Secretary, a question for you from the show of the week. Why you let himself relax before the ad campaign, before the advertising trucks of the Les Humphries singers?"-" I did not see this issue as an advertising campaign of the Les Humphries, the Les Humphries have different and larger advertising methods - but as a contribution to point out, that the traffic dangers for children are great. " "And I mean that such funds should be right and in the right place just us." In the concert of "Les Humphries Singers" an enthusiastic audience.
(128 m)

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Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Les Humphries Singers ; Rau, Fritz ; Westphal


Hamburg ; Kiel ; Sudelfeld ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Children ; Musical events ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Skibike ; Technology ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 864/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Ski acrobatics and Skibobbing World Championship/transaction-Partenkirchen origin: Fox pool Alster swimming pool camera: Rühe, Ahsendorf Les Humphries with sample and Prime Minister in Kiel camera: Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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