UFA-Dabei 868/1973 13.03.1973


01 Bonn: Juso Congress Wolfgang Roth speaks o-ton: "radical is in my opinion, the evil at the root of the Pack... The Government statement has something unreal in itself for me. When we see it properly, a stagnation of real wages to take in 1973 of the work on future good behavior of entrepreneurs on the price front, that will not occur. That is explained only from the fact that the Government is apparently convinced to be able to enforce any policy for the workers against the capital and his power... Young Socialists work stands in a field of tension that has organizational anchoring in the SPD, the strategy on Marxist basis, so the consistent orientation to the needs and interests of the wage as fixed points. If some can no longer hear it, last year Democrats have tried right to divide the party. We are the young organization of the ruling party in the Federal Republic, but do not understand us as a Government youth of a State, which is subordinate to the interests of the business primarily in its policy on the basis of the specific balance of power in the Federal Republic." Intermediate cuts: political singer "Larryn" with guitar, original sound. Delegates. Carsten Vogth standing, close. Jochen Steffen, large, close. Eppler, standing. Holger Börner half total. Once again sang. Secretary General Holger Börner speaks o-ton, half total: "If the sophisticated set is now in the report of the Chairman of the Young Socialists, we are the young organization of the ruling party, so this is my word, as I the also and includes just obligations." Solidarity March of the Young Socialists for the freedom of Greece.
(89 m) 02. Munich: Gorilla Porgy, the sex ring in the Zoo Hellabrunn Porgy and his "female" get her eating. Littlest Pet Shop wish man speaks before the Gorilla cage actuality: "that our Gorilla man Porgy, which really is a magnificent specimen of its genre, should be a sex loser now with less than 10 years, I do not believe actually. He lives just continuously with his wife Bess for about 10 years - they come from Cameroon - and actually have grown up as brother and sister. The only reason that it has come yet to any genuine love thats actually my opinion."
"Porgy" half total. The gorillas play and romp. Several settings also close-ups. "Porgy" gets tonic, Wünschmann actuality: "since a few weeks we try now something new. We give Porgy daily one pill, i.e. a tonic that is suitable also for tired men and should help our Porgy a little on the jumps. This is a preparation, a commercially available preparation, hormone-based, which, however, should not prevent this Gorilla's own testosterone production but promote. We try now, whether this medicine work."
Interviews with Zoo visitors o-ton: "Yes, not really, but what I read in the newspaper, probably the long live together and probably disgust with the time." - "with a guy I would like to also not." - "Yes, I can imagine that the men or the Lady is not sufficiently clarified. Maybe he would have to visit a film by Neela. "That might be the last. quite a chance yet," - "I don't know whether he is impotent, or whether he doesn't like or whether he can not, but it should can actually be established. "Maybe, I don't know if it tickles a bit, or something."
(67 m) 03 Oberstdorf: ski flying World Championships jump, totally. Jumps by Karel Kodejska, Walter Steiner and the winner's Hans-Georg Aschenbach. The fall of the Japanese Takao Ito. Jumps in ZL. Shots from the top jump.
(79 m)

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Aschenbach, Hans-Georg ; Börner, Holger ; Eppler, Erhard ; Larryn ; Roth, Wolfgang ; Steffen, Jochen ; Vogth, Carsten ; Ito, Takao ; Kodejska, Karel ; Steiner, Walter


Bonn ; Munich ; Oberstdorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Musical events ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Animals (except dogs) ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 868/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Juso Congress in Bonn camera: Luppa Gorilla "Porgy", the sex ring in the Zoo camera: Rau ski flying World Championships in Oberstdorf camera: Rau, fire, Jackson at the beginning and end of total length

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